Bhavish Aggarwal, (Ola cabs), Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Biography and many more

Bhavish Aggarwal, (Ola cabs), Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Biography and many more
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With the rapid pace of modernization, there have been numerous developments in the growing start-up ecosystem in India. There are some Indian entrepreneurs who have twisted the tide at their pace and made successful companies. One such bright example is the founder of Ola Cabs Bhavish Aggarwal. He has been highlighted in abundant magazines and sites as one of the most significant tech entrepreneurs in India. He is accountable for the success of Ola cabs which has now become a billion-dollar start-up. Bhavish motivates a fleet of entrepreneurs who want to make it large by starting their own business.

Ola has become popular as a large number of individuals use it for transportation so the figure of his net worth would be in millions. Ola Cabs had a turnover of Rs. 1250 Crore in 2017 and advanced it to Rs 3125 Crore in the year 2018.

Date of birth 28 August 1985
Birthplace Punjab
Residence Bengaluru
Age 33 Years
Height 1.72 m
Profession Entrepreneur
Marital Status Married
Spouse Rajalakshmi Aggarwal
Father Naresh Kumar Aggarwal
Mother Usha Aggarwal
Hobbies Traveling

Career and Educational Life

He completed his bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. After graduating, he started as a Research Intern in Microsoft India. He later originated a start-up termed Ola Cabs with Ankit Bhati in Mumbai. They both have been listed as the youngest richest Indians for the Year of 2015. The two college buddies having diverse interests have travelled the journey of life together.

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Personal Life

His family hails from Ludhiana in Punjab, the same place where he was born, brought up and also began his business. Entrepreneurship is a hard path to take and there needs to be ample family support in order to chase it. His family was always on his side after he left his top-notch job at Microsoft to initiate Ola Cabs. The outcome of that trust and reliance has yielded now as he has become so successful. 

How did OLA come into the picture?

So, this is how it all initiated!

After resigning from Microsoft, Bhavish began an online business which dealt into selling of short period tours and trips online. Now while he was at it, he chanced to rent a car from Bangalore to Bandipur and had a long-lasting bad experience.

The driver of that vehicle stopped right in the middle of the road and began re-negotiating the whole deal. When Bhavish declined to agree to his terms, the driver advanced to abandon him on the route to his destination.

The entrepreneurial-headed Bhavish, instead of complaining about the condition or rather the problem, decided to resolve it well, and at large!


  • Received the ‘mBillionth Award South Asia 2013′.
  • Bestowed as the ‘Best start-up of the year’ by IAMAI.
  • Received the HATT awards.
  • Recorded in ’30 under 30′, by the Hindustan Times and Forbes for great success.
  • OLA developed as one of the biggest start-up business in India within a span of 3 years.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bhash?lang=en







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