Best Things to Do in Hurghada for Seniors

Image Source - Explore Egypt's Rich History through Package Tours
Image Source - Explore Egypt's Rich History through Package Tours

Discover the tours that are suitable for the elderly and that do not cause them health problems, in addition to enjoying a special day through a day trip to discover the secrets of Egyptian civilization, the secrets of building the pyramids, the Sphinx, and more.

  • Cairo Day Trip from Hurghada by bus or Minivan.
  • Royal Seascope Submarine Cruise with Snorkel Stop.
  • Grand Aquarium Tour.
  • Overnight Trip to Luxor.
  • Orange Bay Island Snorkeling Trip.
  • Super Jeep Safari Trip.
  • Morning Buggy Tour.

Experiences, tips, and details for some suitable trips for you:

Sindbad Submarines Tour for Seniors

Join a unique experience with the family, diving to a depth of 25 meters under the water and getting to know the marine life that characterizes the tourist city of Hurghada to see the most beautiful, colorful fish and charming coral reefs.

our Sindbad Submarine Hurghada Tour starts with picked from your hotel in Hurghada by VIP Car or Minibus air conditioning to the Sinbad Submarine, then a 15-minute visit to the Sinbad Submarine Museum then Ride the marine boat for 15 minutes until we reach the submarine in the middle of the water.

Then go down inside the submarine, then sit on the chairs designated for each individual according to their identification number, a full-hour tour under the water at a Depth of 25 Meters to see the wonderful fish of the Red Sea and how diving feeds them Feed her, take pictures and video clips, while providing social distancing among the members of the trip, and then return again to ride in the cars to the hotel or place of residence in Hurghada.

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in Sinbad Submarine Museum you will see a group of sharks, turtles such as Hawksbill Sea Turtles, Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Green Sea Turtle, and stuffed sea creatures, in addition to a group of antiques for boats and diving tools underwater in the Red Sea.

Providing free cold drinks on the marine boat and obtaining an approved certificate of diving underwater to a depth of 25 meters.

Watch Dolphin Show

Wonderful paragraphs of fun and suspense when you see a group of dolphins presenting several different shows of jumping in the water, jumping between rings, drawing and dancing in the waters of the swimming pool, in addition to playing with their trainer.

A wonderful experience for children and fun, and you can photograph the paragraphs with your mobile phone while sitting.

The Aquarium in Hurghada

 is considered one of the largest indoor habitats in the world, with a depth of 6 meters and a size of 327 meters, in addition to containing more than 100 types of colorful fish for more than 300 fish inside glass water tanks.

The Aquarium is a unique experience for children to learn about the nature of marine life in the Red Sea, Egypt, and increase their knowledge and education about everything related to fish life. On the other hand, parents are happy to have a good time during a 120-minute tour.

Underwater Tunnel

A small tour in a 24-meter-long tunnel under the water basins to see the most beautiful fish and wonderful marine creatures and take pictures of them.

Marine Aquarium

Capture photos and videos of the most beautiful marine creatures and fish in the Red Sea through more than 24 transparent glass aquariums.

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Wadi AL Hitan

A group of whales from the Red Sea in Egypt is displayed.

Mini ZOO

You will see a small ZOO garden that includes a lot of wild animals from the desert, the Red Sea, and Egypt.


You will see a distinctive group of trees, ornamental plants, and flowers from the tropical forest that were imported to add a touch of beauty to the tour.

Bedouin Tent

Take special pictures with the free Bedouin village tent and have a great time.

Aquarium Cafe

You can have hot drinks and mineral water through the museum cafe with all kinds of snacks that children need at cheap prices.

Aquarium Opening Hours: 09:00 A.M. till 7:00 P.M.

Relive your stay in Hurghada by visiting the Hurghada Grand Aquarium. You are not in an ordinary aquarium, there a freshwater and marine aquariums, in these houses, there are various species of fish of the Red Sea “ more than 100 types”, stingrays, sharks, and sea turtles of Egypt.

Discover the secrets of the rainforest in the park, with its open zoo and African wildlife. Make sure the park is working to improve the quality of life and conserve biodiversity.

You asked yourself several times, what kind of fish is found in the Red Sea? Come with us to the large aquarium of Hurghada, where you will experience the exciting underwater world of the Red Sea.

Also, enjoy our virtual interactive aquarium. 

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