Top Considerations When Buying a House in a High-Rise Building

High-Rise Building
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Moving into a high-rise building is becoming more popular today. Having an appropriate place to reside has become crucial as many people relocate to urban regions like Mumbai in search of employment opportunities. For this reason, many Indian real estate developers are working hard to build high-rise buildings for both luxury and affordable categories in order to supply them with suitable housing.

But many times, buyers get confused as to which floor to choose in a high-rise building. Both low and high-rise apartments have their own merits and demerits. In order to find the perfect apartment in a high-rise building, there are certain factors that one needs to keep in mind before making an investment decision.

  1. View: Most homebuyers prioritise a vantage point as their top goal. The ones who prefer living in an apartment that provides the best views should consider acquiring higher floors. People living near the scenic area or near the sea never compromise on the view factor and always choose higher floors. However, one more thing to keep in mind, i.e., the higher the apartment, the higher the price.
  2. Safety and Security: The likelihood of a mishap is higher for residents on lower floors compared to those on higher floors. The ones living on lower floors should examine the security arrangements of the society before moving in. Additionally, suppose the community is close to a busy street or location, the lower-floor residents won’t be able to enjoy peace and quiet, which is yet another reason to be concerned about.
  3. Lifts and Staircases: There should be more than two lifts available in a high-rise building so that people have a backup in case the first lift breaks down. Families moving into high-rise buildings with elderly or young children must take this matter into consideration. One should always be aware of all accessible points in case the elevators break down, so they may walk easily if necessary.
  4. Network Concerns: Metropolitan cities with a high population density, like Mumbai, typically have 40 floors. This is not always the case; sometimes, there may be more floors than 40. So, people opting for higher floors need to keep in mind that network issues are something that they can encounter. People should examine the network coverage of an apartment beforehand to be proactive and prevent such network difficulties.
  5. Energy Consumption: People who reside on upper floors consume more electricity because they need to operate air conditioners to beat the heat. Another major power consumption issue to be concerned about is the drawing of water from motor pumps. So, people who can bear such difficulties can opt for high floors.
  6. Rental Returns: In India, those who live on lower floors tend to earn better returns than those who live on higher floors. People planning on buying an apartment for investment purposes choose the ground floor. However, the climate has a role to play in this matter. In cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, people tend to choose upper floors to enjoy rental returns. Whereas in the Delhi NCR and Chennai regions, people with lower floors tend to enjoy better rental returns.
  7. Privacy: The benefit of having privacy is not available to residents of crowded regions on lower floors as it is to those on higher floors. Therefore, choosing higher floors is recommended for those people who prefer solitude and wish to avoid any kind of interference.
  8. Ventilation: Better light and ventilation are just two of the many advantages that come with living on a higher floor. People should choose higher floors if they prefer a greater view, more light, and better ventilation. It’s because residents of lower floors frequently encounter more disturbances from the street. Furthermore, people living on the upper floors are less likely to experience mosquito or rat problems than those on the lower floors. Therefore, dengue worries most people living on lower floors.
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So, when you are about to choose the ideal apartment, make sure you have well read the points mentioned above. Beyond this, when you are about to finalise the ideal floor, ensure that the project is easily accessible from a major part of the city and is well connected by public transport. Also, don’t just keep the entire focus on nearby offices, children’s parks, and commercial centres, but also make sure that the project is in close proximity to hospitals, shops, malls, colleges, theatres, and other entertainment options.

Choose your home carefully since it’s a one time investment and a step closer to the house of your dreams.

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