Best Custom Patches for Halloween Costumes    

Best Custom Patches for Halloween Costumes    

Celebrated in October worldwide, Halloween is one of the most sought-after events for millions of people. You get dressed up, attend theme parties, kids love to play a trick and treat, and you must play along with them. It seems to be an interesting event since we often don’t get to meet each other due to our busy schedules. But have you ever wondered why it is celebrated and from where it originated? Well, we are here to provide you with information about it and how you can make it livelier for you. 

The origin of Halloween

There are many theories about the origin of this particular holiday, but the one that we find authentic is it emerged from a pre-Christian holiday. A good range of traditions of this event was used to be influenced by the Celtic harvest festival. Till the 9th century, the day was known as All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween, or All Saints’ Eve — which evolved, and today it’s recognized simply as Halloween. People might have forgotten that the tradition was revived again between 20th to 21st centuries under American influence. 

For some people, it’s just another holiday they celebrate with their loved ones. However, it’s more than that for a huge group of people. They observe it to honor those who are gone, including martyrs and saints. Therefore, they make sure to pay tribute to them in every way possible, whether through prayers or sacred traditions, which they have been following for decades. 

How do you make your next Halloween Memorable?

You can make these AllHalloween traditions a lot more fun by adding just a little spice to them. Umm not pumpkin spice, though. Pumpkin holds quite a reputation regarding All Saints’ Eve because it sacrifices its life to become a carved jack-o-lantern. 

Aside from the fact that this evening consist of a huge feast mostly includes dishes made from particular vegetarian ingredients — there is much more to it. You may ask, what’s that? Well, it’s a most sought-after day because it also includes theme parties where you can dress up however on earth you want. Yes, that’s correct! You can be a witch, an angel, or even your favorite cartoon and characters. But not a Santa, unfortunately. Don’t worry and bear in mind that the sky’s the limit. 

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Halloween Costumes and Custom Patches

The costume that people come up with needs lots of appreciation because it takes time to decide what you want to be. On the other hand, there are those, who just sew a bunch of bespoke patches to their jackets and think they can steal the limelight. They are not wrong, by the way. Do you know why? Instead of stitching a whole new costume, they put effort into creating Halloween patches, which is not only a new initiative but also pretty interesting. It’s not like they wake one day and select random insignia — for them, each badge comes with a story dear to their heart. It plays the same part just like a carved pumpkin lantern. 

Best Custom Insignias for Halloween costumes! 

If you want to make it a whole new tradition, then we have a box of ideas that can be used to create your very own customized insignias for All Saints’ Eve! Below are some of the best custom patches for your next Halloween costume. Therefore, without stretching it further, let’s just get into it! 

Pumpkin patch

Since it is the most common and recognizable symbol for the festive, we ought to begin our list with this one. There are several ways you can use this symbol to create your patch. It can be a jack-o’-lantern, a rotten pumpkin, or spooky pumpkin. It all depends on how you instruct them; you make your badge that compliments your costume. 

Frankenstein castle 

Then comes our personal favorite, the Frankenstein castle! Not because the original castle is somewhat haunted, but it is the most appealing site for the eyes. We know that many of us might not be able to visit it anytime soon,so we can put its replica on our costumes, no? Plus, knowing the whole story about how it became a haunted place would make the party ten times more interesting. We don’t know about others but we surely love spooky stories in the middle of the night while sitting around a bonfire. 

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The classic skeleton 

Have we mentioned skeletons before? We suppose, no, so here it is. Instead of dressing up like a skeleton, how about using a bare-bones patch? That is going to steal the show, don’t you think? And that too with neon lights. Just imagine that instead of a big skeleton, so many small ones flying around in the dark. That sounds fun! 

A zombie patrol?

Another fascinating emblem can be a zombie patrol. We are sure that some of you are still looking forward to custom embroidered motorcycle patches which can be utilized anywhere. But right now we are talking about an evening that has nothing to do with bikes unless you met an accident while riding one. Well, at least people would have remembered you by that incident. However, we allow you to use a zombie patrol as an inspiration for your biker’s back patch. See, that’s how you utilize ideas without creating a mess!

Baby shark 

Now this emblem can be used according to your convenience. If you want to create something for your kids, we’ll suggest a baby shark, but if it’s for you, you just need its jaw. No, we aren’t kidding; shark jaws emblems are quite famous right now. Thus, get one for yourself ASAP! 


Do we have Marvel fans in the room? Of course, we do! That is why we have added Spiderman to the list, but there is a little twist! This one might be a little different than the actual character. However, you still have a choice, and you can either go with spooky little creatures or your favorite Marvel character. 

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The final destination 

By the final destination, we mean a graveyard. And not just a typical one but this has to be the spookiest graveyard one can ever witness. You have to make sure that you are hiring a professional for all of these customized badges because you wouldn’t want it to be a disaster at the very last moment. Embroidered insignias like these need more detailing and you must not forget that. 

Unleash your inner vampire 

You can’t forget vampires when you talk about Halloween and that is the rule! The list would be incomplete without it so here you go. Vampire bats’ custom patches are most demanding when it comes to an evening like these. And we know that you wouldn’t want to miss this one at all! 

Be the witch 

It’s not order nor a request, consider it an innovative idea just like others. And you don’t have to stick every patch on your costume, jackets, or whatever. Get creative and utilize other accessories as well. It can even be a witch hat, a simple cap, your bag, or even your baggy pants. 

Or an angel 

In between all this turmoil, don’t forget to be kind! Be the angel you wish to meet when you were a kid. And that brings us to the end of this article — a personalized angel wings patch! As enchanting as it sounds, you will turn many heads with this idea of an emblem. 


Although the festive is solely observed by a Christian community — we see so many other religions enjoying it with the same energy. Maybe becasue they are friends with eachother and love to cherish this tiny moment together. Whatever the reason is, the only thing that we see is harmony and peace disguised in such festive! 

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