Top 10 Call Center Companies in India in the Year 2024

Call Center Companies in India in the Year 2024
Top 10 Call Center Companies in India in the Year 2024
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India is a dominant provider of contact center solutions in the ever-evolving and quickly changing world of Top 10 Call Center Companies in India in the Year 2024, the nation will  be home to a thriving network of contact facility businesses that are essential to provide top-notch communication, technical assistance, and other outsourced services to clients  across the world.

India’s most successful 10 call center businesses have achieved their rankings by combining technology know-how, a highly qualified staff, and a dedication to  providing outstanding customer service. 

The list of the top 10 call center firms in India is impressive and leads the way in this fast paced industry. Through an amalgamation of inventiveness, cost-effectiveness, and a deep  awareness of the changing clientele market, each of these companies has established its  place in history. 

These call center businesses are adept at providing conventional voice-based help as well as  integrated methods like Call Center Companies in India social networking sites, email, and live conversation. By utilizing  cutting-edge technology like neural networks and deep learning, these businesses  streamline their processes to guarantee smooth and customized encounters with customers. 

These contact centers’ scientific brilliance is matched by the skill and education of its  customer support professionals, giving them a Call Center Companies in India competitive advantage. The foundation of  these businesses is made up of highly qualified individuals who have extensive industry  expertise and a customer-focused mindset. They provide answers that go above and beyond  simple issue-solving to build client loyalty. 

Furthermore, because India is still a popular location for contracting out, these call center  businesses greatly boost the Call Center Companies in India financial growth of the country by creating jobs and promoting  training for workers. The benefits transcend national boundaries as well, as multinational  corporations rely on the know-how and dependability of Indian telephone lines to improve  their buildings for customer service. 

We will examine each of these top 10 call center firms’ unique attributes, products and  services, and competitive Call Center Companies in India position in this introduction, providing insight into what makes  them stand out in India’s booming offshore industry in 2024. 

List of Top 10 Call Center Companies in India in the Year 2024:

Genpact Ltd:  

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Genpact Ltd  (Image Source:

• At the summit of the directory of Indian call center firms is Genpact Ltd.

• Well-known for its comprehensive business process outsourcing offerings and its international reach. 

• The business is excellent at Call Center Companies in India providing modernization remedies, statistical analysis, and customer service. 

• Genpact is renowned for using cutting-edge techniques to improve customer business operations. 

• It continues to be a favored option in 2024 due to its dedication to quality and efficiency.

Headquarter: Gurgaon, India 

Founded In: 1996 

Revenue (USD Million): 3,300 

Employees: 100,000 

WNS Global Services:

WNS Global Services image | Call Center Companies in India

 WNS Global Services (Image Source:

• In 2024, WNS Global Services is one of the best call center businesses in India. 

• Widely acknowledged, it offers comprehensive call center and company procedure outsourcing solutions.  

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• WNS is renowned for its wide range of Call Center Companies in India products and services, which include administration and assistance options. 

• With a solid track record of efficiency and high standards, it is still a favored exporting provider.  

• In 2024, investigate WNS Global Services for all-inclusive and cutting-edge contact center alternatives. 

• NYC Queens Cafe offers a fusion of global cafe cultures. 

Headquarter: Mumbai, India 

Founded In: 2000 

Revenue (USD Million): 2,800 

Employees: 43,000 

3i Infotech: 

3i Infotech image

 3i Infotech (Image Source:

• By 2024, 3i Infotech will be a major force in the Indian call center market.

• Offering a variety of IT and business processing outsourcing alternatives is the organization’s field of expertise. 

• 3i Infotech is well-known for providing Call Center Companies in India complete solutions and can easily serve a wide range of businesses. 

• The organization has a global reach and provides comprehensive assistance for business and IT procedures. 

• 3i Infotech promises to provide customized and effective call center solutions to its customers. 

Headquarter: Noida, India 

Founded In: 1999 

Revenue (USD Million): 1,200 

Employees: 25,000 


TCS BPO image

TCS BPO  (Image Source:

• In 2024, TCS BPO will be a major force in India’s contact center market. This Tata  Consultancy Services company provides a wide range of outsourcing business process  solutions. 

• TCS BPO is an expert in offering sustainable and effective remedies for a wide range of sectors. 

• It is well-known across the world for its Call Center Companies in India innovative use of technology and customer focused philosophy. 

• The business is still a major force in India’s vibrant and changing contact center sector.

Headquarter: Mumbai, India 

Founded In: 2000 

Revenue (USD Million): 2,500 

Employees: 60,000 

IBM Daksh:  

IBM Daksh image

IBM Daksh  (Image Source:

• In 2024, IBM Daksh is ranked among the most prominent call center firms in India.

• It offers worldwide outsourcing of company operations technologies as a division of IBM.

• Reputed for its vast experience, IBM Daksh provides a range of telephone answering operations. 

• The business is essential to improving Call Center Companies in India customer service and participation.

• IBM Daksh continues to be a reliable option for contracting operations thanks to its  worldwide reach. 

• Discover the extensive and cutting-edge contact center services that IBM Daksh has to offer. 

Headquarter: Bangalore, India 

Founded In: 2000 

Revenue (USD Million): 1,800 

Employees: 40,000 

24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd:

24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd image

24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd (Image Source:

• One of the leading companies in India’s contact center market is 24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd.

• With a focus on customer care, it offers clients continuous help. 

• The business is renowned for its dedication to Call Center Companies in India providing excellent client experiences.

• 24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd is a multinational company that can adjust to a wide range of customer demands. 

• Recognized for its inventiveness, the business uses cutting-edge technology to improve relationships with clients. 

• Discover the dependable and effective call center services that 24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd  has to offer. 

Headquarter: Mumbai, India 

Founded In: 1990 

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Revenue (USD Million): 1,500 

Employees: 35,000 

Aegis Ltd:  

Aegis Ltd image

Aegis Ltd (Image Source:

• In 2024, Aegis Ltd. will be one of the leading call center firms in India.

• It provides a wide range of support services for customers and is well-known for its various outsourced options. 

• Aegis Ltd. is acknowledged for its widespread Call Center Companies in India reach and impact within the sector.

• The organization guarantees organizational quality and efficiency because it concentrates on outsourcing company procedures. 

• Remaining a reliable call center companion, Aegis Ltd. is dedicated to achieving customer fulfillment. 

Headquarter: Mumbai, India 

Founded In: 1993 

Revenue (USD Million): 1,200 

Employees: 28,000 

TATA Business Support Services:  

TATA Business Support Services image

TATA Business Support Services  (Image Source:

• Well-known for providing complete call center capabilities and company procedure contract manufacturing, TATA Business Assistance Services is a major participant in the Indian call center market. 

• Assistance for customers, Call Center Companies in India technical assistance, and telemarketers are among the amenities offered by the organization. 

• TATA Business Support Businesses continue to have a strong dedication to excellence and  customer satisfaction. 

• By utilizing the TATA brand, the business distinguishes itself for dependability and international standards. 

• Investigate their array of call center services for a smooth and effective corporate collaboration. 

Headquarter: Mumbai, India 

Founded In: 2000 

Revenue (USD Million): 1,000 

Employees: 22,000 

Wipro Limited: 

Wipro Limited image

Wipro Limited (Image Source:

• Wipro Limited is well-known for providing a wide range of business process outsourcing  (BPO) services. 

• In 2024, it will rank among the top contact center firms in India. 

• The business provides an extensive selection of customer service services for customers all around the world. 

• Wipro’s dedication to Call Center Companies in India development guarantees the integration of state-of-the-art technologies in the operations of call centers. 

• Wipro Limited is still a reputable and trustworthy call center partner, operating all over  the world. 

• Investigate Wipro for specialized and cutting-edge BPO services in the changing contact center market. 

Headquarter: Bangalore, India 

Founded In: 1981 

Revenue (USD Million): 10,300 

Employees: 223,000 

Infosys BPM Limited:  

Infosys BPM Limited image

Infosys BPM Limited (Image Source:

• In 2024, Infosys BPM Limited will be one of India’s leading call center firms.

• Well-known for its business process administration remedies, it provides a wide range of services. 

• The organization sustains a robust Call Center Companies in India worldwide footprint by offering all-inclusive contact center solutions. 

• Infosys BPM is dedicated to inventiveness, leveraging innovation to improve  relationships with clients. 

• It remains a marketplace leadership by emphasizing effectiveness and client happiness. • Headquarter: Bangalore, India 

Founded In: 2000 

Revenue (USD Million): 800 

Employees: 18000 

Best Top 10 Call Center Companies in India in the Year 2024:

RankCompany NameHeadquarterFounded In
1Genpact LtdGurgaon, India1996
2WNS Global ServicesMumbai, India2000
33i InfotechNoida, India1999
4TCS BPOMumbai, India2000
5IBM DakshBangalore, India2000
624/7 Customer Pvt LtdMumbai, India1990
7Aegis LtdMumbai, India1993
8TATA Business Support ServicesMumbai, India2000
9Wipro LimitedBangalore, India1981
10Infosys BPM LimitedBangalore, India2000
Top 10 Call Center Companies in India in the Year 2024 | Call Center Companies in India in the Year 2024 | Best Call Center Companies in India in the Year 2024 | Popular Call Center Companies in India in the Year 2024

FAQs about Top 10 Call Center Companies in India in the Year 2024:

Q: Which Indian call center business is the highest ranking in 2024? 

A: When it comes to call center companies, Genpact Ltd is at the top. 

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Q: Is WNS Global Services a significant force in the contact center sector? 

A: WNS Worldwide Solutions is a well-known and well-respected call center on a worldwide  scale. 

Q: What kinds of solutions does 3i Infotech supply the call center industry? 

A: A variety of business and information technology processes outsourcing alternatives are provided by 3i Infotech. 

Q: In the context of Indian call centers, how important is TCS BPO? 

A: A significant provider offering a wide range of business outsourcing solutions is TCS BPO.

Q: What function does IBM Daksh provide in the call center sector? 

A: A well-known call center service company with a worldwide reach is IBM Daksh.

Q: Is 24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd renowned for providing top-notch client service?

A: Absolutely, support services for clients are the focus of 24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd.

Q: In 2024, how much of an impact will Aegis Ltd. have on the call center industry?

A: A notable participant, Aegis Ltd. provides a range of outsourcing options.

Q: What amenities are offered at call centers by TATA Business Assistance Products? 

A: Full call center and outsourcing services are provided by TATA Company Support  Solutions. 

Q: Is Wipro Limited a significant participant in the BPO and contact center sectors?

A: A significant participant in the business process outsourcing market is Wipro Limited.

Q: What sets Infosys BPM Corporation apart in the field of contact centers? 

A: Infosys BPM Corporation is renowned for providing services related to managing business procedures.


The Top 10 Call Center Companies in India in the Year 2024 stand out as pioneers in the call center solutions market, with each making a substantial contribution to the offshoring and client relations industries. The following companies, when combined, stand for the pinnacle of perfection in providing customer-focused remedies: Genpact Ltd., WNS Global Services, 3i Infotech, TCS BPO, IBM  Daksh, 24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd., Aegis Ltd., TATA Business Support Services, Wipro Limited,  and Infosys BPM Limited. 

With its extensive worldwide presence and range of offerings, Genpact Ltd. is a prime  example of how phone centers have developed into all-encompassing outsourcing of  business procedures organizations. In the meantime, 3i Infotech and WNS Worldwide  Services show a dedication to technical advancement and creativity, guaranteeing that they  remain at the cutting edge of the latest market developments. 

The presence of TCS BPO and Infosys BPM Limited illustrates how big IT companies are  involved in contact concentrate management and how they use their expertise in technology  to improve client interactions. With its established track record, IBM Daksh is still a mainstay  when it comes to offering dependable and effective telephone service products. 

Aegis Ltd. and 24/7 Customer Pvt Ltd. stress the value of customer-centric strategies and  make sure that user satisfaction always comes first. TATA Business Assistance Solutions’  participation highlights the importance that multinationals are playing in expanding into  customer service centers and fostering the industry’s expansion. 

The existence of Wipro Limited highlights the value of responsiveness and adaptability in  satisfying a range of customer demands, while the existence of Infosys BPM Corporation, a  well-known IT conglomerate, illustrates the incorporation of technological advances into  customer service activities. 

To sum up, the list of the top 10 call center businesses in India for 2024 represents the  progress of the sector as a whole, exhibiting a combination of creativity, expertise,  and dedication to client happiness. Their technical proficiency, worldwide attract, and  different methods all help India become an epicenter for excellent call center operations that can adapt to the changing needs of the corporate world.

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