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Dodge Charger insurance

The average yearly dodge charger insurance cost for a 30 year old driver is around $2,076 which is about $700 higher than the national average insurance cost per year for four door sedans. This is primarily due to the fact that the market price of the Dodge Charger is more expensive than many other similar vehicles. Besides, there could be several other factors which go into determining the overall affordability of Dodge Charge insurance rates. These include parameters such as driver’s age, gender, marital status, education, driving record and credit history. Hence, at an individual level, the premium will vary greatly depending on the risks that insurers perceive in providing coverage.  

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Read on to learn more about who will have to pay more for Dodge Charger car insurance!

Dodge charger insurance cost for 16 year old drivers is going to be the highest than other categories of driver age groups. And it is understandable as 16 year olds have almost no driving experience and so, the coverage risks are substantially high. But with growing age, premiums are bound to decline if driving slate is maintained clean and student drivers maintain excellent grades in their academics on a consistent basis for last 3 years. Another major factor which may impact your ability to get low and sustainable Dodge Charger auto insurance rates is the company that you are working with. Insurers use different set of parameters for assessing risk of granting car coverage to individual drivers.

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Furthermore, dodge charger insurance cost may also depend on the exact make and model of the vehicle that is to be insured. Depending on the trim level that you want to insure, rates can change and the difference might show great variance. The Dodge Charger SXT 2019 model, which has a base price of $21,284 may cost $4792 yearly or $399 per month for insurance. While State Farm provides the most affordable price rates for Dodge Charger insurance coverage, some other national auto insurance carriers like Allstate might charge $7, 528 per year to insure the same 2019 model. At the same time, Progressive charges about $5,568 yearly or $464 monthly for full coverage policy.       

Market prices of Dodge Charger will directly affect the cost of car insurance for a 16 year old driver and one must be ready to spend more money. If you compare the market values, the Dodge Charger with more muscle SXT is worth around $33,664 while the powerful Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is priced $54,948. This big difference in market prices will also ensure huge difference in the insurance rates as well. But it is possible to save money on premium by choosing the right type of trim level, insurance coverage package and optional features without compromising on the protection extent that you need. Add to that extensive shopping and your ability to qualify for premium discounts as they may accrue additional savings.      

You can consult a competent expert to know more regarding your dodge charger insurance cost. We might enable you to fix a quick appointment online. Get benefitted with help from an expert to make an informed decision and choose the right option for your circumstances.    

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