Death of a remittance fighter in Kuwait

Death of a remittance fighter in Kuwait
Death of a remittance fighter in Kuwait

Dhaka’s South Keraniganj Teghariya Union Krishnanagar Porahati village. Shah Ali was the only son of Shamsuddin’s four children. At an early age he migrated to the desert country of Kuwait in search of a livelihood.


He used to work as a guard there. The family was going on with a sick father, three sisters, a wife and a 6-month-old son.
On Monday (May 9) he finished all his work and slept in his room at night. The next day, May 10 (Tuesday) morning, Shah Ali was late for waking up and his colleagues broke down the door and found him dead.

When they later informed the landlord, the owner recovered his body with the help of the police. The doctor who came with the police said that he died of heart disease.

Relatives are almost mad after losing their only earning son. The cries of the sisters do not seem to stop. Meanwhile, his wife wants to bring her husband’s body back to the country at any cost.

It is believed that Shah Ali had a heart attack in the show of large sums of money given to his owner to be legal abroad.

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