Closet Envee: A Home Organizing Company You Can Trust

Closet Envee: A Home Organizing Company You Can Trust

This post was most recently updated on May 18th, 2023

Are you tired of seeing your home cluttered with clothes, shoes, and accessories you don’t wear? Does it feel like it takes hours to get ready in the morning due to the mess in your closet? Have you ever considered getting a custom closet but were unsure how to start? If any of this sounds familiar, we’re here to help.

Closet Envee is a local Winter Park-based company specializing in creating custom closets that live up to the high standards of their clients. It is a company that shares a passion for organizing spaces and has been refining its craft for decades.

Their experts specialize in Closet Design Orlando, and they want to help you transform your closet into a place where you can spend more time with your family.

They believe every home should have an organized space where they can efficiently store all their belongings and enjoy spending time there.

They know that every client has different needs and wants regarding home storage and organization needs. That’s why they offer personalized attention from start to finish so that they can meet all your needs as best as possible.

The goal of Closet Envee is 100% satisfaction from their clients—and so far, they’ve been able to deliver!

The Closet Design Process

When you first meet with them, they will ask you questions about your needs and desires for your closet space.

You’ll start by filling out an online form asking questions about what kind of closet space you have available, what clothing storage systems you currently use (if any), and what type of organization system would work best for you.

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The designers at Closet Envee will then create a plan or design based on this information and send it back to the client for approval before proceeding with the construction or installation of new shelving systems or other storage solutions.

They’ll send it to you via email so you can review it at your leisure. Once all revisions are over (if any), they will begin construction on your custom closet!

The Custom Closets Orlando Team

The designers on staff at Closet Envee are ready to help clients design their dream spaces! They have years of experience in the industry and can help you create your vision for your home.

They know what it takes to make a room function well and look beautiful, so you can talk to them if you’re looking for suggestions or advice on maximizing space.

Construction Time Frame

Construction time frames can vary depending on how large or small your closet is but generally speaking, and it takes a few weeks for them to complete construction on your wardrobe once they finish with the design phase.

The Final Product

Once construction is over on your new custom closet from them, they will deliver it straight. You’ll be able to review the final product and make any desired changes, if necessary before they leave. And that’s it!

The hardest part is over, and you’re ready to enjoy your new custom closet from this company!


Closet Envee offers a great product at a reasonable price. They have a wide selection of designs and customizations available, so you can make your closet exactly how you want it.

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The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, which will help ease any concerns or worries you may have during the process.

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