Can You Make a UTV Street Legal

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This post was most recently updated on May 18th, 2023

Making an off-road vehicle (UTV) legal on public roads is a challenge today. People seem to be divided on whether or not this is really achievable. What then is the truth?

The solution, however, is not simple. The rules and legislation in your state will determine your chances. Driving an off-road vehicle (UTV) on a public road may be unlawful in certain areas but not in others.

UTVs (and all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs) can be made street legal in most states by adding some required equipment and meeting certain safety standards. Apart from that, there are some accessories that are required to stay connected with other riders, such as Rugged Radios Headsets.

In this guide, you will know how to make UTV street legal in your state, as well as some tips on choosing the right equipment. 

Required Parts for a Street Legal UTV

There are several items you’ll need to make your UTV street legal. ​Depending on your state, different equipment will be required. Having the right components for your UTV is essential. Here you will know some of the necessary parts for a street-legal UTV. 


The good news is that modern UTVs often come equipped with working headlights. There are several solutions available, though, if you choose to modify your vehicle’s factory configuration in order to increase its off-road visibility. 


Your UTV probably doesn’t have DOT-approved tires, but you can easily determine whether or not they are street-legal by looking for the DOT code molded into the side wall. The letters DOT are the first characters in the code, followed by a string of digits. The code’s last four digits indicate the tire’s production date. The first two numbers indicate the week, and the last two the year. The GBC Konati Mongrel and GMZ Cutthroat are two well-known manufacturers of DOT-approved UTV tires.

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An off-road or on-road UTV rider’s eyesight may be significantly impaired by the dust, pebbles, twigs, and other material that flies up from the ground, hence a windshield is essential safety equipment. Certain states mandate windshields for all vehicles on public roads.  There is a wide variety of UTV windshields to choose from like the Polaris Flip-out windshield, which allows you to fine-tune the airflow.

Turn Signals

Due to the availability of full plug-and-play components from manufacturers like Dux Signal Kits, installing turn signals and/or blinkers on your UTV is a breeze. The Dux kits include everything you need to meet legal road standards, including four powerful mini LED lights (two in the front and two in the back). 


You might be wondering if you need to register your UTV. Well, the answer depends on your state’s regulations. Off-road vehicles like ATVs, UTVs, and even dirt bikes need registration to be street-legal. The majority of states mandate DMV registration for UTVs. 

Street legal UTV will need a title, registration, and license plate. These are mandatory requirements for a street-legal UTV in the majority of states, but a few states do have additional requirements that you need to meet, such as having a special UTV license or obtaining a permit. 


If you want to make your UTV street legal, it’s important to know what the requirements are in your state. If you want to make sure you’re meeting all the requirements for your state, consult with a professional who specializes in this.  

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