Top 10 Bird Sanctuaries in Karnataka

Top 10 Bird Sanctuaries in Karnataka
Top 10 Bird Sanctuaries in Karnataka

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India is one such destination. This is home to different species of birds. The ideal topography and the climatic elements make India one of the best breeding grounds for birds. Karnataka is a state this is known for being one of the country’s richest states in terms of wildlife.

Karnataka is famous for its top most famous bird sanctuaries.  Owing to its fair share of lush greens and thick jungles with ample amounts of water resources, it is home to dense and breathtaking national parks in Karnataka. All bird sanctuaries are open throughout the year from morning to evening. Though the breeding season for most varies between June and September, the best time to go to and explore these places is the winter season. Top 10 Bird Sanctuaries in Karnataka. Bird Sanctuaries in Karnataka.

Here are the top 10 bird sanctuaries in Karnataka:

Magadi Bird Sanctuary

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Magadi bird sanctuary is one of the top 10 bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. Tourists can visit the Magadi Bird Sanctuary formed on the Magadi Reservoir or the Magade Kere which is 26 km from Gadag. Magadi Tank has proven to be a comfortable home for Central Asian birds returning to the area for a glimpse of bird watchers. 

The sanctuary covers 134 hectares of land and has a watershed of approximately 900 hectares. A branch of the Kaveri River flows from the sides of the reservoir, where tourists can see various beautiful birds. This sanctuary is popular with the Sidonian goose, a migratory bird that feeds on agriculture rather than amphibians.

Up to 5,000 bar-headed geese were sighted at one time, closely followed by the Brahman duck, black ibis, spotted stork, and spoonbill. Many Central Asian migratory birds and more than 134 species of birds have been observed in this reserve in the last 10 years. 

Some of the bird species that can be seen in this reserve are purple heron, gray heron, eastern ibis, crested duck, and flamingo. You may also see white-breasted moorhen, black-winged stilt, spotted stork, woolly stork, red or Brahmin duck, and spoonbill in this sanctuary. 

The Magadi Bird Sanctuary is the perfect place for children, and the locals are happy to show them around. Exquisite birds make bird-watching interesting, and people from all over the world come to Magadi for this purpose. Overall it is one of the top bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. 

Gudavi Bird Sanctuary

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Located on the shore of Lake Gudavi in ​​Shimoga, Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is one of the top 10 bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. It is a pretty and practically perfect birding spot that you must enjoy when visiting Karnataka. Located on the Shore of Gudavi Lake, the shrine covers an area of ​​more than 0.75 km2.

 It is steeped in natural beauty and rich biodiversity, attracting tourists from different parts of the world. The bird sanctuary prides itself on being home to over 217 bird species, including domestic and migratory birds. Some of the most popular migratory birds are gray herons, cormorants, white grebes, white ibises, and bald cranes to name a few.

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 This place teems with some of the finest waterfowl who have come from different parts of the country to enjoy the serene atmosphere of the Karnataka Bird Sanctuary. Located in the heart of Karnataka, Gudavi Bird Sanctuary is visited by tourists all year round. However, to discover the charm of this place, the months of June to December are the best choice. Moreover, it is one of the top 10 bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. 

Bonal Bird Sanctuary

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Bonal Bird Sanctuary is one of the top 10 bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. It is located in a wetland near Bonal village in Shorapur Taluk in the Yadgir district of Karnataka. This bird sanctuary is a haven for waterfowl who delight in this lakefront property. 

It is the second largest bird sanctuary in the state after Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary in Mysore, and about 21 bird species have been recorded here, including purple heron, white-necked stork, white ibis, black ibis, brahmin duck, and goose. 

It was one of the largest of twelve bodies of water created in a drought-prone region that gradually attracted migratory birds. Most of these pools were also used for fishing, and many families depended on them. 

It is managed by the government and is one of Karnataka’s bird sanctuaries where you can even spend the night at your camp and wake up to a happy morning. Moreover, it is one of the top bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. 

Anshi National Park

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Anshi National Park is one of the top 10 bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. Located amid the majestic Western Ghats, it has well-acclaimed flora and fauna.

 Spread across an area of 340 square kilometers, Anshi National Park was earlier part of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. The park is encompassed by meandering rivers, deep valleys, and pristine mountains. 

Offering a wide variety of flora and fauna, this park is home to Bonnet Macaque, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Indian Bison, and sloth bears. One of the main attractions in the park is the rare Black Panther. The park hosts dense deciduous forests and evergreen rainforests.

 Housing over 197 species of birds, this park is also a wonderful place for bird watching. The best time to go to Anshi National Park is between November and May when the weather is great and comfortable. Moreover, it is one of the best famous bird sanctuaries in Karnataka.

Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary

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Deriving its name from the Bhimgad Fort built and commanded by Shivaji in the 17th century, the Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the top 10 bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. It is a protected area in the Western Ghats. Spread over a place of 190. 42 sq. km. 

It is well-known for being domestic to the Barapede Caves and for being the only breeding area of Wroughton’s free-tailed bat, a threatened species on the verge of extinction. 

One can also enjoy birdwatching and find birds like the Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Imperial Pigeon, Emerald Dove, and even the elusive Malabar Trogon. It also has many rivers and perennial streams and is a picturesque area to visit. Overall it is one of the top bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. 

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Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

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Pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary is one of the top 10 bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. It is located in the State of Karnataka. The sanctuary is in the Kogadu district in Somwarpet taluk. With over 70% of the area covered with lush forests and semi-green vegetation, the natural beauty is beyond one’s imagination. 

The sanctuary is covered by steep terrains and waterfalls beside many mountain streams. It has a rich diversity of birds, such as endangered species like gray-breasted laughing thrush, orange flycatcher, and Nilgiri flycatcher. You can also spot the Grey-headed bulbul, Malabar gray hornbill, and the white-belied blue flycatcher.

 Animal species like Indian wild dog, brown palm civet, Indian Hare, Spotted Deer, mouse deer, and Asian elephant also live here. The great time to go to the sanctuary is from November to March. Therefore it is one of the top bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. 

Attiveri Bird Sanctuary

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Attiveri bird sanctuary is one of the top 10 bird sanctuaries in Karnataka.  This bird sanctuary in Karnataka’s Uttar region is a fun place to visit with over 79 bird species, including 22 from other countries. It is one of the famous bird sanctuaries in Uttara Kannada district, covering an area of ​​22 km2 and centered around Lake Attiveri. 

The territory of this land is surrounded by deciduous forests and the Attiveri Reservoir, which makes this place peaceful. This pool attracts different species of birds every year. The reserve covers an area of ​​22.3 km2, of which 1.01 km2 is a water reservoir, and the rest is forested. The sanctuary is home to around 79 species of birds that arrive annually from 22 countries

Attiveri Bird Sanctuary is visited by many species of birds every year. These include the great egret, black-footed ibis, Indian cormorant, great egret, marsh egret, gray francolin, spoonbill, green bee-eater, darter, little cormorant, and intermediate heron.

 In addition, there are other birds in the sanctuary including barn swallow, brown shrike, southern shrike, ring-necked parrot, bay shrike, and many more. The best time to visit the sanctuary is from November to March. The sanctuary experiences a strong monsoon from May to August. No wonder it is one of the top bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. 

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka

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Ranganathittu bird sanctuary is one of the top 10 famous bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. This bird sanctuary received its name after an incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu who is called Sri Ranganatha Swamy. Every year this bird sanctuary gets a massive range of migratory birds from Siberia, North America, and Australia

Some of the migratory birds that one can spot right here include the Painted Stork, Common Spoonbill; Black-headed Ibis, White Ibis, Asian Openbill Stork, Woolly-necked Stork, Indian Shag, Lesser Whistling Duck and Stork-billed Kingfisher. 

The suitable time to visit this well-known bird sanctuary of Karnataka is from the month of March to May. Overall it is one of the top famous bird sanctuaries in Karnataka.

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Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary

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The Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary is one of the top 10 famous bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. It is located near the Ghataprabha River which encourages birds to spend their time peacefully. You will find an area surrounded by surreal greenery surrounded by vast acres of farmland. Around 225 species of birds visit this sanctuary during the migration season. 

The Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary is approximately 70 km from Belgaum and attracts many visitors throughout the year. The area is surrounded by lush greenery and vast farmland, adding to its beauty and charm. 

The most common migratory birds in the area are the white flock and king crane, but there are also some endemic birds and bird species. Some of them are peacocks, herons, booties, snakes, and snags. In addition, many snakes, jackals, mongooses, rabbits, and other animal species live in the sanctuary.

 With endless opportunities to explore the region’s abundant wildlife and natural surroundings, the Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary is a must-see attraction in Karnataka. It is undoubtedly a paradise for bird watchers, nature lovers, and photographers.  No wonder it is one of the top famous bird sanctuaries in Karnataka.

Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary

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Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary is one of the top famous bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. The island covers an area of ​​1.14 hectares and is surrounded by forest and the Tunga River. This place is very close to N.H., between Shimoga and Thirthalli, and easily accessible. 

The location and the special atmosphere make these winged animals a popular nesting and breeding place. This sanctuary is important for breeding birds, with over 5,000 birds here in high season. 

The enchanting island is further enhanced by the presence of various other species, such as the Little Heron, the Pied Kingfisher, the Woolly Rod, the Night Heron, the Broad-billed Stork, etc…

 A lookout tower was built to observe various bird species. To see nesting birds up close, you can take a boat trip. It is estimated that over 5,000 birds visit the reserve during the peak August season, making it one of the best bird sanctuaries in Karnataka.

Faq related to top bird sanctuaries in Karnataka:

Which is the biggest bird sanctuary in Karnataka?

Bonal Bird Sanctuary

Which is the best bird sanctuary in Karnataka?

  1. Kaundinya Bird Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh
  2. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Rajasthan
  3. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary in Gujarat

Which is Asia’s largest bird sanctuary?

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Which is the biggest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka?

Bandipur national park  

Which is the famous bird sanctuary in India?

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Karnataka.

Which state has the highest bird sanctuary?

Andaman and Nicobar Island 

Which is the most famous bird sanctuary?

  1. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (Rajasthan)
  2. Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary, Orissa.
  3. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Haryana.

Which is the richest bird sanctuary in India?

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

Which is the first bird sanctuary in Karnataka?

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary 

Which is the second largest sanctuary in Karnataka?


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In conclusion, these are some of the top bird sanctuaries in Karnataka. These bird sanctuaries are homes to thousands of birds from around the world. The birds are gorgeous and an amazing sight to the eyes.