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Free PDF Editor
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Are you looking for the right PDF editor for your Android and don’t want to pay?

If you look around, you will see that everyone deals with the PDF files, including business persons, students, teachers, etc. Usually, students face the situation of editing documents that several documents file in PDF never allow them to edit anything. 

It is a misconception that you cannot edit PDf files on Android. Editing PDF files can be quite tricky. Thus, here are some best free PDF Editor App for your Android so you can edit them easily. But selecting the right PDF editor can be difficult. The reason is that Google Play Store is abundant with replicating PDF editor apps for Android, so it is tough to find the right one. 

 The PDF files are always secure and even can be edited by the third person. This article will get to know the best free PDF editor app for your Android with all their features. Let’s continue to read to know more: 

What Can PDF Editors App on Androids Do?

Not all the pdf files have the option to edit the documents. Suppose you’re reading a book in the form of a PDF and want to underline some lines for future reference. You can do it just by using the PDF editor app. By using free PDF editor apps, you can do several editing on your documents. These edits can be adding more text on pdf, highlighting text, inserting pictures & videos, and much more. 

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Best PDF Editors App For Android

Here is some free PDF editors app for your Android:

  • MJ PDF Editor 
  • XODO PDF Reader & Editor
  • Foxit MobilePDF
  • PDF Element
  • WPS Office

MJ PDF Editor

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MJ PDF Editor allows you to edit your document without any software. It has all the features that help edit your files without any hassle. This editor also prioritizes your privacy. You can make several changes to your documents and files using a PDF editor. You don’t need to worry about any layout; just split your pdf files easily. Using this app lets you make huge changes to your documents, merge your pdf files, watermark anything, and create highly protected pdf files. If you want to protect your pdf file by giving access to only yourself, this app is for you!

Top Most Key Features:

  • Make changes to the text & formatting
  • Easy to save your documents
  • Can merge pages
  • Best for official use

XODO PDF Reader & Editor


XODO PDF reader & editor is the best editor for your Android. You can easily install this app from the Google Play Store and edit the PDF files on Android. XODO PDF editor has many features, including converting images of varying formats to PDF, annotating PDF files, easily converting office documents to PDF, customising the font size of your PDF, highlighting or underlining the text, and adding new text, strikethrough PDFs and much more! You can open multiple tabs on it, or even it has a dark theme. 

Top Most Key Features:

  • Versatile PDF reader
  • Annotate & editing documents
  • Sync edits with clouds services
  • Allows opening multiple PDF files at a time
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Foxit MobilePDF

The possibility with this one of the best PDF editor apps is that it has both PDF reader and editor features. By using this app, you can change the text and modify the font style, idents, and spacing. This app also allows you to make it in line with the document’s main text. Foxit MobilePDF integrates with cloud storage services and with Evernote and Wechat. Its further features include digital pressure sensitive Ink technology, multi-language support, scrolling, brightness, and colour adjustments. 

Top Most Key Features:

  • Fill out PDF forms
  • Easy document sharing & editing
  • Import and export data
  • Gives high-level security to your PDFs


PDFelement is another best PDF converter app that you can use on your Android and is immensely popular among users for editing PDF files. This app allows you to manage your PDF files with ease. It offers several features that you may need, such as reading, annotating, editing PDF files, markup, highlighting, underlining, strikethrough context, and more! PDFelement has both iOS and Android versions. It boosts your productivity and allows you to manage PDF files easily. 

Top Most Key Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Works efficiently
  • A wide range of PDF editing functionalities
  • Marks up for the best look

WPS Office

WPS Office is one of the famous PDF editor apps in play store downloads. It has many advanced features, including memos, a scanner, integrating all office words, editing PDF files, annotation, filling forms, and much more. It is a multi-performance app that makes the editing process effortless. 

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Top Most Key Features:

  • Excellent document compatibility
  • Faster than other PDF apps
  • Convert your doc files into other forms of files
  • Free app

Last Thoughts

The PDF apps listed above are considered the best editing apps for Android. Use the editing app that fulfills your requirements and needs. If you need recommendations, we recommend you choose MJ Editor App for its reliable features. Don’t miss downloading it for your Android!

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