Complete Guide to Enjoy a Yacht Party in Dubai

Complete Guide to Enjoy a Yacht Party in Dubai
Complete Guide to Enjoy a Yacht Party in Dubai

A party can bring your friends and family members closer than ever. And if you are having your parties by hiring a luxury yacht rental in Dubai, you will be able to enhance your parties with exciting memories. Though for a perfect experience, you need to know what are things to consider for having a perfect yacht party. In the following articles, you will find a comprehensive guide to making your special moments more memorable on a yacht. 

What Kind of Yacht Parties Can You Have?

You can hire a yacht in Dubai and give yourself a yachting experience of life by celebrating various events. There are different types of events and parties that you can celebrate on a luxurious yacht. Below are some of those events and how you can make them unique while yachting.

Birthday Parties

Enjoy your dream birthday party on a yacht while sailing on the blue waters of Dubai. On a premium yacht, you can have a grand birthday event with themed decorations, elegant cakes, gourmet food options, beverages, and audio systems. Gather your friends for your special day and take them on a trip they will never forget. You can even book a DJ and dancers to add more excitement to your event. 

New Year’s Eve

Fireworks and New Year’s Eve are perfect, and having it on a yacht makes it more pleasing. Start your new year with a zing, with the countdown for the clock to strike 12 and seeing the fireworks happening from miles away. Just search for rent a luxury yacht in Dubai because many of them have plans for the fireworks that you can ask for and enjoy being under the colorful and bright sky. 

Weddings and Anniversaries

Weddings and anniversaries are all about love that you can enjoy with your loved ones. There is no better way of celebrating that love other than a yacht trip to the beautiful coastlines of Dubai. There are customized decorations along with cakes and fantastic music you can have on yachts for your special days. Have some romantic arrangements and music, and enjoy slow dancing on a yacht. If it’s for a wedding, there is nothing better than saying “I Do” on a yacht under the starry sky. 

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Business events

Make a perfect first impression on your clients and colleagues by taking them on a yacht trip to Dubai for business meetings. Add gourmet food items, premium beverages, microphones, quality sound systems, and company-oriented decorations to increase the worth of your meetings. 

Fountain Shows and Formula 1 Racing

You can watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from a luxury yacht of your choice. Yacht rental companies in the UAE offer exclusive packages for tourists to enjoy the exciting race from the comfort of their rental yacht. From 72-ft to 90-ft yachts, you can choose from a wide selection of premium yachts to watch the thrilling race. Renting a yacht also gets you access to berthing and marina passes to enjoy the post-race events.

Different locations in Dubai have fountain shows from time to time. Rent a yacht and go to those shows to have the best experience of your life. For instance, Dubai Downtown and Palm Fountain are the best places to enjoy an exciting fountain and fireworks show through a yacht.

Things to consider for having a perfect yacht party

You have got a premium yacht for rent; what’s next? To help you ensure a perfect yachting experience, here are some of the top things we recommend you do.

The Perfect Menu

On a yacht, you can have all kinds of menus, whether you are looking for traditional or continental. Choose your food and drinks according to the theme of your event. For instance, if you are having a corporate dinner, try going with something formal and international to make an impression. The same thing goes for other events. You can have any menu on board with the right luxury yacht rental in Dubai.

DJs and Dancers

Have a party on a yacht, dance as much as you want, and recommend whatever music you like. Yachts have their separate sound system for entertainment, on which you can play whatever you want. On special occasions, you can enjoy the beats of the DJ. Other than that, you can also contact professional dancers or ask your yacht rental to do that. 

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Themed Decorations

Decorations can change the entire aura of the yacht. Yacht rental companies have trained staff who create personalized decorations best suited for any given occasion. Try asking for a yacht decoration that can meet the theme of the event that you are having. You can add balloons, candles, and colorful strips for a birthday.

Go to Checkout Unique Attractions

Dubai has a number of unique attractions that look mesmerizing when seen from a yacht. Select your location according to the flow of your party. Like you can go to the Palm Fountain to check out the world’s biggest fountain and fireworks show through your yacht. You can visit Burj Al Arab to have a perfect dinner in Dubai’s only 7-star hotel. Other places to visit by yacht include Dubai Harbour, Creek, Marina, and The World Island.

Watersports That You Can Try

Yacht parties in Dubai are not just limited to sitting on the flybridge and watching scenic views. There are a number of watersports that you can try while you are out on a yacht to enhance the experience of your travel experience. Some of those water sports you can ask for from your luxury yacht rental in Dubai are mentioned below.


Flyboarding is a fun water sport that allows you to fly freely above water. In this sport, you will be tied to a water-propelled flyboard that can shoot you up in the air up to 9 meters. A hose is connected to the flyboard, continuously providing water pressure to the board. Once in the air, you can roll over, go here and there, and enjoy doing various stunts above the water.

Adventure with a sea-breacher

A sea-breacher is the name of a mini-submarine that is designed to take visitors into the water and give them the experience of swimming like a shark or dolphin. This watercraft has a powerful 260-hp engine that can touch the top speed of 100 kmph, which makes it trending in Dubai. You can get it on your yacht and explore the islands in Dubai just like a water inhabitant. 

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In Parasailing, riders are attached to a motorboat through a long rope. Riders have a parachute on their back, and when the driver of the boat drives the motorboat at high speed, riders will have a fantastic experience flying behind the boat over the sea. This is an exciting sport to enjoy water skating while flying high at the same time. 


Jet-skiing is a water sport in which you can take a watercraft into the sea and enjoy the thrill of speed while getting wet. In this sport, you are responsible for controlling the boat’s speed. You can also take a passenger with you while driving a watercraft. It is a fun way of exploring the exciting spots of Dubai.


Stand-up paddle boarding has become a very popular watersport, especially in a place like Dubai, which is covered by water and has fantastic views. Just stand on a board with one side bladed paddle in your hand and move with the flow of waves. After reaching a certain point, you can even lay on the board and have a relaxing afternoon in the middle of the sea.


Kayaking is a fun water sport that involves riding a water vessel and mode on the surface of water through a double-bladed paddle. It is an excellent way of exploring the Palm Jumeirah islands. Just make sure to have equipment like a bilge pump, helmet, life jacket, paddle, and wetsuit before starting this activity.

Find Out the Right Yacht Rental

Once you are done planning your big event, its decorations, menus, and themes, you need to contact a yacht rental company that can provide you with everything. Look out for yacht rentals that offer the yacht model you want, and make sure to check out their additional services as well. With the right company, you will be able to enjoy your yachting trips in the way you are expecting.


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