Ceramikker Liquid Ceramic Wax Review

Ceramikker Liquid Ceramic Wax Review

This post was most recently updated on May 19th, 2023

If you want your paint finish to last as long as possible, it is important that your car is properly waxed. In this brief review, I won’t go into the details of car waxing. But suffice it for me to say that your car is doing it a disservice if it doesn’t get waxed.

There are many options for car wax. There are many choices when it comes to waxing your vehicle. This website has seen a lot of product reviews in recent

months. I have added both individual product reviews and roundup reviews (e.g. A detailed guide that reviews the top Bluetooth FM transmitters. Today I will be

reviewing a specific car wax product I have been using for some time and would like to share my thoughts. This Ceramikker Liquid Ceramic wax review will walk you through the pros and benefits of this  popular  wax.  Ceramikker  UK products are loved by many, but is it as good as they claim?

Where can you buy it?

My bottle was purchased from https://ceramikker.co.uk/, and it was shipped to Bristol. It was still a better deal than buying it from a local store in the United Kingdom, even after I added expedited shipping. It pays to shop around to see if

there are any good deals at your  local big-box retailer or auto store. This  is not  a rare product. It is easy to find a bottle, even if you live far from the nearest source.

What do you get in the package?

The product is packaged in a sturdy cardboard case with professional graphics. Ceramikker’s products always look and feel luxurious to me.

You get the following:

  1. The wax bottle
  2. A pair of nitrile gloves
  3. An applicator pad
  4. A microfiber buffing cloth

It’s a premium package that gives you a special feeling. I have found that

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Ceramikker products are very tactile in terms of the packaging and labelling.

Please note that, at least according Amazon, the packaging appears to have

changed since the time I bought this product (as can be seen in the photos I took).

A black applicator pad with a cloth (for the new packaging), doesn’t seem like the best idea. It’s difficult to see how filthy they have become.

This kit includes everything you need to begin waxing your car. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a car detailing product only to discover that the correct applicator/buffing pad or microfibre cloth are missing. There are no such worries.

How Does It Work?

This is the most important part. It doesn’t matter what packaging a product has, if it doesn’t work well. How does Ceramikker Liquid Ceramic wax work?

Extremely well.

I was really impressed with all aspects of the product. When I was first interested in cars, I can recall grinding away  with an old  Turtle  Wax paste  wax from  my father and trying to apply it and buff it. I used spray wax for a time, and I am sorry. It is so easy to use the Ceramikker Ceramic Wax. The application is quick and easy with the applicator pad. You don’t have to use elbow grease or too much  effort to buff  it off. It leaves no residue and leaves a beautiful finish. This  product  was quick and easy to use on my Volvo  940 and  Volkswagen Touareg. Rick, the Automophile’s other editor, is more skilled at taking photos than I am and has better equipment.

When he has a chance, I will get Rick to take professional before -and-after shots. I have taken some product photos using my phone, but the device is a little old and not able to pick up the details of the post-wax finish.

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What’s Not So Great About It?

Ceramikker Liquid Ceramic Wax is a great product.

It would be much cheaper in an ideal world. However, many  of the products and services that I purchase are more expensive than I would like. The basic Turtle Wax product will probably cost less than half that, at most on special. If you are looking for the best car wax, this may not be the product for you.

However, there are much more expensive products available on the market.

Ceramikker has done a great job at maintaining a high “price to value” ratio for this product. Although it may not be the most  effective, I have  found  that  it delivers some of the best results at a reasonable price.

After storing the wax for a long time, I noticed that it separated quite a bit. This is especially true after a warm spell. Before using the bottle, shake it well.

This residue can be seen on the lid in the intro photo of this review. I have been caught a few times shaking the bottle improperly.

Will Ceramikker Liquid Ceramic Wax Remove Scratches?

Ceramikker Ceramic wax, like all wax/sealant products, is not designed to remove scratches.

The wax/sealant applied to your paint might help to minimize the visibility of minor scratches and imperfections. If you have very little scratching on your car, you may find that regular waxing with Ceramikker makes it look good enough to be happy

with. However, this illusion is more than a reality as the scratches are being “masked” to some degree, not properly removed.

You will need to remove scratches from the car’s paintwork using a polish or compound product. Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Wax/Polish can also lift small scratches, hazing, and swirl marks, while also providing a wax finish.

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Your compound/polish may also be used  with  an orbital, DA or other device.  You can find out more about the best discs and cutting pads for orbitals or DAs to get a better result.

Can You Use Ceramikker Liquid Ceramic Wax On Plastic?

Ceramikker UK isn’t made for use on plastic. You won’t see much benefit from getting plastic on your hands.

You can clean and protect vinyl trim or plastic on your car’s interior or exterior with a product designed for this purpose. You don’t have to worry about any damage if you accidentally get some of the product  on your plastic  trim while detailing your car.

Conclusion & Recap – Ceramikker Liquid Ceramic Wax Review

Overall, Ceramikker Liquid ceramic wax has impressed me greatly.

I am sure someone will comment in the comments section soon after I publish this article to tell me which product X, Y or Z is better.

But, honestly, I’m satisfied with my purchase. I’ve been using it on multiple cars and have seen great results.

You can save money by using a less expensive wax. But, if you have a tight budget, it is possible to get away with something.  If you have the funds to purchase this product, I strongly recommend it. It is easy to use, quick to remove, and leaves a beautiful shine that seems to repel water.

Most importantly, the wax doesn’t seem to vanish too fast, at least not compared to other waxes that I have tried.

Ceramikker is an excellent choice if you wax your car once every three months like I do. You’ll want the best, so you might consider looking elsewhere. Ceramikker has delivered a great product for those who are looking for a product that is bothaffordable and high in performance. Find it at https://ceramikker.co.uk/.

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