Criteria For Selection Of Home Alarm System

Criteria For Selection Of Home Alarm System
Criteria For Selection Of Home Alarm System
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The reason why the owners of houses and apartments set up an alarm is to protect their homes from intruders and prevent the spread of fire. Security and fire sensors react to the appearance of danger and the occurrence of an emergency. To choose an alarm system for your home, you need to understand the principles of its operation.

The complete set of GSM alarm systems depends on the model and cost of the device. There are two options: standard and extended.

In the first case, the composition includes tracking sensors, notifications about the opening of doors and windows, a siren, and key fobs. If desired, the buyer of a standard system has the right to supplement it with other controllers (immediately or after some time).

Advanced options imply the presence of a larger number of sensors that control flooding, smoke, and other events.

Criteria of Choice

When buying GSM home alarm systems, it is important to focus on the following criteria:


It is worth deciding for what purposes the system will be used: protection against thieves, detection of intruder penetration, or protection of the territory.


It is important to take into account the presence of people in the vicinity of areas where they permanently live (including in the winter). This is important if the security equipment is mounted on objects remote from the city (for example, a summer house). It is important to take into account the time it will take to overcome the distance between the house and the protected object where the alarm went off.

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The signal is transmitted via the GSM channel, but it is important to consider the operator whose SIM card will be installed in the device. The more coverage, the more reliable the system. It is important to focus on the availability of the signal in the place where the protected object is located. If the coverage is weak, you will have to think about replacing the operator or installing an amplifier. Some operators offer special packages.

Temperature condition

In the race for original design and functionality, many choose foreign-made products. But they, as a rule, have a big drawback: they are not adapted to the harsh winter climate and temperature fluctuations. As a result, the receivers may not work or, conversely, work falsely. For example, some control units are not designed to operate at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius. As for the sensors, their optimal mode is from -10 to +40 (50) degrees Celsius.

Device type

As noted, GSM alarms are wired or wireless. Each type has its pros and cons, but the second option is preferable because of the ease of installation, reliability, and ease of subsequent management. The best option is a hybrid segment model.

Number of controllers

In the standard configuration, as a rule, only basic protection is provided against penetration and burglary. But in the extended versions, there are other sensors that transmit signals to the central unit about the appearance of smoke, floods, violations of environmental standards, changes in temperature, and so on. That is why they should only be installed in heated rooms.

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Feature of the protected object

When choosing a GSM alarm system, it is important to count the number of doors and windows in the house so that the security equipment covers the entire building.

Availability of pets

Living in an apartment for pets requires the installation of a special motion receiver (PIR type). Otherwise, the movement of the animal around the apartment will cause a false alarm. In such cases, a photo or video recording may be required.

Installation and setup experience

If you have not had to deal with such equipment, it is better to use simple wireless GSM alarms or enlist the help of specialists. It is worth considering that an incorrect setting entails false positives or failure. There are models, a detailed review of which has already been carried out, including their tuning.


If you want to evaluate your home alarm system, use the criteria given above and make sure you get the right one for yourself.

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