Crucial Things to Consider for a Bedroom Addition  

Crucial Things to Consider for a Bedroom Addition

 Does your current bedroom no longer meet your expectations? Want not just a place to sleep, but a getaway spot where you can lighten up, relax, and find peace? Additions to the master bedroom allow homeowners to create a haven that meets their needs and desires and gives this room a personal touch.   Maybe you’re a new owner and you just can’t find all the amenities you want in your current room. Or you’ve just moved your kids out of the house and are looking to add a feature you’ve been dreaming about.   Whatever the reason, opting for an additional master bedroom for home is never a bad choice. – especially if you have big ideas in mind.   However, it is still a demanding task and there are important aspects to consider before proceeding to hire leading designers and contractors for the job.

1. Additional bedroom location   The first step is likely to be the most complicated and demanding. Do you want your new bedroom to be on the first floor? Connected to the backyard? Then think about how it will relate to the landscape and the rest of the house.   As well as how it will affect your privacy. If you prefer direct access to the outside, an outside door leading to a private garden or patio would be a good idea.   If your choice is a master bedroom on the second floor, there are two options. Sometimes you can build it on the roof of the house, but other times you will need the addition of the second floor. Zoning approval and building inspections are required if this is the case.

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2. Furniture   Do you want a king-size bed or a canopy bed? Consider the dimensions and location of the bed, as well as any lamps, chairs, dressers, and other furnishings you plan to have when planning additions to the master bedroom. It should have enough open space to create a more comfortable, attractive, and relaxed environment.

3. Sitting area   The bed should take center stage, but that doesn’t mean it should take up the entire podium. It is common to have a sitting area within the master bedroom, as a place where you can relax after a long day and read a book, write, spend time on your iPad, or have your morning coffee.   Your lounge space may consist of a small table and armchair or it may even be a small living room, especially if you opt for the second story additions.

4. Lighting   With the right lighting, you can turn your master bedroom into a haven. Make it stylish and functional. Spice it up with an opulent chandelier or some floor and wall lamps in the sitting area.   If you like to read in bed before you go to sleep, a nightstand lamp with a built-in slot for books and magazines will give you just enough light to read, as well as set the mood with a soft touch of luminosity.   Dimmers help create a sense of ambiance. Often enough light creates all the magic. It’s the ideal place to relax before the lights go out.

5. Outdoor access   Once you’ve decided on the perfect position to add a bedroom, it’s time to see how you’ll be able to access the outdoors from there.   Modern living trends suggest that having direct access to the outdoors from the bedroom is highly desirable. You can achieve this by placing the new bedroom on the ground floor and incorporating large doors that give immediate access to the outdoors.

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6. Windows   Windows are essential to achieving that delicate balance where your room is dark enough to encourage sleep, yet bright enough to give you pleasure when you’re not sleeping.    There are many solutions to this problem, one that suggests opting for large floor-to-ceiling windows and incorporating roller blinds to darken the room when needed.

7. Fireplace   Nothing screams comfort and luxury like a fireplace. If you have the funds and the space to put a fireplace in your new bedroom, you should definitely do it. Imagine taking advantage of your sitting area to read a little before bed, with a fireplace in front of you.

8. Ceiling   The ceiling is definitely not high on the priority list for homeowners looking to add a bedroom to their home. However, it should be.   In bedrooms, you will be looking at the ceiling quite often. Why not make it interesting to watch? You can choose from a variety of attractive and interesting finishes, for that sought-after vintage look.

9. Entertainment   Having a TV or powerful sound system in the bedroom is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. For others, however, bedroom entertainment is not something they can live without.   You can always opt for a built-in TV that you can hide when you’re not watching it and a set of wireless speakers for all your music needs. This will ensure electronic devices don’t take over the bedroom, but still, allow you to have them.

10. Theme   In the end, you can consider giving your new room a theme. You can go crazy with this and choose any theme imaginable. From cabin to coastal, art deco and modern, there are many design options to choose from. It’s not every day you add a new room, so give it everything you’ve got.

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Adding a bedroom to your current home requires meticulous design, careful planning, and flawless execution. Finding designers and contractors that fit this bill is no easy task. However, if you have heard of Done Right Home Remodeling you can get your work done effortlessly through them.

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