How 2 IIM Ahmedabad Alumni are revolutionizing the Education sector one student at a time

Bfactory: An Ocean Of Academic Excellence
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The story of Bfactory is nothing short of an innovation! The innovation led by two small-town boys in the field of the education sector, changing the classroom environment without actually doing away with it entirely.  While the World is moving towards online learning, two ingenious IIM Ahmedabad alumni are bringing life back to classroom learning. On their mission to improve the Education sector, they lay more emphasis on not hardware but on the integration of education and technology.

Bfactory was founded by Mr. Rahul Anand and Mr. Kamlesh Chauhan, batchmates and graduates from IIM Ahmedabad who decided to contribute back to the what has made them what they are today- Education. They realized there is a gap between the education system which is accessible and what the education system can and needs to be – best of both the classroom and the technology which enhances the whole learning experience multiple times.

Mr Rahul Anand hails from Ranchi, India. He completed his graduation from BIT Mesra in Computer Science Engineering and then went on to pursue his post graduation from IIM Ahmedabad. Previously, Rahul has worked in the marketing functions of Cadbury India Limited and Colgate Palmolive India Limited. Indeed, it was the confidence and competitive spirit post winning several competitions right from the grade school to the B School that willed him to go on and start the startup from scratch with Kamlesh. In 2011, he went on to pursue his passion for teaching and founded in a small rented room, an institute today we know as Bfactory.

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Mr Kamlesh Chauhan completed his schooling from a Hindi-medium government school and went on to do his Computer Science Engineering from NIT Calicut following it up with an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. Kamlesh has worked across MNCs and in Indian companies like Wipro, Cognizant and Pokarna. His dedication, hard work and yearn to contribute to society and do something different than other IIM graduates, something innovative and worthwhile is why Bfactory is unconventional and perpetually advancing.

Bfactory started in 2011 to revamp the education sector and focused on doing so by transforming the classroom coaching program for CAT. There are numerous educational institutes established by IIM alumni, but the teaching on the classroom level is not done by the very same. Rahul and Kamlesh decided to change that by teaching themselves in the classroom. A question can be solved? Good! The same question can be solved by multiple methods? Great! Thus, the multiple-CAT pedagogy was incorporated.

Also, it was ensured that every student received personal mentorship for the student’s success.

When an exam is to be solved on screen why practice for it on paper? Bfactory came up with the On-screen tab based classroom learning!

Bfactory’s classroom ensures to make the best of both the world-class Technology and Education for efficient and wholesome learning of the student. Bfactory vehemently believes that education in the classroom is imperative and should only be substantiated with technology instead of relying on tech entirely, says the founding team of Bfactory.

The classes primarily begin with a 15 min video on a tablet which introduces the student with the basics of the topic. Further, well-experienced faculty from IIM A and other prominent BSchools conduct a class using the multi-CAT pedagogy and following it up with a one-on-one interaction for doubt solving and clear comprehension of students.

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Students then go on to solve a test based on the classroom learning on the tab in the class itself, which not only monitors everyday learning but also maintains the on-screen practicing habit of students.

Now, after conquering the CAT universe, Bfactory has ventured into the CLAT, IPM, BBA, and career choices which are less taken.

Bfactory is a startup in the Ed-tech sector which aims at improving classroom education in India by putting technology to the best use. Bfactory believes that classroom learning can never be replaced with online content and eventually “application of technology and innovation in classrooms” is going to be the biggest segment in the education sector in India. Bfactory is currently operating out of 2 cities – Delhi and Ranchi.

With a vision to provide world-class education, in the classroom with the best possible blend of education and technology Bfactory advances with one student at a time.


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