Can multiple Binance accounts be made, or is that not possible?

Image Source- binance
Image Source- binance
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Since its launch in 2017 Binance has grown to become the most popular decentralised cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world. Cryptocurrencies can be purchased, sold, swapped, and held on Binance by traders.
There is a strict one account per trader policy in place on this trading site.

Still, some traders may be interested in opening a second Binance account or even more than one.
This could be crucial for people who want to try out trading robots, avoid restrictions on new users, and do a lot of other things. Are you looking for a reliable way to securely buy verified Binance accounts? If so, you have come to the right place! Buying verified Binance accounts can provide you with a secure. A reliable and convenient way to make trades and purchases within the digital exchange. Verified accounts are beneficial for those who are looking to maximize their profit potential. And cut the risk of fraud and malicious activity. A verified account also provides access to exclusive features and higher account limits.
To what extent, then would you say it’s possible to have multiple Binance accounts? In this article will delve into the details of our analysis. Then you’ll learn more and more about the situation until you have all the answers.

Is it possible to have several Binance accounts?

In short no. In the section titled Binance Account Registration and Requirements traders are reminded of their obligation to disclose true and complete information when creating a Binance account. Important each user is restricted to a single master account though they are allowed an unlimited number of subaccounts (which well get into shortly).

Therefore, you are not permitted to have multiple Binance accounts. What, though, will happen if you insist on breaking the rules and using every loophole to access a second main account or even multiple Binance accounts? If you open a third or more accounts, all of them, including the original one, will be banned, and any remaining funds will be confiscated.

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In what ways are multiple Binance accounts possible?

Well, from what we have learned, there are basically two categories of approaches: legitimate and illegal.

The legal procedure

Although Binance does not permit users to have multiple primary accounts, it does allow corporate users and individual accounts to create as many sub-accounts as they need.
So, what do you need before you can make a sub-account?

To activate a personal account, you’ll need to be a verified member of our VIP 1 or higher program. Furthermore, your monthly trading volume is at least fifty bitcoin (BTC). Since most traders can only handle transactions of up to 1 BTC, trading 50 BTCs at once would be too much for the average user. This is provided because the company recognizes that not all traders can benefit from subaccounts due to their significantly lower monthly volume.

You can have up to 200 subaccounts and trade through as many accounts as you like. Moving money between your separate accounts is free of charge.

Since strict requirements must be met in order to initiate subaccounts, this strategy is not appropriate for everyone. It is safe and legitimate, though.

Black-hat tactic

There exists a black hat approach to opening a second or even third Binance account in addition to the legitimate one. You’ll need at least the following three things:

Distinct evidence of verification documents

New accounts require additional forms of identification such as phone numbers, email, and physical addresses in addition to the primary account information.

However, you will be easily caught if that is all you do. What gives you that impression? Its because you’re still logged in from the same IP address as your original account.

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Therefore, this condition is necessary but not sufficient to prevent account lockout.

Therefore, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a proxy is required to resolve this issue.

Proxies and VPNs

Due to the IP issue we discussed above, you will need to use a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy service to conceal your true location.

It is still necessary to use distinct verification documents and pair them with distinct intellectual property.

Getting a second account requires a different IP address, either through a virtual private network (VPN) or a proxy for the simple reason that you’ll need it to create a brand new Binance account.

Don’t forget to sign up with the mobile operator in the country where your secondary account’s IP address must work. If they choose to text you the verification code, you’ll need an SMS activation service enabled on your phone. Replace simple text message verifications with more robust two-factor authentication.

If it is a virtual number, you can only register it once. However, you can rent a phone number for a set period of time and use it to receive a many SMS messages as you like. You could also ask a friend who lives in a different country to send you the area code for the phone number. Its enough to set your IP address to the same country as your pals.

If you use a Virtual Private Network to alter your IP address, you must remember to change your IP address once again before accessing your second account. However, it is simple to overlook doing so at times. It is therefore recommended and easier to use different devices for each Binance account.

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If you want to avoid having to manually change your proxy settings every time you log in, an anti-detection browser like Hidemyacc can help.

So you think that’s enough to stay under the radar, huh? That only makes the possibility less likely, though, and does not negate its existence because there are still many ways to identify you, such as cookies and browser fingerprints.

Therefore, your third consideration will provide the satisfaction you seek. It’s a browser that can’t be detected.

Anti-detect browser

To avoid being tracked, you can use an antidetect browser, which is a piece of software that lets you make multiple profiles and browser accounts, each with its own unique digital fingerprint and set of parameters.

To avoid detection, you can make use of an antidetect browser that mimics a wide range of factors (including user agent, browser, OS, WebRTC, hardware parameters, etc.).
The likelihood of being discovered can be reduced by carefully implementing all of these measures in concert.

Even if you’ve taken these precautions, you need to be extra cautious every time you search or use the site to prevent your information from being shared across multiple Binance accounts.

The Binance administration may freeze your accounts and all the funds in the wallet if they detect any signals linking two or more of your accounts. Take extreme caution!


You can now rest assured that multiple Binance accounts are still possible to create. But doing so is challenging regardless of the approach taken. The benefits and drawbacks of each approach vary. We give you what you need to know and let you know the dangers involved. Your time has come Take your time do your research and get ready before diving in.

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