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Click Designs OTO Links below 1,2,3,4 Get the 4 OTO links below, which come with discounts and big bonuses. Click the OTO button. You will get 1 Front-End Click Designs and 4 Click Designs OTO.

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ClickDesigns OTO

Note: Buy Front-End before OTOs to work well with you; you can buy FE or any OTOs from the “Locked links ” below

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>> OTO3 Design Page Edition  <<

>> OTO4 Agency Edition  <<

Click Designs OTO  –  What is Click Designs ?

Get beautiful logos, boxshots, covers, reports, digital mockups, product bundles, graphics, and illustrations instantly on demand for your online presence or for your clients, even if you don’t have freelancers, designers, coders, or webmasters.

The Demo

Product Overview

OTO1 :  Unlimited Edition $97 – $197

2,000+ brand-new premium templates, an expert canvas editor, an automated logo maker engine, a custom template designer, and a one-click design cloner, ALL WITH COMMERCIAL RIGHTS!

“UNLIMITED Projects,” “2,000+ BRAND NEW Premium Templates,” “UNLIMITED Designs,” and “UNLIMITED Downloads” are all included.
You can make as many logos as you want, as many box shots as you want, as many reports as you want, as many digital device mockups as you want, and as many group bundle shots as you want. UNLIMITED Funnel Graphics: Headlines, Buttons, Testimonials, Sketches, Arrows, Licenses, Badges, Guarantees, Coupons, Bullet Boxes, Bonus Boxes, Order Stack, Pricing Tables, and Video Skins. UNLIMITED Product Bundle Designer – Boxshots, Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, Watches, Covers, and Reports
Expert Canvas Editor Image and photo filters Vibrant Gradient Tool Thousands of beautiful models and cutouts Millions of professional stock assets and icons Own curated image library UNLIMITED storage
Picture Perfect Printables FOREVER
​✅ UNLIMITED Commercial Use
Automated Logo Maker Engine, worth $497; Custom Unique Template Designer, worth $697; 1 Click UNLIMITED Template Design Cloner, worth $997; BRAND NEW Design Template Releases for ONE YEAR, worth $4,997; Sell Any Designs Inside Your Click Designs. FREE Account and Make 100% Profits

OTO2: Professional $77 – $97

UNLOCK Worksheets, Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Photo-Realistic Mockups, Magazines, and Group Shots PRO & CUSTOM Device Builder For EXPLOSIVE High-Ticket Buyers & Sales

Designer Worksheet Templates, Designer Checklist Templates, and Designer Cheat Sheet Templates are all free.
Commercial License; UNLIMITED Real-World Scene Mockups; UNLIMITED Offline Banner Ad Mockups; UNLIMITED Hand Held Device Mockups; UNLIMITED World-Class Magazine Templates; Shots of a Group PRO Designs Boxshots, digital devices (like monitors, laptops, tablets, phones, and watches), covers, reports, worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets, and magazines.
PRODUCT BUNDLE PRO TEMPLATES THAT ARE ALREADY MADE Boxshots, Digital Devices (Monitors, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, and Watches), Covers, Reports, Worksheets, Checklists, Cheat Sheets, and Magazines. Custom Digital Device Mockup Builder.
✅ You can make money by selling any designs inside Click Designs Professional.

OTO3 :Design Pages $67 – $97

Get the million-dollar look without spending a million dollars. This all-in-one page and theme background maker lets anyone make amazing page designs.

Design Pages Software: UNLIMITED Page Designs; FULL Website, Funnel, and Blog Theme Creator; Custom Background Designer; 1,000s of Pattern, Color, and Image Design Page Templates; Theme Page Designer; Millions of Backgrounds, Photos, and Image Assets; Built-In Background and Image Editor; Fully Responsive and Mobile Optimized For Websites, Blogs, Funnels, and Site Builders; UNLIMITED Illustrations; UNLIMITED Annotations; UNLIMITED Exports and Downloads; UNLIMITED Commercial Use
Thousands of 3D emojis, hands, stickers, items, objects, and character illustrations worth $2,997
Thousands of Illustration and Commentary Templates worth $4,997
Vector & Illustrations Graphics Designer, which is worth $697, and Illustrative Scenes Mockup Creator, which is worth $997.
New Backgrounds, Themes, Illustrations, and Callout Design Releases for ONE YEAR, worth $6,997
Make and sell page designs, illustrations, annotations, and mockups with illustrations for 100% profit.

OTO4: Agency Edition : $197 – $297

With a real agency, your income will go up and up and up as clients keep throwing money at you for amazing designs you make quickly and quickly and again and again.

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Click Designs Agency Custom Agency Branding Agency Control Center for Virtual Team Accounts Agency Management Center to Add, Delete, and Manage Users Agency-Wide Design Collaboration Client Work and Project Management 1-Click BULK High-Resolution Downloads Watermark Design-Protection Engine Stealth Click Share URL Showcase Design Portfolio Samples to Clients worth $297
Access to review agency clients’ work is worth $497. Hosting and storage are worth $997.
Global Client-Getting and Buyers Blueprint Done-For-You Legal Client Contracts Agency VIP Client Support worth $3,997 (eMAIL/CHAT/SKYPE/ZOOM) Agency VIP Client Technical Support worth $9,997 (eMAIL/CHAT/SKYPE/ZOOM) FULL Custom ALL-IN-ONE PRODUCT BUNDLE Maker worth $1,997
ClickDrive for Click Designs Agency, worth $697; FREE design templates loaded into your account for a FULL YEAR, worth $9,997; VIP Technical and Support, worth $14,888 per year; New Agency Account Bonuses, worth $27,579; Collaborate, Sell, Scale, and Grow Your Design Agency for 100% Profits.

Click Designs OTO Bonuses

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<<<========== All The  Bonuses Above ==========>>>>

Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hello, Amy here.Here in this video, I want to share with you a pretty cool graphic design tool. I’ve been using it to create stunning sales funnel graphics without any design skills. It’s called Click Designs, and you might have seen a lot of reviews saying it’s a Canva alternative. What sets Click Designs apart is the ability to create your own custom 3D mockups like the box. Shots 3d covers devices, mockups, online courses, mockups, and sales funnel graphics.

In literally 60 seconds, these are the types of graphics you need on your sales page and website to showcase your product in action, especially when you don’t have a physical product, and it helps increase sales conversion. If you want a summary of click designs and to see short demo videos of the software, then you can head to my link in the description below to check it out, and it will open up my review page. This page also gives you backdoor access to click designs for a lifetime price of just 47. There are a few upsells that you need to be aware of, and they can be found under pricing and funnel upsells. Just click on each one of these tabs to learn.

If you get in early, you’ll save yourself a ton of money. Plus, if you do decide to pick up click designs through my website, you’ll also receive all the bonuses listed here for free. The official website has a monthly subscription price, so definitely check out my link below this video to lock in the low lifetime price and grab my bonuses as well. Alright, let’s do a walkthrough of the interface. When you log in, the dashboard here in the menu navigation gives you some graphic template shortcuts for your most recent designs and the latest graphics available. But the magic really happens in templates, and this is where you have access to them. For you, graphic templates in different categories. I’m going to show you a demo very shortly. We’ll click on each one of these categories so that you can see the design templates available.

ClickDesigns OTO Grab

You’ve got logos; these are all the templates available for you. You can click on view more to see more templates scrolling back up in 3D box shots in the covers. There are mock-ups for books, which are right here; and mock-ups for reports and magazines. You can preview the templates by hovering over them and clicking preview, and if you want to use the template, you can click on use a template over in the sheet. You can create mockups for worksheets, checklists, and cheat sheets.

The cool thing about these sheets is that you can export the flat version of the sheet, which is like a pdf, or the 3D version of the image heading back to templates in devices. There are mock-ups for monitors, laptops, tablets, phones, watches, and more in bundles. This is one of my favorite sections, because if you’re a course creator or you have your own digital products, you can include a combination of box shot devices all in one single image, and there are plenty of templates to choose from. Click on the back arrow and you’ll Find more templates for illustrations with annotations in the backgrounds? You can create your own custom backgrounds. All these templates are customizable by scrolling ahead in funnels. This is how people are building six-figure sales funnels by creating graphics for specific parts of their sales pages like headlines, buttons, bullet boxes, and testimonial sketches.

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Let’s click on all these arrows. You can even change the color of it and rotate it. You can create bonus boxes, order and stack pricing tables in licenses. You can create certificates and badges like a 30 day money back guarantee, coupons, and contests. Basically, you can use these specific graphic templates in each of these sub-categories to help people visualize your sales copy.

If you’re browsing and you happen to like a particular template, you can just click on this heart icon and it will appear in your favorites tab. Let’s do a demo now of one of my bonuses that you will get if you decide to pick up Click Designs. Is this a click designed affiliate landing page? You see this right here? You can clone this page into a group of pages within 10 seconds.

I’m going to recreate this bundle image because I want to show you how easy and quick it was to do so. Heading back to click designs, we’re going to be in templates, and we’ll click start from scratch, entering a name for your design. Click on devices. Continue over in the second menu, clicking on monitors. Select this mock-up, click on this image, click create. Here is the design editor. You want to click on the image tab, and I’ve already grabbed a screenshot of the landing page.

You can drag your image in here or click on this plus button. I’ll click on this. It’s loaded the image into the canvas. Click here to minimize the design editor and you can go up here to zoom out. Then we’ll click on the image and just drag it out. So it fits the screen. Head up here, click on preview, and that’s what it looks like. Save and exit. Save and exit again. Click on start from scratch again, give it a name, and we’ll create the mobile device. Mocker clicks on devices.

Again, continue head up here: click on phones. I’m going to go here and click on the iPhone. Mock-Up Click on the image. Click create to open the image and this time we’ll select the mobile screenshot. Click open. Okay, minimize click on the image, hold here, we’ll zoom out, and I just want to drag it all the way across that looks. Fine, click on preview. That’s what it looks like to save and exit and save again. Click on exit to start from scratch.

ClickDesigns OTO Demo

Again, we’ll create a box shot mock-up this time. Click on box shots to continue. I’ll use In this template, there are two images that we need to create for this. Mocha Click on the first image to create an open image. Tab. I’ll grab the third screenshot if you click here.

It’s loaded into the canvas, so we want to grab it. We’ll zoom out. Just keep on dragging on the sides, and now I can reposition it to the middle. But if you want to make sure that you reposition in the middle, you can go here. Okay, and now we can preview.That’S what the front of the box is going to look like. Close out of this save and exit. Click on image. Two clicks create and we’re going to design the spine. Now for this, I’m going to go to backgrounds, head back to my bonus page, and I’ve got a chrome extension.

They can choose a color for me, so I’m going to click on this. We’ll grab this hex code and head back to click designs for this color. Just click on this paste in that hex code, it’s turned to the color that we’ve chosen, going back to images. I’ve already uploaded Gru’s logo. So I’ll click on this-and it will add it here-go down here-increase the size, I’ll just move it up top and one cool thing about click designs. Is there a QR code generator where we’ll click on this and paste in the url?

In my review? Page click generate. It’s generated the QR code, so we’ll just bring it down here, zoom out and just drag the logo on top. Let’s have a quick preview. Okay, we’ll go back here to the design. Click text in the Builder, then add new text layer, and enter the text.

I changed the color to white, then scrolled down. We increased this to a 58-point font. Make it a bold font. Montserrat’s family is fine.You can change the letter spacing if you want, and under angle, I click on at 90 degrees and it automatically rotates the text for me. Now all I have to do is, if I think the size is too small, drag it out.

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ClickDesigns OTO upsell

Okay, click on the preview. Once that looks good, click on save and exit. Once it’s all saved, click on exit. Going back to the bonus page, I’ve already created this box shot in advance because it’s the same process back to click designs, click start from scratch, give it a name. This time we’re going to combine all the mock-ups that we just created into one single image. I’ll click on “blank canvas” and continue. I want to increase the width to a thousand pixels.

This is where the time-saving component comes in. If you head to my designs, you can see the three mockups that we’ve already created, so I’ll click on desktop. First, it will load it into the canvas. We’ll just zoom out a bit. Now we can go up here and turn on the grid to make sure that everything is evenly spaced. Let me just close this out so that you can see the whole screen, and then we’ll just center it over here.

That looks fine. We’ll head back here. My designs select the mobile device that we’ve created. It’s loaded onto the canvas and I just want to shrink it down a bit. Then move it over here. Heading back to my designs: click on the box shot, but we’re going to grab the box shot image and move it over to here, and if you want the mobile device to be upfront, just click on the image, right click, bring it forward. I’m heading back to my designs.

I will select this box shot that I’ve already created. This means that you can turn on the grid again to make sure that everything is spaced evenly. So you can go to export in a png format, a jpeg webp or a pdf export, and that’s how it looks, right. I’ll close out of this, exit out of this and that design appears under my designs. In the My Designs Tab, in the My Designs Tab, you will find all your designs that you’ve created. We’ll click on templates again. Go here. Click on funnels now! This is how you create those stunning sales pages with graphics to match, and let’s say you have an online course that issues students a certificate upon completion.

ClickDesigns OTO upgrades

You can go to licenses and create a graphic designer to show it. Click on Use this template to give it a name. Continue We’re going to click here to edit the text and edit the text here. I’ll leave everything as is, export it as a png and upload it on your sales page. I highly recommend you watch the design editor overview because that’s going to give you a complete walkthrough of the design, editor step by step, and it’s a really great video. It’s time-stamped as well, so head back to my design. I just want to quickly show you that if you hover over this and click on these three dots save to, you can save it to your Google drive or Dropbox.

You can share this link with a duplicate. It previews it in real time. If you click on that, it’s going to give you a URL link which integrates with a funnel builder, so you just copy that URL into your image URL and it will update dynamically every time. You make a change to this particular image. You’ve got to download and delete, which is self-explanatory.

One last thing, guys: if I go to my profile, I have access to all levels and templates in Click Designs. So, depending on what level you bought, you might not have access to all the templates like I have in this video. For example, if a section or template is not available, you will see a gold crown on the top right. You can click to preview it. The graphic template is available, but to access and edit that template you will need to click on the upgrade button. I have really enjoyed using it (click, design, guys) and rate it highly.

It gets a thumbs up from me. This tool is going to really help. You increase your sales conversion if you’re a course creator, coach, consultant, service provider, or sell some kind of digital product, so that is the click design for you. If you want to pick it up at that low one-time lifetime price before it goes to a monthly subscription, get it through my website, link below, and grab those cool bonuses that I’m offering for free as well. Thanks for watching guys, until next time, see ya.

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