Can You Get Compensation If You Get Into A Bicycle Accident?

Can You Get Compensation If You Get Into A Bicycle Accident?
Can You Get Compensation If You Get Into A Bicycle Accident?
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Cyclists face a lot of risk on the road. Unfortunately, the number of bicycle accident cases has been rising. If you have been a victim of a bicycle accident case, you must proceed with legal assistance from an Atlanta bicycle accident attorney. In case the victim faces severe injuries and damages from a bicycle accident, it could become necessary to proceed with legal action against the responsible party. 

Often, the victims of a bicycle-car accident wonder if they are eligible for compensation or a settlement. Different factors considered in a bicycle accident case could lead the victim to fair compensation. In this article, we have covered every important aspect of compensation in a bicycle accident case. 

Will you get compensation for a bicycle accident case? 

The victims of a bicycle accident case are eligible for compensation if they sustain any damages or injuries. Bicycles are not considered a vehicle, but cyclists must follow the traffic laws like other drivers on the road. A cyclist has identical rights and obligations to follow the traffic laws and compensation if they meet an accident. 

Common causes behind a bicycle accident case: 

While the victim may be entitled to compensation after they meet an accident, it is essential to be aware of the common causes that lead someone into an accident. These factors can help one avoid bicycle accidents beforehand or help them during their legal case or claim with the insurance company. Below are some of the common causes of a bicycle accident. 

  • Car-dooring 

A car-dooring accident case involves the victim crashing into a car door if the parked driver suddenly opens the door. These accidents usually occur when a car is parked at a place where motors or cycles are allowed to ride. If you are a cyclist, ensure to keep an eye out for any parked or stopping cars to avoid accidents. 

  • Vehicle cut-offs 
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Most car accident cases occur due to irrational drivers on the road. In these cases, cyclists face accidents because the car driver cuts them off at high speed or fails to give them away for cycling. It would be helpful for you to look out for any vehicle drivers that drive in a rush or seem like a potential defaulter of an accident. 

  • Bicycle lane 

Sadly, some irresponsible drivers choose to drive in the bicycle lane causing severe injuries to the cyclists in the accident. The victim must take legal action against the responsible driver in such a case by contacting a bicycle accident attorney in Atlanta. 

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