Best Self-Hosted Help Desk Software for 2022

Best Self-Hosted Help Desk Software for 2022
Best Self-Hosted Help Desk Software for 2022

What is a Self-Hosted Help Desk Software program?

 The Self-Hosted Help Desk Software is a tool used to organize, manage, and respond to service-related requests. Some help desks are used for door requests from customers, at the same time as others are used for internal service requests from group members. Help desks may also moreover include the shape of a device like a shared inbox, expertise base software program software, and a live chat solution.

However, now no longer all help desks include all the devices mentioned. Using a help desk platform is a brilliant way to decorate your purchaser experience — 75% of customer’s choice for a constant experience, regardless of how they interact with a company (thru social media, men or women, through smartphone, etc.) — because it consolidates all of your customer support interactions into one omnichannel tool. 

Help Scout 

Best Self-Hosted Help Desk Software for businesses that prioritize purchaser satisfaction. Help Scout is a Self-Hosted Help Desk Software platform that is composed of every tool you need to deliver an awesome purchaser experience. When you be part of Help Scout, you get proper access to several devices. Help Scout’s shared inboxes include collaboration devices like mentions and private notes to ask others for help or to function in more context to a purchaser’s verbal exchange. 

There’s moreover collision detection to reduce duplicate paintings and workflows to automate routing and ordinary duties. Finally, stored replies make responding to ordinary purchaser queries a breeze. Knowledge base With Docs, you’re able to grow, control, and organize self-service content material fabric. The WYSIWYG editor makes content material fabric creation a breeze. You’re moreover able to include movement photographs, images, and distinct forms of content material fabric straight away to articles or embed movement photographs to create even more robust self-service content material fabric. Performance information facilitates assist table software program to you to peer which articles are acting incredible, which ones are probably doing better, and what content material fabric you need to create next. 

Live chat Help Scout’s live chat widget, Beacon, is an assist table software program that includes live chat further to proactive help options thru Messages. The live chat function has online and offline options to help customers to find out the answers they need while and in which they need them. With Messages, you’re able to segment audiences based mostly on unique purchaser attributes, and timetable messages, or even see general overall performance information to help in addition refine your efforts.

Reporting Help Scout comes loaded with pre-built dashboards so you’re able to see how your group seems proper away. You can also create custom evaluations that concentrate on the metrics of your choosing. If you want to do even more collectively together with your information, our API lets you export to the industrial business enterprise intelligence tool of your choosing. 

Customer profiles are mechanically created for customers you’ve interacted with thru Beacon. They show number one information like their company, their role, and any previous interactions you’ve had. You can edit and update purchaser profiles at any time, ensuring all information are up to date and relevant. You might also additionally even automate the updating technique via way of means which include a few traces of code to any Beacon implementation. Mobile apps 

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Finally, Help Scout offers mobile iOS and Android apps for businesses who need notifications on the by skip or to resolve purchaser issues while they may be some distance from their pc machines. Though Help Scout’s capabilities, which may be all accessible via an intuitive, customizable interface, are outstanding, we count on our incredible asset our world-beauty help group which is prepared to help out 24/6. We moreover have a great expertise base for people who are determined to self-directed learning.

Price: Starting at $20/patron in line with the month.


Best Self-Hosted Help Desk Software for ITSM. 

SysAid is a Self-Hosted Help Desk Software program that manages internal IT requests. They offer a few SLA management capabilities like charge tag and workflow automation to reduce SLAs. You can moreover assemble a self-service portal for expertise management so employees can deal with number one requests like password resets on their personal.

You’re successful in having matters going rapid with numerous templates and default paperwork, or you could create your custom ones to incredibly serve the needs of your business enterprise and your group. Since most IT device is used together with one another, you moreover get proper access to a few third-birthday party integrations. SysAid has powerful assist table software program capabilities that make it clean to manipulate all of the residences on your network and notice hardware and software program packages for each of your end users.

Price: Contact SysAid straight away for pricing. 


Best number-one help desk for small businesses. The incredible way to count on approximately Hiver is an extension on your Gmail account. With it, you’re able to do things like go away internal notes on conversations or maybe assign conversations to unique agents. Hiver moreover gives you get proper access to three reporting to better apprehend the group’s general overall performance and blessings insights into the common vicinity reasons customers achieve out. It is nicely really well worth noting that Hiver doesn’t include any more devices beyond a shared inbox just like most of the others on this list, which may also moreover limit its capability to scale collectively together with your group.

Also, some number-one capabilities like reporting are only covered on their better-price plans. Price: Starting at $12/patron in line with the month. 


Best Self-Hosted Help Desk Software for call center help. Freshdesk is a Self-Hosted Help Desk Software the desk that’s genuine for massive businesses, especially those in a call center setting. When you be part of up, you get proper access to a device like a shared inbox, an expertise base tool, and chat talents for managing help requests. You moreover get an allowance of incoming minutes to cope with purchaser calls (the number of minutes varies based mostly on the best plan you pick out). 

You moreover get proper access to three third-birthday party integrations to hold your help tech stack connected. Though powerful, Freshdesk’s pricing/plans do get a hint complex as there are numerous optional add-ons. Also, the capabilities we factor out above are the only available on their better-tier omnichannel plans. 

Price: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $15/agent in line with the month. 

Jira- Service Desk

Best charge tag management system for escalation and incident management. The Jira Service Desk is typically associated with engineering businesses; but, it does come into play for a variety of help businesses because it’s a common vicinity location for them to document and tune bugs. Users can grow custom workflows and paperwork to make sure tasks run smoothly, and they can assign statuses to find duties to hold all of us involved and informed. Reports can deliver help reps insights into what’s being worked on and the general workload, giving comparable context to trojan horse tracking and requests. Price: Free plan available.

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Paid plans start at $7.50/patron in line with the month. Teams looking for more of an IT service management solution may additionally want to take into account Jira Service Management. As a Pink VERIFY certified software program software, it offers you the device to manipulate service requests, extrude manage, and incidents in an unmarried platform. Jira service management makes use of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) set of incredible practices. 


Best Self-Hosted Help Desk Software for agency businesses. Almost every person working in customer support has heard of Zendesk. They make a multi-channel help solution that includes capabilities like a shared inbox, an expertise base, and a live chat device. Along with those, further, they offer some more advanced AI-based solutions for chatbots and autoresponders (even though those are only covered on their better-price plans). You moreover get proper access to numerous productivity and automation capabilities, further to over 1,000+ integrations to connect to the distinct device on your help ecosystem.

To be honest, there’s now no longer loads Zendesk doesn’t do or many communication channels it might now no longer cover. However, the flip thing is that it’s a complex and complicated product that requires several times, energy, and property to rise and run. This presents great more fees at the top of the monthly rate, and because of the reality most businesses don’t need to get the proper access to all the capabilities Zendesk offers (do you need to run the one’s community forums?), they may find out a solution with what they need for an awful lot much less money. Price: Starting at $19/agent in line with month. 

Zoho Desk 

Best Self-Hosted Help Desk Software for sales-focused businesses. You may be familiar with Zoho as a purchaser relationship management tool, but further, they make a helpful solution for purchaser interactions. Zoho Desk includes several general suspects like a shared inbox and an expertise base tool. They moreover have more advanced offerings like AI-assisted response and advanced automation for things like verbal exchange sorting and tagging.

If you’re currently the use of distinct Zoho products, much like the CRM tool, Zoho Desk integrates seamlessly with them. However, their more advanced capabilities, or maybe some number one ones like live chat, are only provided on their highest-price agency plan, which is probably the over-charge variety for some businesses. Price: Free plan available. Paid plans start at $14/agent in line with the month. 


Best shared Self-Hosted Help Desk Software for business enterprise email collaboration. When talking with customers, most businesses choose to use a fixed email cope (e.g., help@yourdomain.com) to accept help purchaser tickets. However, some businesses pick out to talk from personal email addresses but want the functionality of Self-Hosted Help Desk Software. Front lets you do that. With Front, you could join email, SMS, and social media payments to a shared inbox.

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It moreover includes productivity capabilities like internal notes, further to three automation capabilities to reduce manual paintings. They moreover offer some analytics and integrations, even though those are only provided on their better-price plans. We ought to moreover examine that the front doesn’t include an expertise base for FAQs or a live chat tool for real-time help like a number of the alternative options on our list. Price: Starting at $19/man or woman in line with month. 


Best Self-Hosted Help Desk Software help system for low-quantity help businesses. Gorgias is a Self-Hosted Help Desk Software specially focused on eCommerce. Gorgias offers to get proper access to a shared inbox tool, expertise base tool, and live chat tool. The most important differentiator from distinct options on the list is its Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce integrations (even though the Magento integration is only provided on the better-tier plan).

Through the one’s integrations, you’re able to see order details, modify orders, or maybe do refunds straight away from your help desk, which can preserve several times and troubles for your group. However, one main drawback is that all of their plans have charge tag limits, meaning your fees might also additionally need to vary month over month counting on the quantity. To deliver an idea, their base plan includes 350 monthly help tickets, which equals out to around 12 tickets a day — diverse most businesses may want to methods exceed. From there, you’re charged more than $25 in line with one hundred tickets. Price: Starting at $60 in step according to month. 


Best Self-Hosted Help Desk Software for project management functionality.

 Kustomer combined a Self-Hosted Help Desk and projects Self-Hosted Help Desk Software to create a unique kind of solution. Kustomer offers multi-channel help for email, chat, and social payments. On the project management front, you could create, assign, and set due dates for duties. You’re moreover able to see a whole picture graph of each purchaser and update multiple shapes straight away, saving time and energy. Though Kustomer offers some outstanding capabilities, it’s miles pretty expensive, and the pricing is as a substitute complex as there are a few devices which is probably add-ons. 

Price: Starting at $89/patron in line with the month.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is this Self-Hosted Help Desk Software good for HR recruiters?


Are all these functions suitable for Self-Hosted Help Desk Software?

All are the important

Are they related only to HR?

Yes, but also for employees at certain points.

Do HR recruiters find it reliable?

Yes, it helps to easily make recruitment.

What kind of data does this Self-Hosted Help Desk Software to have?

All kinds of information regarding an employee having a skill for a job.

Are they all Self-Hosted Help Desk Software or not?

Yes, all are applications that administer information for HRs.

Do HR recruit job is a great job?

Yes, very essential in the firm 

What is the best Self-Hosted Help Desk Software?

All are equally important.


This Self-Hosted Help Desk Software seem a simple job to operate but requires lots of concentration and a certain expertise to qualify one and is a huge opportunity giver. What makes these HR recruiters take these courses is that they provide a hand of information that must be known to them while recruiting an employee based on his skills and make the best possible way to make things easier as they can.

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