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The PromptStrongbox is like a backup for all of your conversations, but it does a lot more than that. It has a search engine, a tagging system, a custom thread maker, and even a long form content builder for digital products like ebooks, courses, etc. And get this: you can use ChatGPT directly on the PromptStrongbox page, and it will save every step of your conversation with AI. If you use ChatGPT to make any kind of content or digital product, such as books, courses, YouTube scripts, sales letters, emails, lead magnets, blogs, articles, podcasts, ads, social posts, or Twitter threads, we’ve got you covered. We made PromptStrongbox for all kinds of businesses, like agencies that serve clients, and for employees who use ChatGPT at work and want to either work less or show better performance to get a raise. If you use ChatGPT to make any kind of content or digital product, such as books, courses, YouTube scripts, sales letters, emails, lead magnets, blogs, articles, podcasts, ads, social posts, or Twitter threads, we’ve got you covered. PromptStrongbox is perfect for you if you’re an affiliate writing product reviews, trying to quit your 9-to-5 job with ChatGPT, or just trying to get more traffic to your website. And if you’re a virtual assistant who wants to make more money by taking on more clients in the same amount of time or someone who rewrites existing web content for SEO, then you definitely need PromptStrongbox. I could go on and on, but you get the point. Basically, if you create any kind of content with ChatGPT, you’ll save a lot of time and avoid a lot of frustration. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about losing your content or not being able to find it again.

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ChatGPT – Prompt Strongbox  – Text From This Video

Hello, everyone! Where is the weight? So, ever since Chad Jupiter showed up, I’ve been trying to think of a single prompt that would let us write 1500–2000 words all at once, but I’ve failed miserably. Quite a few times, and I finally came up with a prompt that lets you do that. Before I tell you what the prompt is, though, I’d like to show you what the other ways were that are still used on YouTube. So the first answer is the easiest. We need a keyword, which in this case is “how to mine cryptocurrency at home.” So I would ask Chagibidi to make a 2,000-word article about how to mine cryptocurrency at home.

ChatGPT – Bonuses for the Prompt Strongbox OTO

So, as you can see, charge ubd has made a long article, which is unusual for chat GPT. Let’s see how many words it has, and it has less than 1000. So, okay, nice. Let’s use the second method, which involves two steps. First, we would ask chargeability to make an outline. Okay, so chargeability has made a nice, long outline. Let’s use the same prompt we used before, but make a small change based on the outline, and make a [, music,], 82, 000-word article. Okay, so when you’re done, let’s count up how many words you’ve made. We have 1200 words, which is pretty good, so method number three – and this is what everyone says on YouTube – is to basically take this outline here and then go paragraph by paragraph. I tried doing something like this, and I’ll show you what I came up with. I tried to make a single product for that, but it wasn’t what I had hoped for. So, based on the outline below [Music] and the fact that each talking point is covered in a 500-word paragraph in the article, I will copy and paste the outline above. Here we are. Let’s count how many words there are. There are 1500, which means that each of the methods I showed you has been able to add more words than the one before it. So we started with 900 words, then 1200, and now 1500. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get past 1500. I couldn’t write more than 2,000, 3,000, or 4,000 words, but then I had an idea. First, I thought about what would happen if I made a chapter. You might think that I’m writing a whole article, but I’m actually just using subheadings to title each chapter.

AIUpsell Prompt Strongbox OTO for ChatGPT

So I’m not asking Che GPT to write a paragraph about a certain subheading. I want ChiP to write an article about a certain keyword, which is a subheading. Then I decided to use a modified version of a prompt that I had shown in a few videos ago and that lets commands be set to run one after the other. So I can write different commands and use GPD to run them one by one as I chat on YouTube. So I came up with this prompt, which I’ll show you here. It says, “I want you to do the steps below.” One can come up with 10 common questions about mining crypto at home. Step 2: Write a 1,000-word article about the first keyword on the list from Step 1. Step 3: Choose the second keyword on the list, and so on. So, let’s wait and see. Now, it’s executing Step 1, which is to generate 10 popular questions about crypto mining. Now, it’s using the first two keywords, “writing” and “profitability.” 8-thousand-word article, and a word of warning: sometimes you see, chat. Keep writing as if you have 100 more words and move on to the second keyword. If judge ability does that, you need to stop J writing and start generating from scratch until you see that IT addresses the command correctly. Right now, it’s doing what I’m asking it to do. It means to write an entire article about the first keyword on the list. But again, if you see it starting, just write a few words and move on to the next keyword on the list.

ChatGPT – Strongbox OTOs Prompt Linka

You need to stop generating and start again. So, Kate has now made the first article for the first keyword. We know this is just an outline, but Chegebrae thinks it’s a full article. We need to say “Continue with what was said above,” and since I’ll be using these a lot, I’ll just copy them. Let’s move on to the second change: everyone asks, “What hardware do I need to start mining cryptocurrency at home?” Okay, so we’re going to set final attachments to the second keyword. On with what was said above. Let’s move on to the third keyword: how much electricity does Scorpio currency mining use? At home, all we do is press and keep doing what we did above. That’s it, we don’t touch it much, and this is a good experiment. Concerning the loopback function, I wondered how much information can be used to make a decision. If you remember everything in a single session—and the answer seems to be yes, so let’s just test it—it will take a long time. However, we can still see that Chegebra is able to remember what the fourth keyword on the list was, which was at the beginning, so it seems to be able to remember everything, so now we’ll move on to the fifth keyword and the title of the article. Can I mine for more than one cryptocurrency at home at the same time? Now the six keywords in the article are how to calculate mining profitability,” and again, this is going to be our subheading. Okay, now we’re on the south keyword, which is cooling solutions, and the title is “How to Choose the Right Cooling Solutions for Cryptocurrency. So, and I’m amazed by this, it still remembers the context we gave it at the start of our generation process in our initial prompt. So there is only one promise.

ChatGPT – Prompt Strongbox Local

Yes, you have to type “continue the above” a few times, but the first prompt stays the same. Okay. The eighth keyword is mining difficulty, which is this heading: [, Music,]. Now, we’ll talk about the ninth keyword. Now, we’ll talk about the last subheading of the lesson, which is in the title: “How to choose the right mining hardware for mining cryptocurrency at home.” We’re working on a monster of an article, and I’d love to know how many words it has. So, it looks like we’re done, and before we figure out how many words this is, this prompt will be in our chat, GPD prompts library, or you can just pause the screen and copy it. However, I’m very interested in how many words this is, so this is roughly the generation that started from here, which is our. This is our first subheading, and yes, there are a few more of the words above here and there, but I don’t think they’re going to ask you what the end result is, so I won’t delete them. But you do want to shape it. The second-best result was 1500 words, which is where we are now. We’ve reached 5,511 words. Oh my God, I’ve made a monster. So, now you know. I don’t know of any other way on YouTube to use JGP and the AC Gun prompt to write a 5,000-word article. I hope this video helped you. Please share this and sign up. If you haven’t done so already, and until we meet again,

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