Couch Cleaning on a Budget: Affordable Solutions for Perfect Results

Couch Cleaning on a Budget: Affordable Solutions for Perfect Results
Couch Cleaning on a Budget: Affordable Solutions for Perfect Results
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Upholstered furniture is known for its cozy and comfortable vibes in any space. However, as days pass, with continuous use, the upholstery accumulates a lot of dirt and dust and can even be prone to food and beverage stains, pet hair, and so much more. Couch cleaning Canberra services are able to remove stains and dirt with different effective methods that make your upholstery feel bright and clean again.

However, many homeowners attempt DIY methods over professional upholstery cleaning because of the price issue. It is a myth that upholstery cleaning services are very expensive and cannot be afforded by all. But upholstery cleaning is reasonable, and the cost depends on a lot of factors. Let us know in detail about the upholstery cleaning cost in Canberra.

Factors Affecting the Upholstery Cleaning Canberra Cost

A lot of factors contribute to the overall pricing of upholstery cleaning. The material of the upholstery, the type of furniture, cleaning methods, and so much more as mentioned below:

Furniture Type

Primarily, upholstery cleaning price depends on the kind of furniture you possess. Furniture that is simple and easy to clean is usually priced less than complicated and larger ones.  

Furniture Age and Condition

Old furniture pieces need additional and special care while handling them in order to avoid damage. Thus, this could increase the cost of cleaning upholstery by 25%. Moreover, if there is damage that already exists, they might make the necessary changes for an additional fee.


Different upholstery cleaning techniques are needed for various types of fabric materials, each at a different price range; common materials, including cotton, polyester, and wool, typically cost reasonably for upholstery cleaning.

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As leather requires specialized solvents, its cleaning is more expensive. Silk upholstery cleaning costs more than washing typical textiles. Silk is a highly fragile fabric that is simple to harm, so extreme caution is used when washing it.

Cleaning Method

There are two methods that are used for upholstery cleaning, namely steam cleaning and chemical cleaning. Pressurized steam and high temperature are used for steam cleaning, whereas chemical cleaning is done by specialized equipment. Chemical cleaning is found to be more expensive than steam cleaning and is often preferred by homeowners.

Additional Costs and Considerations

There are a few more that might be relevant in some circumstances, in addition to the cost variables for upholstery cleaning that were previously covered. The consumer might anticipate paying some of these extra costs if a piece of furniture has significant stains, needs upholstery repair, needs a stain-prevention treatment, or has a slipcover that needs washing.

  • Heavy Stain Removal

Regular furniture use will result in stains that can be removed using standard upholstery steam cleaning techniques; however, darker stains may require additional stain removal charges. Heavy stains on upholstered furniture will cost the customer additional charges. When stains emerge from liquids like coffee and wine, penetrate deeply into the fabric’s surface, or have been present for a long time without being cleaned, they become more challenging to remove.

  • Stain Prevention

Once the upholstery is been cleaned, customers have the option to use fabric protectors to protect against future stains. These fabric protectors can add up to your professional upholstery cleaning Canberra cost. However, they are not heavily priced and can be afforded by all homeowners.

  • Upholstery Repair
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In some cases, the condition of the upholstery cannot be revived merely by upholstery cleaning. It might have to undergo some repair or replacement. While repairing upholstery costs less than replacing it, the repair may not always be possible and largely depends on the size and location of the damage. A repair patch might be seen and cannot do justice to the beauty of the sofa, so replacing the upholstery is ideally the better option.

How often should you clean your upholstery?

The frequency of upholstery cleaning depends on the number of pets and children you have in your house because, ideally, they are the ones that can cause damage. So depending on them, you can choose to clean your upholstery twice a year or once a year. With kids and pets at home, your upholsteries are more vulnerable to different kind of stains over the course of time.


Regardless of the comfort our upholstery provides, it is bound to become dirty and stained over time. However, when you timely engage in professional services, you can ensure that your upholstery stays clean and look healthier for years to come.

The overall cost of upholstery cleaning services varies based on factors including furniture type, condition, age, fabric material, and cleaning methods used. However, we ensure to offer excellent upholstery cleaning services to all our clients across Canberra at affordable rates.

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