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This post was most recently updated on December 20th, 2022

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The Legalization Of Hemp Derived Prodcuts

The current survey on cannabis legalization approval is growing! The release of hemp products with THC is long overdue and scientifically urgently required. Yet, we have been waiting for the implementation of the election promises for quite some time. A current survey shows that approval for cannabis legalization in the world is growing significantly. Delta 9 THC is popular with all generations and genders. In concrete terms, the experts looked at how men and women rate cannabis, what senior citizens say to young adults about this plant and which cannabis consumption habits prevail in general. So the results show that hemp products with Delta 8 THC for sale are widespread among all generations, but most of all among people in the first half of life, who are, of course, already of age. Women like to smoke weed together, men like to smoke it alone, and more often.

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Habits when smoking cannabis is, of course, determined by the legal situation. Generally, more gentlemen than women dare to use Delta 9 THC or also consider cannabis to be important for legalization on a larger scale. The following data is available on the likes and dislikes of legal hemp:

  • 50% of men have smoked marijuana at some point in their lives, and 42% of women,
  • 28% of male cannabis users consume several times a week, female 18%,
  • The ladies like to smoke hemp together but only buy about half of the flower themselves,
  • For men, about two-thirds go to the dealer; therefore, 55% support legalizing cannabis versus 44% of women who want to end the scientifically untenable ban on Delta 9 THC.

As for now, in the near future, we might see new laws and regulations about cannabis products as the US government begins federally funded studies on this unique plant. These studies will show the real benefits of cannabis and make it step out of the grey area to a new and bright one. A recent study concludes that cannabis is acting as a new competitor in the overpriced drug market. In the event of full federal legalization, it is estimated a reduction in sales of conventional drugs of nearly 11 percent. It seems that the replacement of conventional drugs with cannabis is happening even without standardization of cannabis products, clear dosage instructions, or a refund from health insurance. Currently, cannabis patients and their healthcare providers have little information to guide them toward the most effective treatment for their disease. The destiny of cannabis treatment lies in understanding the effects of other components of the plant beyond CBD and Delta 9 THC and in determining ways to categorize cannabis based on measurable properties known to produce specific effects. Mimicking conventional medicines through standardization may not be the optimal target state for cannabis because the variability of cannabis is probably the reason why it can treat so many diseases. In addition to the overall finding that cannabis legalization reduces the market value of shares of publicly traded pharmaceutical companies, it is found that recreational legalization has more than twice the impact of medical legalization. This is probably because of the fact that it affects a much larger population, as medical cannabis is usually only available to those with serious conditions.

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The study supposes that it will pay off for conventional pharmaceutical manufacturers to invest in cannabis markets rather than lobbying against them. And that regulatory guidelines should promote further research into the risks and benefits of both medicinal and recreational cannabis use. The unexpectedly high negative impact of cannabis legalization on stock market returns from investments in established pharmaceutical companies suggests that cannabis is likely to be a steady and extending player in pharmaceutical markets worldwide.

The Countless Benefits Of Cannabis

Many people switch from alcohol to cannabis. After all, according to research, vaping hemp flowers is less risky than drinking alcohol. Up to the mid-40s, people smoked hemp at least once or twice a week, and many people stick to it instead of emptying the beer glass. Most of the ‘justifications’ for a ban on THC have long been denied by research as technically unsustainable, even harmful to the population. As is usually the case with change, seniors are skeptical, while younger people ages 18 to about their early 40s overwhelmingly support the legalization of marijuana. There are plenty of studies on cannabis as an exit drug for real addictions such as alcohol and heroin. Empirical research by world-famous universities shows the beneficial properties of this plant to be successful for numerous ailments. After all, it is about the basic right to physical integrity, which is demonstrably endangered by a cannabis ban and contaminated hemp products.

Other studies have found that using cannabis regularly reduces the consumption of certain types of drugs, such as opioids. This is one of the studies to analyze the overall impact of cannabis on pharmaceutical companies across all products and patient types. Unlike other drugs that are designed and approved for specific conditions, cannabis is used to treat a surprisingly wide range of conditions, including headaches and muscle spasms, as well as psychological conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

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