Causes Of Flat Heads In Newborns

Causes Of Flat Heads In Newborns

This post was most recently updated on December 22nd, 2021

Being a new parent is a challenge on its own, but taking care of the new life is another extra burden that every parent has to bear. It is mandatory for the parents to know the hours of sleep their babies are getting. Putting a baby to sleep in a cot all day long is not good and might result in extra pressure on the backside of the head because of the flat surface. It might result in unwanted Flat head syndrome. So, getting the best pillow to keep this issue at bay is a necessity. The main goal of the pillow is to shape the head of the baby naturally and also provide ultimate comfort throughout.

What is a flat head syndrome?

Before you find the solution, it is mandatory to know what this syndrome is all about. Also known as plagiocephaly, this is a medical condition taking place when flat spots start developing on the side and back of a baby’s head. It will make the head look asymmetrical, and some might describe it to be like a parallelogram when looking from above.

The skull bones of a baby usually don’t fully fuse and harden till multiple months after birth. The pliable and soft bones will allow easier passage through the birth canal and will provide the brain enough room to grow later. These soft bones result in a change in the baby’s head if not handled properly. So, if you keep your baby lying in the same position for too long or regularly sleeping in the same posture, then chances are high that he or she might suffer from flat head syndrome.

Learn about the causes involved:

There are multiple causes behind a child’s flat head syndrome. It can sometimes occur by chance while the fetus is still in its development process. Sometimes, it can run in the family and can be a part of an inherited disorder. As per some reviews published, over 180 syndromes, like Crouzon syndrome and Apert Syndrome, can be related to flat head syndrome in babies. There are multiple causes behind it, and those are:

  • Same sleeping position:

Putting your little one to sleep in the same position daily puts constant pressure on the same portion of the skull. So, babies will be at high risk of positional plagiocephaly within the initial 4 months of their lives. Therefore, it is highly recommended to put babies to sleep on their backs to reduce sudden infant death.

You can further give your baby tummy time while they are still awake. Spending time carrying your little one in a carrier or in your arms will be a good call instead of laying them around all day on a flat surface. A baby seat or bouncer will also reduce the risk.

  • Not enough time spend on the stomach:

If a baby spends more time on their back, the chances of plagiocephaly are high. Proper tummy time, while they are awake and watching them strictly, can reduce the condition and its risks involved. Sometimes, babies might cry when you put them on their tummy, but it is vital for several tummy times throughout the day.

When your child is awake, place them on his or her tummy on a mat or blanket. Start with a few minutes for every session and then increase the time. With your baby developing more muscle strength and improved neck control, you can increase the duration of the session accordingly. 

  • Being multiple:

Whenever the space in the mother’s womb becomes tight, the skull of the baby has greater than the normal risk of getting compressed. This can be another result of plagiocephaly, and you have nothing in your hand to cover this situation as the baby is still inside your body still.

  • Vacuum or forceps delivery:

Forceps and the machines used for vacuum delivery will put extra pressure on the skull and the malleable bones. It can also result in plagiocephaly. That’s why doctors refrain from using these methods while delivering a child.

These are some of the reasons behind the flat head syndrome. However, with some medically proven pillows, you can keep these issues at bay and ensure better rewarding help. Your child needs some, and it is up to you to get the best pillows for extra head support.



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