Clear aligners are the latest generation of orthodontic technology to achieve perfect smiles and teeth. They attract the attention of patients because they eliminate the famous “metallic smile” and offer a more beautiful appearance throughout the treatment.  

In addition to providing this great benefit, there are other factors that the treatment based on these aligners offers the patient. Especially when we compare it to other types of devices on the market.

Want to know more about it? So keep reading the article,  where we will discuss the main benefits of using invisible aligners in your dental treatment. Check it out!


Clear aligners  are plates made of a flexible, biocompatible thermoplastic material. This plastic is called SmartTrack and was created and patented for exclusive use in Invisalign treatment. 

They are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), with the guarantee that they are free from latex, gluten, bisphenol A and bisphenol S.  They are famous for being thin, transparent, and fit perfectly on the teeth, which guarantees an invisibility effect. to them.


Before following the text analyzing the main advantages of invisible aligners , it is important to identify if it is used to solve your type of problem. Check out the oral problems Invisalign can reverse : 

  • Crowded teeth:  When teeth are crooked due to lack of space between them. 
  • Overbite:  The upper teeth overlap the lower teeth in the bite. 
  • Prognathism:  The lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth. 
  • Crossbite:  Some upper teeth are behind the lower teeth when the mouth is closed. 
  • Diastemas:  Extra space between the teeth. 
  • Open bite:  Upper teeth do not touch lower teeth when the mouth closes. 
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Well,  clear aligners are  invisible and removable and are very different from common fixed dental alignment tools – metal braces. Of course, both work very well to solve various oral problems, the results are excellent. However, Invisalign has very significant advantages. Look!


Imagine getting “free” from orthodontic treatment as soon as possible. Well, Invisalign promotes a procedure with incredible results in record time.

While the average duration of treatment with common orthodontic appliances is at least 24 months, clear aligners solve the same problems in an average of 9 months. 

This is a big difference since many people do not start the treatment, or even give up halfway through it, because of the long time they must spend with the metal parts in their mouths. 


Before starting to use the plates, it is necessary to do many tests to find out the real state of the dental arch. Of course this is done in all other types of treatment. But the difference is that, in the case of aligners, a 3D plan is made that will show all the movement of each tooth in its arcade. 

It is easy to see how the plates will act and, in most cases, the calculation of the duration of treatment is done accurately. With this, the patient always knows the exact time he will need to use the  clear aligners  – if he knows how to respect the recommended daily use time (22 hours). 


It is normal for a patient, when starting treatment with the fixed orthodontic device, to have changes in their routines and habits. It is necessary to do a different and a little complicated oral hygiene, in addition to avoiding some foods. 

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With Invisalign it’s different! You can remove the plates when eating and cleaning your teeth. Cleaning the plates themselves is also very simple, just using a conventional brush and a little warm water. 

In addition, it does not cause those characteristic pains in the first few days after installing the device. As well as the risks of accidents are very low. Its cutout is specially made so it doesn’t touch the gum and doesn’t bother. Many even forget that they are using the plates on a daily basis. 


As we have already explained, cleaning teeth and plaques is very simple and does not require any special tools. This lowers the risk of acquiring periodontal disease.  

Putting on and taking off Invisalign invisible aligners is also very simple. In fact, it is easy to adapt from the first days of using the aligners. 


In addition to being virtually invisible, the aligners are also removable. This guarantees the patient complete freedom during the treatment, allowing him to eat the foods he likes without fear. As well as being able to take the plates off when you feel the need – for a special event or taking pictures, for example. 


Invisible aligners are   extremely aesthetic as they do not need to include any metallic devices in the mouth. In addition, they fit perfectly in your dental arch without making large volumes. This makes it almost imperceptible; it is very difficult for someone to notice that someone else is using it. 

Therefore, orthodontic treatment with Invisalign  helps maintain the patient’s self-esteem throughout the period in which their teeth are being aligned. 

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Meanwhile, many people feel embarrassed to start treatment with a conventional device. After all, they know how the metallic parts – brackets, bands, wire – interfere with the harmony of the smile and attract a lot of attention. For this reason, many avoid taking pictures smiling or opening their mouths while talking and, when they get tired of this routine, they end up giving up on treatment. 

There are still other benefits to using  clear aligners  . However, we decided to cite only these, since they are the ones that most attract people’s attention when they are faced with this new technology. 

It is almost impossible to think about teeth alignment without making an association with pain, complex routine and time-consuming results. Therefore, it is very important for people to know that there are other ways to conquer their dream smile and not give up on seeking it

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