Domestic Model 3 gets Ningde Time M3P batteries across the lineup, how much more range?

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Tesla will soon launch a new domestic Model 3 powered by Ningde Times M3P batteries, and its biggest highlight is that the entire line-up will use M3P batteries supplied by Ningde Times. Prior to this, the battery Ningde Times supplied to the Model 3 was a lithium iron phosphate battery. The M3P battery is an improvement on the lithium iron phosphate battery, and its main advantage is a range increase of at least 10 percent with unknown Harga Mobil Tesla.

Official data shows that the energy density of Ningde’s M3P battery is roughly 15% higher than that of LiFePO4, up to 210Wh/kg, and will cost as much as LiFePO4, or even less than a ternary lithium battery.

The current battery drive for the Model 3 produced at Tesla’s Shanghai Super Factory is still Ningde Time’s lithium iron phosphate battery, with a battery range between 556km and 675km. In the future, the new domestic Model 3 is expected to have a range of over 600 km and 700 km with the M3P battery, which is scheduled to power the domestic Model Y starting in spring 2023. I’m sure you’ve seen the news of the cooperation between Tesla and BYD in the battery sector not long ago, but for the time being, there are no plans for the domestic Tesla to use batteries supplied by BYD.

Previously, Ningde Times chief scientist Wu Kai said at the World Power Battery Conference: “Ningde Times will divide new energy vehicles into 3 segments in the future: 1000km range, 700km range and 300-500km range. Among them, in the 700km mainstream new energy vehicle market, Ningde Times’ solution is to use a combination of M3P cells and Kirin batteries.”

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Due to the low-cost nature of Ningde Times M3P batteries, there is room for price reductions after the entire range is fitted with this battery pack, whether it is the Model 3 or the Model Y.

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