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Are you and your friends on the lookout for a holiday that offers you the chance to make some real cash? Love the idea of heading abroad to one of the world’s casino hotspots?

While it’s true that online casinos (like the ones reviewed by Fruity Slots) are accessible, convenient and lots of fun, nothing beats the atmosphere of a real-life casino, with its neon lights and high stakes. Lots of world-famous destinations also offer amazing dining and luxurious accommodation, so you can really live a life straight out of a movie.

If you want to take your hobby from the online medium to a real-world holiday location, read below to discover some of the best places to take a seat at a table, try out the slots or take a spin of the wheel. Read for more information about singapore online casino.

Las Vegas

Obviously, Las Vegas is going to be on this list. There is no more iconic location on Earth when it comes to gambling, as it has been popularised and glamourised through Hollywood movies for decades – neon lights everywhere, tasty cocktails, and a few nights’ worth of entertainment. There are so many casinos all over Las Vegas so it would be basically impossible to visit them all at once, but The Venetian and Caesar’s Palace are two of the most well-known ones.


Macau, located in China, is probably the most famous gambling location in all of Asia. This city seems to come to life in the evening, when all the buildings light up in bright neon and casinos get filled with gambling enthusiasts. Gambling is actually one of the biggest businesses in the entire city, driving tourists from all around the world to come here and enjoy a holiday of thrill and entertainment. With over 30 casinos all around the city, it is impossible to not find something that fits your tastes, so why not choose this exciting location.

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Atlantic City

The little sister of Las Vegas, Atlantic City is yet another destination from the United States that is hugely popular due to its prominent casino night life. These casinos offer amazing deals and accommodations for tourists, allowing you to have the holiday experience of your lifetime, straight out of a Hollywood movie.

This city is great for other things as well. There are plenty of restaurants where you can indulge in fine dining and there are many evening shows to keep you entertained. 

Monte Carlo

This destination combines the excitement of gambling with a regal, extravagant atmosphere, for all gambling lovers with expensive tastes. Everything about this city is glamorous, allowing you to have fun by yourself or with friends in casinos with an atmosphere of pure luxury.

Of course, while you are there, don’t miss out on the amazing views the Mediterranean Sea has to offer, or the luxurious, exotic beaches with pure blue water. If you ever wanted to try the life of the rich and famous, bathed in glitz and glamour, Monte Carlo is absolutely the destination for you.


If you are attracted to the exotic atmosphere of a city located near some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, then perhaps the city of Nassau in the Bahamas is the right destination for you. There is no other tropical destination better suited for gambling lovers than this one, offering a large array of casinos, as well as a perfectly relaxing atmosphere to get you in your best, most focused mindset and win the jackpot.

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Nassau is also known for some of the most world-famous tournaments such as the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, so why not book a holiday in this popular gambling destination?

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