Buccal Fat Pad Removal – Understanding the Procedure and Recovery


Buccal fat pad removal is an increasingly popular procedure that helps patients achieve a more sculpted, refined appearance. Additionally, those who are unhappy with their full cheeks may benefit from this trend. When it comes to finding the best plastic surgeon in India, there are many qualified professionals to choose from.

This procedure is a safe, minor surgery that can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Recovery time is relatively quick and the results are visible immediately afterward.

What Is Buccal Fat Pad Removal?

Buccal fat pad removal, also known as cheek-thinning surgery, thins and contours the face for a youthful, sculpted appearance. This cosmetic procedure is safe and effective for most adults who have excess fat around their cheek hollows.

Buccal fat pads are naturally occurring fatty tissue located beneath the cheekbones. While this fat may be most prominent during adolescence, most people experience diminishing amounts over time.

When it comes to finding the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai, there are several highly qualified professionals to choose from, each with a strong track record of successful procedures and a commitment to delivering exceptional care to their patients.

In some cases, fat pads can become enlarged and create an unflattering chubby appearance on the cheeks. To conceal them with makeup or contour, patients often opt to have this extra tissue removed in order to achieve a slimmer facial profile.

Buccal fat reduction, when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, is widely considered safe and highly effective for reshaping the lower portion of the face. When combined with other procedures to create an even more balanced and refined facial appearance.

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How Does It Work?

Buccal fat pad removal is a cosmetic surgery trend among young adults. It’s often done to correct “chubby cheeks” or a heavy face, but can also be done for a more chiseled aesthetic.

Prior to receiving the procedure, it’s essential that you comprehend its details. Your doctor will make small incisions inside your mouth and scrape away fat from the buccal pads.

With a skilled plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon, this procedure is relatively quick and low risk. Potential risks include bleeding or infection, nerve injury, but these are usually only temporary effects.

When considering buccal fat removal surgery or any other surgical option, make sure you consult with an experienced, board-certified surgeon who can give you all of the answers and make you feel secure in your choice. 

How Long Does It Take?

Buccal fat pad removal is usually a quick and painless procedure that takes less than an hour to complete. It involves administering numbing medicine, making a small incision inside the cheek, and taking out excess buccal fat pads.

Combining this procedure with other procedures such as liposuction of the neck or chin can produce an overall facial reshaping. The outcome is typically a slimmer, more sculpted facial shape.

After surgery, swelling typically subsides after three to four weeks and full results can be seen one or two months later. However, if weight gain occurs over time, these may vary.

The recovery time after buccal fat pad removal varies for each patient. It’s essential to follow your doctor’s instructions on how to promote healing and minimize the risk of infection.

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What Can I Expect From Buccal Fat Pad Removal?

Celebrities and patients alike often opt for buccal fat pad removal as a facial cosmetic procedure to reduce the appearance of chipmunk cheeks and create a more sculpted facial profile with higher cheekbones. Cheek fat removal is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can help patients achieve a more defined facial contour by reducing the amount of fat in the cheeks and creating a slimmer, more sculpted appearance.

At your consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon, they can determine if you are an appropriate candidate for this treatment. They will also explain all aspects of the process and how it will help you achieve your desired outcomes.

During surgery, your doctor will make two small incisions inside of your mouth and carefully scrape away as much buccal fat pad as necessary to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Patients can return home immediately following surgery thanks to dissolvable sutures that dissolve within 1-2 weeks, allowing them to leave the clinic with minimal downtime.

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