Benefits of outdoor play for children

outdoor play for children

Is your child watching endless hours of TV? Is there excessive screen time? Well, it is time to change this scenario. That is bad if they are swapping active outdoor playtime for screen time. Being outdoors, playing, or engaging in activities has many benefits. For instance, it ensures the overall development of the child. In addition, it ensures a child socializes better with their peers. Also, being in nature keeps stress at bay.

Outdoor play not only helps their physical health. It also enhances their mental health. For one, it decreases the chances of behavioral issues. Let’s look at the benefits of outdoor play for children in detail.

It encourages learning

Outdoor playtime is an excellent way of enhancing a child’s learning abilities. The environment outside is a space where kids learn new things. For instance, when kids play with other kids, they learn to socialize and work as a team. It also allows them to improve their communication. They develop problem-solving skills. For instance, if you get them a cubby house from Lifespan Kids, they will learn to assemble things. The instructions will guide them in solving the problem of how to assemble a house using the pieces. Every day they are out, they learn something new, making it a continuous process.

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It enhances their motor skills.

Being outside enhances the kid’s motor skills. A child playing outside better handles balance, agility, and coordination. When a kid plays outside, they move themselves differently. It challenges their bones and muscles and increases physical endurance. Not only do they strengthen their bodies, but they also build self-confidence. Ensure your child goes outside to play sports, like catching, football, or batting.

It can prevent nearsightedness.

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a condition in which a person has difficulty seeing nearby things. Though, several factors, like heredity, influence whether a child will have myopia or not. Studies show that a child who spends more time outdoors can prevent its early onset. They can sometimes even avoid developing myopia entirely.

It exposes them to sunlight.

Sunlight exposure is essential for a child’s overall development. The many benefits of exposure to sunlight include “tuning of the brain’s inner clock.” The brain uses light cues to ensure the sleep rhythm of a child is healthy. In addition, being outdoors in the sun ensures a child gets a good amount of vitamin D. This nutrient is necessary for bone growth, puberty, and muscle functioning. Exposure to bright sunlight and other lights also helps keep their brains sharp.

It helps kids develop athletic abilities.

A child who gets the opportunity to play outside has more freedom to move, jump, walk, and more. It allows them to hone their skills and be better at developing their athletic abilities.

Tips to encourage children to play outdoor

Plan outdoor activities

If your kids are not going against their will, plan it. For instance, having a party outdoors with their friends. Place trampolines and slides, and have other games, like football. Then, when there are many kids, they will automatically start playing.

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Take them for a hike.

Outdoor play does not always have to be a football game. It also involves activities that expose them to nature. Plan a hike in the morning on their day off. Take their favorite sandwiches, juices, and more to make a picnic out of it.

Lead by example

If, as a parent, you are always on your phone and rarely outside, kids will follow. Therefore, try going for walks, playing outside with kids, and encouraging them to do the same.

Play games

You can play many outdoor games with your child, from hide-and-seek to basketball or riding a bike together. There is no shortage of outdoor games; you must make an effort.

In Conclusion, outdoor play is essential for a child’s development. All work and no play make a child dull and impact their overall growth. Taking your kid to a park or garden will help them socialize, stay away from screens, and get healthy nutrients from the sun. So, ensure your baby indulges in outdoor play and goes out in the garden every day for some time.

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