Best Tricks Every Mom Should Know for Changing Baby Diapers


Duties include diapering. As a parent of a baby, you must master diaper changing and techniques. It’s an unavoidable responsibility that comes with the territory of being a parent, whether you like it or not! It’s amazing how much work goes into changing a soiled or poopy diaper!

With your firstborn, you immediately discover the importance of having a station set up with all the treats ready to go. You can often be unprepared and lacking essential things (such as a diaper), which makes changing baby’s diaper a lot more difficult and time-consuming than it needed to be.

Essential Diaper Changing Tricks

            Here are some essential tricks every mom should know for changing baby diapers.

1.  Make sure your hands are clean

            To help prevent the spread of germs, run your hands under warm water before touching the baby. He’ll be grateful. 🙂

2.  Make Use Of A Diaper Caddy

            Put it near your diaper changing station and leave it there. Don’tt just change in any other room like that. Learn these tricks. Needless to say you’ll learn all of this just with your first new born and keep all the baby diaper changing tools with you. It makes you look more organised and cute too.

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3.  Keep plenty of diapers and wipes on hand

            Always have a backup plan! You don’t want to clumsy- or wipe-less in the middle of a diaper change! I recommend a monthly subscription service like TheBestDiapers or something similar that makes it simple. We occasionally get diapers from drug store, but we must remember to do it before our supply runs out!

4.  Grab a bib/burp cloth

            When lying down in this position, the baby may spit up. Make sure you have a burp towel handy!

5.  Distract your babies

Have a jar of tethers/pacifiers and some toys on available to give to baby if he needs a distraction—especially if he’s a squirmy baby. He’s probably more concerned with the toy than with the faeces in his diaper!

6.  Keep a waterproof changing pad or covers

            Use a waterproof changing pad or cover for changing the babies diaper so it won’t be messy around. You can just fold and keep the pad with your necessary tools.

7.  Remove the babies clothes

            This is obvious, however, what I truly mean is you could think about taking off socks and jeans by and large. For rigorously wet diapers it’s excessive. Truth be told, I for the most part leave shorts or jeans on and pull them down to the child’s lower legs. It can make the entire interaction somewhat simpler; notwithstanding, when there is crap included I’ve changed such a large number of diapers where the child begins kicking and I lose grasp of his feet and it gets all around his socks and jeans. Discuss a wreck!

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8.  Use a Wipe Warmer or a Bottom Wash

            I viewed this as particularly significant when a child has begun eating solids and the craps are stickier and more chaotic. Warm wipes help to eliminate everything and the base wash assists with saving how many wipes are utilized and gives the child a new minimal bum as opposed to placing him in the shower. It might sound ludicrous on the grounds that it sort of is, yet it is absolutely worth the buy! You can likewise make your own base wash utilizing a dull glass shower

bottle. Observing a base wash without additives and synthetic substances in it is hard.

9.  Wipe Well

            Clearly! For young ladies, wipe front to back to forestall diseases. For young men, this isn’t required. You might need to cover his penis with a material in the event that he chooses to pee all over (I’m certain it’s happened to potentially anyone)

10.              Pat the bottom of the baby with a dry cloth.

            Since children appear to get red bums and diaper rash frequently, make certain to have a good ‘ol material to be certain his base stays dry. Keep a couple in my cabinet and wash them as often as possible. There a many brands that make these delicate natural washcloths. You can stock up and have some for endearing faces, some for his base, and others you use in the shower. They are perfect and can get a good deal on wipes.  Additionally utilize them when the young men were first brought into the world since you would have rather not utilized any brutal wipes on their touchy infant skin. You wouldn’t fret about washing them after use and you will also feel great that they never had diaper rash.