Breaking Down the Costs of Visiting Dubai

Breaking Down the Costs of Visiting Dubai
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Have you been dreaming about visiting Dubai?

From its ancient desert dunes to the towering skyscrapers, there is something for everyone in this vibrant and luxurious city.

But how much does a trip to Dubai cost? Here, we’ll discuss what factors go into making up the cost of a trip to Dubai and provide some helpful advice on budgeting for your visit.

Transportation Costs:

The cost of transportation will vary depending on when you are traveling, where you are flying from, and what type of flights you choose.

However, even with these variables taken into account, flights to Dubai from most major cities will generally range from $600 – $1,500 USD per person each way. 

If you plan on taking other forms of public transportation during your stay in Dubai (such as buses or taxis), factor in around $25 – $30 USD daily for those expenses. 

Accommodation Costs:

Once again, accommodation costs can vary depending on personal preference and budget constraints.

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If you are looking for the ultimate luxury experience while staying in Dubai, then you should expect to pay anywhere between $150 – $350 USD per night for 4–5-star hotels or resorts.

For those who prefer more modest accommodations, there are plenty of reasonably priced options available ranging from $50 – $100 USD per night. 

Additionally, if you seek out vacation rentals through Airbnb or similar services, then it’s possible to find places that accommodate large groups at very reasonable prices (sometimes as low as $25 – $30 USD per person/per night). 

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Food & Beverage Costs:

Food and beverage costs in Dubai can also vary depending on your personal tastes and dining preferences.

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Eating out at mid-range restaurants will usually run between 25 – 40 AED ($6.75 – 11USD) per person for a full meal; however, it’s also possible to find delicious street food options which will be much cheaper (as little as 3 AED/$0.80).

And if you stick with local beers or wine instead of going all out with expensive drinks (think 40 AED/$11USD+ cocktails), then it’s quite possible to keep your beverage costs quite low during your stay in Dubai! 


Planning a trip to Dubai doesn’t have to break the bank!

With careful planning and budgeting ahead of time, it is quite possible to enjoy all that this amazing city has to offer without spending an arm and a leg along the way!

So don’t let finances hold you back—start planning your dream getaway today!

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