The Benefits of Permanent Hair Extensions

Benefits of Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent hair extensions are a dependable solution to change the way you look naturally. Permanent extensions can be quite advantageous for those with thin hair. They work wonders for lengthening and increasing volume. They can also be used to hide hair thinning or loss. Permanent hair extensions are a great way to change your appearance without cutting your hair. They typically take 2 to 4 hours to install and can last up to 6 months with the proper care and maintenance.

Permanent hair extensions are joined to your natural hair strands. Hair extensions come in a wide range in the market. These consist of clip-in extensions, as well as weaves and braid-ins. The textures of extensions range from straight to curly to deep waves.

They can be tailored to fit any look or personality, and typically last between six months and three years. Since there is no pulling on your natural hair, permanent extensions also make your ends feel softer.

Softer and longer ends hair is what every woman wants and here we do our best to supply the best products possible. Read more to find the best tips and how you need these hair extensions.

Permanent hair extensions could seem hard to some people. In reality, it’s merely another option for a haircut; the opposite is true. This process looks extremely difficult, but actually, it’s a simple process.  The process is less painful, more affordable, and easier to follow.

The Benefits of Permanent Hair Extensions are listed below.

  • Improved confidence and self-esteem

Many people discover that having longer, thicker hair with permanent hair extensions improves their sense of self-worth and confidence, making them feel more comfortable and assured in their appearance.

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After all, our hair is our best feature. The best thing is that you can treat the extensions like your own natural hair depending on the type you choose.

They can be cleaned, styled, and worn while you sleep, giving you the freedom to wake up, style your hair however fantastically you like, and then get on with your day.

No need to spend time in front of the mirror and taking out the hair extensions before you go to bed every night, or applying them back again in the morning every day. It’s just one time and these hair extensions are permanent in your hair until you want to remove them. Plus, they don’t damage your natural hair or scalp as well.

  • Ability to change up your look

Without needing to make a permanent alteration, hair extensions can help you switch up your appearance and give you more styling alternatives. The variety of options is the best thing about having permanent hair extensions. By placing one extension only in the front of the hair, you can achieve a more natural look. You might even choose to add a complete head of extensions and get a new look according to your style.

Permanent hair extensions can be applied painlessly and are easy to maintain. You don’t have to be concerned about them falling out after two weeks as you do with tape-in or woven extensions. To control the length and thickness of your hair, you don’t need to apply specific treatments or wash your hair every day.

  • Low-maintenance styling
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It is possible to add one solid color to your hair thanks to the range of tones.  Alternatively, if you select individual-stranded extensions, you can blend various hues.

Permanent extensions also provide you with the flexibility to change up your hairstyle. You can experiment with side parts, centre parts, high/low buns, high/low ponytails, etc. Permanent extensions undoubtedly reduce hair costs due to their endurance. In comparison to temporary extensions, it’s a money-saving strategy that decreases salon visits.

You may not need to visit a salon for at least 2 months and it can last up to several months without salon treatment with proper care.

Although you need a little bit more time than normal hair extensions, these hair extensions are the ultimate glam look enhancer. At Gemeria, we help you by giving you the best permanent hair extensions. Sourced from the most authentic sources; the South Indian temples, these hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair.  


The ultimate game-changer for your mane, whether adding stunning, bouncy volume or immediate length, this set of hair extensions will help you in that. However, they also offer a healthy, full-bodied hairstyle that is cozy and long-lasting, as well as being perfect for hiding split ends.

You must take proper care of your permanent hair extensions if you want them to last longer. To do this, wash them frequently (but not too frequently), condition them well, and refrain from using any harsh chemicals or styling equipment.

At Gemeria, we give you ultimate options to enhance your hairstyles with the use of alternate hair methods and one of them is permanent hair extensions. Get it now, and show your new self to the new world. Get ready for your glam hair look now with Gemeria.

Karan Purbey