Chauffeur service in Dubai and UAE – brief Q&A


There are plenty of opportunities to rent chauffeur service in Dubai, but some questions should be answered first.

It is probably reasonable to rent a car with a driver in Dubai if you are solvent enough. After all, it provides a ton of affordable convenience since the price of monthly car rentals in Dubai is pretty low compared to the overall cost of living. As for commercial travelers – chauffeured services for business are irreplaceable. Still, it is essential to clarify some details and nitpicks regarding chauffeured services in Dubai and UAE for people eager to try these services.  

Who is a professional sober business chauffeur?

A professional driver is a person provided by the business class chauffeur service, whose duties will be to drive your car and take you and your passengers anywhere in Dubai. Among the chauffeured services for business, he can also drive your car in your absence to perform various tasks, for example, delivering a package or taking the car to a luxury car service. 

So, a private driver is a very beneficial asset, and there are several reasons for this, the main of which is that it allows you to get home after social evening go-outs. But, of course, there are other benefits too – you can send the kids to school, your wife to the beauty salon, or let the driver pick up your friend somewhere else, for example – such a list of valuable opportunities has no end. 

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How good is your company? 

Our company TLT Limo at the website TLT.ae – Chauffeur Service Dubai prides itself in supplying the market demand for luxury car rentals and providing the clients with professional service, allowing them to enjoy safe and comfortable transportation all over the UAE and specifically in Dubai. Our drivers and our whole staff have relevant experience and training in the field. Our greatest aim with such a magnificent personnel team is to ensure consistent and flawless service delivered to our clients. 

How can I be sure that the drivers actually drive safely?

Our reputation is our company’s greatest asset, and we value it with due diligence. Therefore, we only hire professionally trained drivers with a positive track record and extensive driving experience. We have set ahead of ourselves the goal of working exclusively with the highest level drivers. Not only do we require excellent driving skills from our chauffeurs and any potential candidates for vacant slots, but we also make sure that our representatives are excellent in terms of communication and customer service. 

Our drivers are erudite, know multiple languages and can keep up in almost every conversation – or keep their mouth tightly shut, should the client ask so. You can be sure that whenever you need the services of a personal driver, our guarantee is a qualified professional who will always arrive on time and provide excellent service throughout the trip. 

Last but not least – all of our drivers are registered with the Highways and Transportation Authority (RTA) and have passed rigorous background checks, including a police background check.

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It is a requirement for your vehicle to have comprehensive full vehicle insurance coverage that offers a full range of protection against accidents, damages, thefts, and other risk factors. It is illegal to hire a private driver in the UAE without such insurance. 

Furthermore, you should have a professional, up-to-date maintenance report done by a licensed body shop for your car. This report signifies that all car systems are functioning correctly, especially the vital ones like active and passive safety systems and brake systems. Finally, a small but important detail – the tire’s remaining tread level must also be acceptable enough to comply with safety and legal regulation. 

Thankfully, our company always provides the clients with vehicles that meet the stated requirements. Therefore, you can rely on our cars as if they were new, and extensive insurance coverage will keep your wallet safe. 

How do you counter the growing COVID-19 threat? 

Despite the arid and scorching climate, which is naturally deadly for any virus infections, UAE, unfortunately, did not manage to remain utterly COVID-free during the global pandemic. Still, we do everything in our power to minimize the risk of infection for our clients. Our unqualified personnel are vaccinated against COVID but are still regularly screened for illness or disease. You can also ask for a shield to separate the driver compartment of the car and the seating passenger compartment behind. So, we take our measures to ensure the highest level of safety and hygiene. 

Can the driver take me to several different locations?

Of course! Since you rent not only the driver but the car from our service, the chauffeur is entirely at your disposal. Tell him whenever and wherever you need to go, and it will be done. Furthermore, should the need arise, the driver will have no problem waiting for you as long as necessary, which is especially handy should you have a brief conference or need to deliver something to a specific recipient in person. 

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Is it allowed to smoke in the car? 

Unfortunately, it is strictly prohibited for the client to smoke in the car. Be advised – this rule is enforced, and any violation makes the violator liable for a 200 AED fine, which the client/hirer will have to pay. 

What is the cancellation policy of your rental company? 

Cancellations made more than 24 hours before the agreed time are free and guarantee you the total return of your money. On the other hand, any cancellations made later than 24 hours before the agreed time will not result in a refund of your funds. Consequently, a “no show” event will not result in a refund of your funds, so be diligent and take due care.