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Forgiato Wheels
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For those who want a set of rims that’s unlike any other, Forgiato Wheels is the brand to go for!

For decades, there have been companies which have claimed that they manufacture only custom and one-off wheels for a wide range of vehicles. After all, marquee brands including Rolls Royce’s Phantoms or Ghosts, Koenigsegg’s elite range, the latest Lamborghinis, Bentley’s Flying Spurs and even the S-series Maybach that Mercedes offers to this league of extraordinary customers will never be satisfied with run-of-the-mill wheels that are widely used across the US and worldwide.

Even big-ticket names like Method Wheels often fail to make the cut.

Exclusivity is limited to very few customers. This is the swish set which Forgiato Wheels caters to. 

The USP of this brand lies in forging a set of rims that will have no duplicates. Naturally, these rims are pretty expensive. But the quality is unimpeachable, the designs impeccable, and they can add another layer of pizzaz to what already are some of the world’s finest vehicles.

If you are on the hunt for discount wheels and tires, you can easily check out AudioCityUSA. This is one of the oldest retail outlets selling top-of-the-shelf aftermarket wheels. For 30+ years, they have been leading the way in and around the California area.

The best part? AudioCityUSA also stores several models of Forgiato rims and they are sold at extremely attractive prices.

And since Forgiato itself is based out of California, trust AudioCityUSA to never run out of models!

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What are some of Forgiato’s existing models?

Forgiato regularly updates its many product ‘families’ to ensure that their clients are not stuck with just a handful of options.

Cut to 2022 and you can select from a brand-new catalog of highly capable rims that will leave anyone who sees them in operation dumbstruck!

  1. Tecnica Series: This series has been around for a few years now and consists of 2-and-3-piece wheels only. There are several models and each one of them can be customized based upon your preferences. 

Forgiato Wheels ensures that these specially forged rims have the sheer power that Monoblock rims have combined with the enormous flexibility that a multi-piece wheel offers. 

The Tecnica series has had additions including the TEC 2.1 & 2.1-R plus the TEC 2.2, and TEC 2.2-R. While most Tecnica models have 5 spokes, some are shaped very differently because they are to be used for bigger vehicles.

We had recently gone over to the new showroom AudioCity USA has shifted to (in Santa Fe Springs) and checked out the TEC 2.8, a comparatively older model. To us, it seemed to belong to a different era! 

With numerous spokes, fine machining, and 3 sizes (20-22-inches), it felt more at home with a 1960s Oldsmobile station wagon. But this forged masterpiece is also available for all modern cars.

  1. Flow Series: If you are new to the Forgiato universe, this is an excellent point of entry. These models are flow-formed and capable of sustaining high loads at pretty impressive speeds even on surfaces which are not too friendly. 
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The Forgiato Flow series is similar in many aspects to Enkei, Method Wheels, and American Racing wheels. That’s because they use superior technology and grandiose aesthetics that help even a novice recognize them instantly!

This year, the Flow family has received the 001, 002, 003 and another model ideal for off-roading named the Flow Terra 003.

All these models are available in 3 sizes: 20, 22, and 24-inch. That makes them superb choices for low-slung muscle cars and SUVs to stretch limos and even pick-up trucks!

The Flow Terra 003 is a crossover between Forgiato’s two families (Flow and Terra), and is a highly customizable rim that can match your off-roading demands while also being a joy to use on highways and paved roads.

  1. EV Series: This is one company that’s always in sync with environmental concerns and has been closely monitoring the rise and rise of luxury electric vehicles. Forgiato Wheels has ramped up its EV range with the all-new EV-001 and 002. 

With these 2 new models, it seems the company is targeting Tesla Motors. Already, the EV-002 has been pre-booked in great numbers by people who own Tesla Model S and Model X.

The EV range also demonstrates how Forgiato is miles ahead of its competitors when it comes to using alternative materials in their manufacturing process. These rims, currently available in 22 and 24-inches, have a lot of carbon fiber in them, making them light and excellent aftermarket options for fully electric and even hybrid cars.

There has been some talk about the EV-002 being a bit too wide for Tesla’s Model S. That should soon be addressed.

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Get your wheels from AudioCity USA!

AudioCity USA stocks all the newest launches and their professionals will help you select a set that’s perfect for your ride. Besides, the new showroom has a robotic inventory management system, faster check-outs, more space for you to examine the goodies, plenty of discount wheels and tires, and limited-range Forgiato accessories!

What’s keeping you?

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