Different Methods To Know Is My Battery AGM?


Do you know how to select the correct AGM battery for your car. What you do if your vehicle is prepared to be repaired and the technician suggests battery replacement? Most people are unaware of it since it’s something we do infrequently. In fact, different types of batteries are employed in various automobiles.

Many people have queries about how they know about a battery, whether it is AGM or not, and what it means. The batteries designed with higher technology, such as lead acid batteries and gel, are the superior AGM batteries. These lead acid batteries offer advanced strength to aid excessive electric gadgets and also provide greater strength to start and stop applications.

AGM Battery is actually being used more frequently, seeing that they do no longer comprise any liquid acid and are more efficient. Absorbant Glass mats are essentially saturated with acid, and seeing that they may be packed so well, there’s nearly no risk of acid spillage, just like flooded batteries.

Hence, the batteries which are widely available and continual. It is a pretty good decision if you are seeking a battery alternative for your automobile, substituting the vintage flooded batteries with AGM batteries. But, you have to recognize that in dealing with the batteries of each style, the technique must be exclusive to the other.

Different Methods For AGM Battery Check:

It is necessary that whenever you think about changing or servicing a battery, you need to be privy to the dealing with techniques and also about its handling methods and be cautious about it at all times. Both flooded batteries and AGM batteries have unique handling techniques. So, before going for further action for any service or change, you need to confirm what form of battery it is that you are dealing with. Hence, to recognize it as if the battery is an AGM kind of a battery or flooded battery, three approaches are here that you could use to locate it.

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Method 1. Manufacturer’s Label on the Battery must be checked:

The batteries which are supplied by the producer have different records and labels . Hence, if the label on the battery remains in accurate condition, you’ll be without difficulty capable of determining the kind of battery. On AGM batteries, it’s commonly stated on the label. However, if you don’t see AGM written everywhere on the label, you may search for the version quantity of the battery and take a look at its records online, or contact the producer and ask about it.

Method 2. Look at the battery top:

If the label wasn’t always in proper condition and now no longer supports you much, you could understand approximately the kind of battery with the aid of using its layout and construction. An AGM battery always have negative and positive terminals sticked out and has flat head. But liquid acid batteries are not nicely sealed and have detachable top.

Method 3. Shaking the Battery:

As it was stated earlier, in AGM batteries, there is no chance or risk of acid-spill. Due to this fact, AGM batteries are used more frequently than liquid acid batteries. For battery-type tests, you may test with the aid of shaking it. Simply disconnect the battery and remove it from the car/vehicles. Jiggle the battery to see if you can feel any liquid moving inside. If feels, it is confirmed to be a flooded battery. On the other hand, if you don’t experience any wiggle, it’s an AGM battery because, with the help of the battery’s fiberglass mats, acid is absorbed and is confined between the mesh.


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