Cheapest Ways to Send USDT || Top 5 List 

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If you are one of the crypto investors who buys USDT or more popularly known as Tether you must have faced the issue of sending USDT along with a very high transaction fee or platform fee. It has been one of the biggest worries of an USDT buyer as if you wish to send your USDT to someone else or another account it costs you heavily. 

So what is the solution what are the cheapest ways to send USDT, don’t worry we have your queries covered. Just trust and keep reading this article to find out about some of the best and cheapest ways to enjoy sending USDT. 

So what you are waiting for just scroll down and find the best ways to send USDT with a low transaction fee. 

Find The Cheapest Ways to Send USDT

So why does it cost someone so high to send USDT, there are other cryptocurrencies which do not involve high transfer cost so what is so special about USDT that it leads to shoot up in transaction fees while sending it to someone. 

The main issue is with the network in which an USDT is transferred, a Tether or USDT is operated through the ERC20 network which is highly congested and hence once a USDT owner initiates the transfer the transaction needs to be processed by a miner who charges extra money due to the congested nature of ERC20 network. 

So how do I reduce the cost of sending USDT is the question worrying your mind. But don’t worry we have you covered; we can’t magically improve the ERC20 network but we have researched to find ways to send USDT in the cheapest ways possible. 

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Stay with us and keep reading to know more.

  • Always look to compare all platforms and portals allowing USDT transfer to find the cheapest one to use, transaction fee may fluctuate and hence you should quantify and compare regularly. 
  • One of the best ways to send USDT cheaply is the FTX app which allows one to withdraw it at zero cost. 
  • Another way to minimize the cost of sending USDT is to look for applications which allow sending USDT without using the ERC20 network, we have listed some of the best for you:

Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), Solana, Tron

  • One can also look to reduce transaction fee by sending USDT to a only ERC20 supported platform known as FTX app and then withdraw it free of charge

These were some of the best ways our readers can enjoy sending USDT as cheaply possible. 

Final Words…

We hope this article find you in the best of health and through this article we aim to help our readers know about the cheapest ways to send USDT. 

We have come to end to our article on the topic of cheapest way to send USDT. Hopefully it would be instrumental in helping you to transfer or send money as and when required at a low price. 

We would finally like to thank our readers who support us by regularly reading our articles and we hope they keep reading these insightful articles in future too. 

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