Best Beaches in Australia

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When you spend your holidays in Australia, a natural choice to be is its beautiful beaches. Regardless of what you are doing on the seashore, you will forget about your worries when you experience calmness.

While your loved ones can relax near the beach, you can cherish memories with something exciting. Moreover, finding a quiet place on the beach is not challenging. So, in this article, let’s check out the best beaches in Australia.

Seal Rocks:

This beach has always been famous among many travel enthusiasts owing to its small coastal settlement. Once you visit the beach, you can think about going to the Seal Rocks Lighthouse. This beach has got its name because of the fur seals you will observe on many rocks. The movie Adore was also released in 2013 with the sea shore as the backdrop.

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It’s been years since that many Worimi Aboriginals had occupied this beach. But, now this is the best beach which is popular for surfing, and many tourists have an incredible experience. Furthermore, in the present times, you will no longer observe any species of seals breeding across the region.

Whitehaven Beach:

This beach has always been the most spectacular beach in Queensland. As you stroll around the beach, you will come across the Whitsunday Islands. Once you check out the islands, you can capture the picturesque view of the beach. Towards the north of the Whitehaven beach, you can observe the Hill Inlet.

As you explore the inlet, you can check out how the tides and the water create a unique fusion of colours. If you’re thinking about a day trip, you must go to Airlie Beach and alight a yacht. But, when you’re planning to stay the entire day, you can think about holiday accommodation near it.

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Bells Beach:

You will pass by the Bells beach if you’re driving along the Great Ocean Road. In the past, the area around the beach was the habitat for the Gulidjan Aboriginals. But, presently, this beach is supposed to be the best beach for surfing. Apart from different activities, the beach is considered the arena for the Rip Curl Pro event.

As you spend some time checking out the event, you can observe surfers competing with one another. You will also be able to capture nature’s beauty with the rocky cliffs around the beach. With the endless skyscape and sea along the coast, you will have an experience like never before.

Pacific Palms:

When you travel across New South Wales, you will come across Pacific Palms. While the beach is beside many tourist attractions, it is also known as a small coastal locality. Towards the north end of the beach, you can visit the Green Cathedral, and this place of worship is situated in a cabbage-tree forest.

While you explore the region, you can spend some more time at Smiths Lake. A bit later, you can also leisurely walk around the Booti National Park. As this beach is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can relax for a long time.

Wineglass Bay:

Wineglass Bay is the spot that garners the attention of many tourists among the most notable beaches. While you will be fascinated with the curved expanse of sand, you can also spend time at the Freycinet National Park.

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Even when you can stroll across the sea shore, you can appreciate the beauty of particular locations. It’s best to head for a hike from the car parking area to observe the vibrant colours. Besides, when you’re in Freycinet, you shouldn’t miss exploring the peninsula of pink granite mountains.

Cable Beach:

Located along the northern border of West Australia, Cable beach is always the favourite destination of travel enthusiasts. Moreover, as you enjoy the serene surroundings, you can think about clicking candid photos with the sunset in the background.

You can also embark on a camel ride to traverse the beach as soon as the sun starts setting. If you have a lot of time, you can go to the Gantheaume Point lighthouse later. A bit later, you can also think about strolling around Minyirr Park.

Lucky Bay:

If you wish to have a great time with laid-back kangaroos, you must consider visiting Lucky Bay. Situated in the western region of Australia, this bay is nothing but a crescent of turquoise water and white sand. Apart from everything else, you can set aside some time to visit the Recherché Archipelago islands.

You can indulge in water sports like swimming, snorkelling, and surfing. On the other hand, you can think about visiting Esperance to fly over the pink lake. You can also stop by the Taylor St Quarters, which serves different cuisines.


To summarise, when you’re in Australia, you shouldn’t forget to visit the beaches around the coast. To check out the Hill Inlet, you can spend the entire day at the Whitehaven beach. But, if you want to play with the kangaroos, then the Lucky Bay should be on your wish list.

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To experience surfing, you must head to Bells Beach. If you have some more free time, you can visit Cable beach to visit Minyirr Park and the Gantheaume Point lighthouse. As the tour progresses, you should not forget to visit Wineglass bay. In addition, you can enjoy yourself at the Pacific Palms and the Seal Rocks beach.

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