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Whether you’re considering undergoing surgery to remove your buccal fat, or you’re just curious about what this procedure is all about, it’s important to know what to expect before you go under the knife. In this article, we’ll discuss what to expect before and after Buccal fat removal in Mumbai, as well as some of the things you’ll need to do in the days afterward.


During the first two weeks of recovery from buccal fat removal surgery, you will experience swelling in the areas where the fat pads were removed. Once the swelling subsides, your cheeks will look thinner and more contoured. However, some patients may experience some bruising or tenderness in the areas where the pads were removed.

Before you undergo buccal fat removal surgery, you will need to meet with a best plastic surgeon in Mumbai to discuss your expectations and risks. If you have unrealistic expectations about the procedure, you might not be happy with your results.

A cosmetic surgeon can create a surgical plan that will allow you to have the best results. You should also take the time to ask questions. The doctor will answer your questions and explain the procedure.

Side effects

Whether you’re considering buccal fat removal surgery or another procedure, it’s important to understand what the procedure involves and what the side effects are. It’s also important to have realistic expectations about your results.

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The good news is that most people have little to no discomfort after the procedure. However, you may feel some bruising and swelling. These side effects will diminish as you heal.

The procedure is usually completed in 30 minutes. The recovery time is around three weeks. Patients should schedule their procedure before the weekend to ensure they’re comfortable. After the surgery, they will need to stay away from hard, chewy foods for several days. They can also apply cold compresses to help manage swelling.

During the surgery, the doctor will make a small incision inside the mouth, where the cheek bones are. The surgeon will then remove the buccal fat pad.


Whether you are looking for a new way to shape your face or want to give your self-confidence a boost, a Buccal fat removal in Mumbai can be the answer. This procedure removes fat from your cheeks and creates a more rounded, more balanced facial shape.

The best candidates for buccal fat removal are healthy, non-smoking patients with a small amount of fat in the lower cheek area. This fat may be obstinately resistant to dieting and exercise.

Before you schedule surgery, it’s important to choose a qualified plastic surgeon. A board-certified plastic surgeon has the most expertise and can ensure that you receive the best results.

Your surgeon will also help you understand what to expect. Most patients experience mild soreness or swelling after surgery. The swelling should go away after a week or two. The doctor may prescribe pain medication, antibiotics, and mouthwash to help prevent infection.

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Consultation before the procedure

During a buccal fat removal consultation, a best cosmetic surgeon in India will evaluate your facial features, ask about your goals, and determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. If so, your doctor will create a surgical plan that will help you achieve your desired results.

For the best results, you need to find a cosmetic surgeon with a proven track record. For example, Nicole Schrader has an excellent reputation and offers an outstanding patient experience. A buccal fat removal consultation is also a good time to find out what you can expect from the procedure and the post-operative instructions.

In the first few days after your procedure, you will need to follow specific instructions and stay away from certain activities. You may be required to use special mouthwash to keep infection at bay. You may also be asked to follow a liquid diet for a couple of days.

Preparation for the procedure

Taking the time to prepare for Buccal Fat Removal surgery can help you have a smooth recovery period. In addition to knowing what you can expect from the procedure, you should also learn about how long the recovery will take.

If you are considering Buccal Fat Removal, you need to be physically healthy, have realistic expectations, and choose a board-certified plastic surgeon. In addition, you will need to attend a pre-op appointment and follow all post-surgical instructions.

Buccal fat removal surgery can help you achieve a thinner and more defined face. It may also help improve the contours of your face and jawline. It is usually performed in an outpatient setting.

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After the procedure, you will need to rest for a few days. You will also need to follow a liquid diet for several days. In the first couple of days, you should avoid granular foods and foods that are hard to digest. You may also experience facial swelling. You can apply ice to reduce swelling.

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