Complement Your Face Cream, Moisturizer with a Vitamin C Face Serum

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As you grind through the hive of activities in your daily life, you may often forget to offer the rejuvenation that your skin needs. Even if you follow a regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine, are you not getting the desired results? What if including a vitamin C face serum might just up your skincare game? 

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Face serums play an important role in retaining your skin’s natural moisture and giving it an instant boost. Yes, they are available in all sorts of compositions. However, choosing the right product with the right ingredients which cater to your skin type can be overwhelming. Vitamin C, the wonder vitamin, is a best-kept secret ingredient that can make all the difference to your skincare regimen. 

Read on to find out how a face serum with vitamin C could complement your face cream and moisturizer. 

The secret is out!

Vitamin C serums for face are lightweight lotions or emulsions usually used before moisturizing and after toning the skin. They are usually made from potent and active ingredients which penetrate deep into the skin and rejuvenate it from within. They are lightweight and do not clog pores or make the skin greasy.

The face serum is particularly popular because of its mild and versatile ingredients, which are suitable for most skin types. Moreover, vitamin C has many benefits, such as anti-aging and sun protection, and it evens out hyperpigmentation and acne scars.

Benefits of vitamin C face serum

Vitamin C offers a plethora of benefits. To reap the maximum benefits of the ingredient in skincare, it is designed as a serum by many brands. Here are some benefits you can experience by incorporating a vitamin C serum into your skincare routine.

#1 Prevents premature aging

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A vitamin C serum is known for its anti-aging properties that can prevent signs of premature aging from setting in if used early on. Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants and stimulates collagen production, which helps to retain skin elasticity. This is why the skin remains taut for a longer time. In addition, it protects the skin from harmful free radicals and sun damage responsible for untimely wrinkles and fine lines.

#2 Evens out skin tone 

A vitamin C serum is an excellent remedy if you suffer from hyperpigmentation or discoloration in patches. It is a mild exfoliant that is safe for almost all skin types. In addition, it eliminates dry skin and patchiness on the skin’s outer layer, which improves skin tone.

Some studies show that vitamin C can regulate melanin production. This is another reason your skin appears smooth and even-toned when regularly using a vitamin C face serum.

#3 Gives sun protection

When used with a good sunscreen, Vitamin C is highly effective in preventing most of the damage caused by sun rays. Vitamin C also prevents premature cell death caused by sun exposure, which is another reason behind uneven pigmentation.

#4 Soothes inflammation

Vitamin C, an antioxidant, can soothe skin inflammations caused by harmful radicals and sunburns. In addition, it helps inhibit the release of inflammatory compounds like cytokines. Thus, it prevents skin irritation and painful inflammation at the ground level.

#5 Brightens the complexion

A vitamin C serum helps with water retention in your skin, so your skin stays hydrated for a longer time. Thoroughly hydrated skin looks much healthier, making your complexion look brighter. Especially when blended with other potent ingredients like Gotu kola, the face serum helps make your skin radiant.

#6 Boosts collagen production 

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Collagen is a scaffold protein that gives smoothness and elasticity to your skin. Its production retards as you age. UV damage also arrests its production as well as causes collagen degradation. Incorporating a vitamin C serum into your skin care regimen can boost collagen production and protects your skin from UV damage at the same time. As a result, your facial skin retains its structure and elasticity. 

Including vitamin C in your diet also has great results as it cleanses your digestive system, and the results are reflected in your smoother and brighter skin.

Which is the best Vitamin C face serum on the market?

Vitamin C is a versatile ingredient in a face serum that helps combat several skin issues like sunburns, dryness, uneven skin tone, and photoaging, to name a few. Anyone suffering from such skin conditions can benefit from using a vitamin face serum.

Approximately 10% of vitamin C in a face serum is ideal for the best results. However, note that vitamin C is a very unstable compound that reacts to light. Hence, always go for serums created by a reputed brand. Also, go for a product that comes in an opaque package or dark, tinted glass. Additionally, go for a face serum approved by dermatologists that does not contain harmful chemicals or toxins. 

We recommend using Mamaearth’s 10% Vitamin C Essence Serum with Vitamin C and Gotu Kola for Skin Illumination is one of the best products because it comes with safe and gentle ingredients. It helps fight free radicals, gives even skin tone, and helps the skin stay naturally radiant.

vitamin c serum

How to get the best results from Vitamin C serum?

A Vitamin C Face Serum works best with your face cream and moisturizer. However, you should use it on a thoroughly cleansed face to get the best results. Cleanse your face with a good-quality oily skin face wash for men and women to get rid of excess sebum before you apply the serum.

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It penetrates your skin best when you cleanse it thoroughly with an oily skin face wash for men and women. You should follow it with a good moisturizer to lock the moisture and hydration. The best quality serum can show significant results within 60 days. 

Try this oily skin face wash for men and women today!

You may opt for Mamaearth’s wide range of skincare products. Among them are its Tea Tree Face Wash and Charcoal Face Wash that are the best oily skin face washes for men and women. They feature tea tree oil and charcoal respectively. You may avail benefits like cleaner skin and reduction of excess oil on your facial skin from using them. We suggest using them twice a day for the best results. 

Key Takeaway

Vitamin C is one of the mildest active skincare ingredients available today. Hence, anyone new to active ingredients and who wishes to introduce them to their skincare routine can start with vitamin C face serum without worrying about any adverse reactions. It is more or less suitable for almost all skin types unless you have a history of a bad reaction to the ingredient. 

Mamaearth offers a wide range of face serums, face creams, moisturizers, and oily skin face washes for men and women. It is one of the leading brands with many high-quality skincare products that are approved by Made Safe and FDA. In addition, its range of products is made from superior natural ingredients and undergoes several tests to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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