Copilot Vs ChatGPT: Which free AI chatbot app should you use?

Copilot Vs ChatGPT: Which free AI chatbot app should you use?
Copilot Vs ChatGPT: Which free AI chatbot app should you use?
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Microsoft has come out with a new Android app for its Copilot AI chatbot. This is part of Microsoft products like Edge and Windows 11. The app is made so it can work better and faster than web parts written for Copilot. 

These are found in things like Edge browser or Bing search site. It gives a smooth experience with fast actions and prominent features like writing emails or documents but also creating images using Dall-E 3 integrated technology.

The ChatGPT app, which has been downloaded over 10 million times, is probably the biggest competition for Copilot. Today’s main benefit is speed. 

Responses are usually fast, no matter how long or complicated they may be. Sometimes, the copilot can be slow, needing more time to understand prompts and find extra information before making a response. 

When it does make output, it is given bit by bit over a few seconds. But, ChatGPT has a 4000-word limit, which makes it hard to read significant papers unless they are divided into smaller parts.

Copilot also has a voice chat option that makes it seem like you are talking to a natural person on call. However, its way of taking in spoken words could be fancier and more advanced. 

The most significant benefit of moving to Copilot is the free internet use and GPT-4, which makes answers better and more correct. It’s more likely to retain touch with reality, too. In general, Copilot’s answers are more reliable to believe.

Copilot can use the internet to ask questions about recent events, such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max from 2021. Questions like “What happened today?” and “Find the cheapest airplane tickets from Delhi to Mumbai” are helpful but not as good as on free ChatGPT.

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The free ChatGPT might give a different experience, but having no cost and GPT-4 makes it a better choice for people who want their own AI chatbot.

ChatGPT Plus is a famous chatbot, but it costs around Rs 2,000 every month. 

Copilot has extra features like making travel plans, creating pictures, and changing how it responds. It’s a cheaper choice than ChatGPT, but it’s more complicated to use. 

You can use Copilot for travel and change the tone of answers from Creative, Balanced, or Precise. 

ChatGPT Plus is suitable for strong users. They can adjust to Copilot on their home screen if they want slower speeds but are okay with it and ready to pay more.

In the end, Microsoft’s helper robot, Copilot, offers a better and quicker experience than other bots like ChatGPT.

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Ankit Kataria