Discover Solar EPC Companies and the Service They Provide 

Discover Solar EPC Companies and the Service They Provide 
Discover Solar EPC Companies and the Service They Provide 
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Sitting comfortably inside your four walls and using appliances running on electricity from non-renewable resources may not seem like a big deal. But if you look at the statistics about the rising temperature, shrinking snow cover, flooding, and much more, you will comprehend how much our planet is suffering. 

The time for action is now. Property owners can not only cut their electricity costs but also do their part in saving the earth by employing solar power. And to facilitate this process, well-established solar EPC companies in India ensure everyone can access and use solar energy. This blog aims to give you an in-depth knowledge of solar EPC companies and their services. 

Understanding What Solar EPC Companies Are

Unlike regular installation companies, solar EPC companies are much more advanced, trustworthy, and professional. These firms aim to supply turnkey solutions to projects for solar energy. The EPC is an abbreviation for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. Hence, you can understand it as the procedure of designing or engineering a solar power system, acquiring essential components, and system installation.

As a result, hiring a solar EPC company means employing one company to design, procure, and install the system on your property. The services provided by these companies are much more advanced as their use modern instruments to deliver a long-lasting solar system. 

Different Services Provided By Solar EPC Companies 

Now that you know about EPC companies, it is time to learn what they offer. The companies provide overall management and execution of the solar project. It will include everything from designing to commissioning. Your hired company will ensure the completion of the project on time in a budget-friendly way without compromising quality. Now, let us look at some of its services. 

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1. Engineering 

Firstly, solar EPC companies in India will offer engineering services. These involve assessing the site, system sizing, and studying feasibility. The EPC team will use state-of-the-art solutions to observe the solar power potential of a site. They also examine the overall sun’s energy a site receives and solar shading analysis. 

The EPC company will also conduct a study for financial and technological feasibility. It is to see if a solar project is workable and offers future ROI. This information is crucial to determine the system’s design, magnifying power generation, and delivering according to your needs.

2. Acquiring 

One of the most significant steps of solar projects is procurement. For this purpose, a solar EPC company has links with several solar component traders and dealers. Your hired EPC team will acquire solar panels, batteries, inverters, and mounting stands from reliable manufacturers that promise the highest quality. A reputable company will always show transparency when procuring and ensure it fits your budget. 

3. Constructing

From installing to civil works to solar project commissioning, a solar EPC company provides construction services. The top companies ensure the complete procedure takes place effectively and securely. Therefore, they offer highly skilled engineers, project managers, and expert employees. They will follow all the protocols and ensure the solar power system is in accordance with the design. 

4. Operating and Servicing

The EPC professionals will check if your solar system functions adequately. They also offer maintenance services that prevent possible damages and correct any faults. In addition, the companies also provide services to monitor your solar systems to see how well they are working. With its assistance, they can easily catch up with arising problems. 

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A reliable solar EPC company delivers operations and maintenance services to ensure your systems face no performance issues. They will help increase the production of energy and return on investment. 

5. Financing Options

Certain solar EPC companies in India also offer financing options. These companies join hands with financial establishments to provide personalized solutions regarding financing. You can use these options to fund your solar power project and prevent suffering a significant upfront sum. 

Aspects to Study When Choosing a Top Solar EPC Company

Until now, we discussed what a solar EPC company is and the services it offers. The final step is selection. Finding an EPC company that is reliable, experienced, and offers top services is essential. For this, here are a few considerations that you must observe when choosing the best team. 

Experience with Project Management Expertise 

Experience plays a huge role when selecting any service. Looking at how the company has performed in the past gives you an overview of how well they are at their job. In addition to records, see the potential company’s expertise in project management. 

Since solar projects involve dealing with logistics and personnel, having a solid project management ability is one of the aspects you cannot miss. 

In-house Solution

Good services do not take up a lot of your time. They are quick and efficient. So, when looking for solar companies, ensure they are not outsourcing the installation. If yes, the process will be painfully slow. Hence, pick a top EPC company that is your one-stop solution. 

They will install the system, gather essential components, design, manufacture and supply. Moreover, look for services after installation services. 

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Familiar with Trends

Like any sector, the solar industry is moving with new technological developments. So, when browsing through a list of solar EPC companies in India, consider their knowledge of the trending solutions in the solar landscape. Check if the company offers future-proof solar panels and is up-to-date on solar cell effectiveness. 

Observe Testimonials and Product Quality

Before anything else, consider what their previous clients say about them. If they have testimonials, that is even better. Next, checking the product quality is crucial to see if the EPC company you are considering delivers fine craftsmanship. If possible, ask for previous site videos or images. 

Geographical Coverage

Generally, the location of such establishments is far from the city and in a remote area. Hence, it is imperative to enquire about the geographical spread of the EPC company. And if they can verify the supplies reach your location within said time. 


Going green is the need of the hour. Hence, many are adopting this renewable, eco-friendly, and advanced solar power system. But for those who are new to the concept, the process can seem confusing. Thus, solar EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) companies ensure to streamline the overall solar project processes and make solar power more accessible.

Reputable companies will offer to engineer your solar system, procure necessary supplies, and construct the system. If you plan on getting a solar power system installation, a solar EPC company could be your go-to option. 

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