Detached ADU Development Tips

Detached ADU Development Tips
Detached ADU Development Tips

This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2023

Are you looking to build a detached ADU on your property? Let us help! Here are a few detached ADU development tips you need to know to get started on your project.

Avoid Fees

By building your ADU under 750 square feet, you can avoid the cost of development permits and impact fees. These fees are used to improve public services. You have to pay a developer if your ADU is concerned, but you don’t have to pay if this dwelling is maintained on a smaller scale.

Use A Universal Design

Wherever you plan to set up an ADU, ensure that it can accommodate people of all ages and abilities. That way, you can have different kinds of people residing in your home that you may not have anticipated when you first started planning its layout. Do not limit your ADU’s potential by only planning for younger individuals to live in it.

Keep Privacy In Mind

When building your unit, you may plan to have a family member living in it, so you are not too worried about privacy. However, You have the ability to make a determination to rent to another person later on. Hence, think about tapping a privacy fence between your child’s crate and your house or having blinds on your windows that are not straight across from each other.

Include Laundry Units

One of the biggest ADU mistakes you can make when planning an ADU is not including laundry units in it. Many residents will complain, and you will end up spending extra cash later on if you try to resolve their grievances. Save your money and time by including stackable laundry units or a washer-dryer combo that takes up a lot less space.

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Think About Storage

Think about how much stuff you have tucked away, calculating how many storage containers you’ll require. Your tenants are going to have many things, too. make it difficult to plan for adequate storage without scenery, so do not forget to include cupboards, wardrobes, and sofas that provide extra storage space. Most of your ottomans and couches offer storage as well, maximizing your space even further.

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