ChatGPT’s Success Inspires Google’s AI-Powered Ad Strategy

Google's AI-Powered Ad Strategy
ChatGPT's Success Inspires Google's AI-Powered Ad Strategy

21 April 2023, Bengaluru, India

ChatGPT’s Success Inspires Google’s AI-Powered Ad Strategy

Notably, generative AI refers to a class of technology that, rather than identifying information, learns from the past to produce content.

Google introduced Bard, an AI chatbot that will compete with ChatGPT from Microsoft, in March of this year.

Google introduced Bard, an AI chatbot
Google introduced Bard, an AI chatbot (Image source: LinkedIn)

According to the research, advertisers will provide “creative” content for ad campaigns, such as images, videos, or text, and then let AI use this information to develop ads depending on the target market and sales goals.

Google employees recently criticised the Bard AI chatbot, calling it “a pathological liar” in the headlines. According to Bloomberg, a Google employee called attention to the fact that Bard routinely gives customers risky suggestions. The corporation allegedly “overruled a risk evaluation” provided by an internal safety committee. When Google granted early access to the AI chatbot in March of this year, it demonstrated that the system was not yet prepared for widespread usage.

Google introduced Bard, an AI chatbot
Image source: pixabay

According to the FT report, Google plans to put safety precautions in place as it deploys its new generative AI features, despite worries surrounding the wider influence of AI on sectors like disinformation, criminality, and phishing efforts.

Source: Business Today

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