Business card boxes wholesale

Midvale has a 40+ years history of developing and producing distinctive business card boxes.  We offer the widest selection of business card boxes and nwpp bags at the most competitive pricing. Midvale is also the leading glue supplier and supplier of glue spray guns.

In the United States, we are proud of our commitment to doing something unique and different for business card boxes and NWPP bags in collaboration with our distributors, especially in the business card boxes wholesale market. The business card boxes are usually constructed in the same design as the cards within, however, they can also be produced in a different style and color as per the requirements. 

Businesses often want to make the boxes as elegant as possible as per the requirement of customers. Specifically, they want to print the brand, trademark, and promotional taglines on the boxes that don’t already appear on the cards. By doing so, visitors will be more inclined to view and engage with the boxes. The box of cards are put on the office tables, making the cards appear spectacular to any guests who visit – especially the clients who are on the verge of starting a business, in particular.

We have multi-format machines that allow us to do any type of folding-gluing of folding carton boxes in a highly controlled manner; with disk-glue application, injectors and environment-friendly adhesives. Additionally, our machines are equipped with plasma technology for difficult-to-fold supports. They also have a security mechanism comparable to binary barcode scanners that ensures no mix-ups of the products.

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For almost 40+ years, we’ve been offering high-quality business card boxes at wholesale costs. So, hurry up and place your orders with Midvale and be the spectacle you seek.

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