Early Pregnancy Scan: Unleashing Its Exclusive Benefits

Early Pregnancy Scan: Unleashing Its Exclusive Benefits

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful journeys parents undertake, but it involves the healthy development of the fetus into a baby in the womb. The pregnancy’s initial time is odd, where you don’t have a bump or feel any kicks. However, you may be eager to know what is happening inside. 

To watch out for the baby’s health, the doctors recommend an early pregnancy scan. The trained Obstetrician recommends it at 12 weeks to check your baby’s health. 

It will help you know if there is any issue with the baby’s growth or the number of fetuses in a mother’s womb. Apart from this, many other medical benefits are associated with the early pregnancy scan. 

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What are the Early Pregnancy Scan Advantages?

  1. Confirmation of Pregnancy

Most mothers may sometimes feel a sense of false pregnancy or may have missed their menstrual cycle because of one or the other reason. You can visit the private healthcare center at seven or eleven weeks in this condition. The advance diagnostic center in Ahmedabad will provide the early pregnancy scan under protective circumstances. 

A few government healthcare centers conduct the scan at 12 weeks, known as Nuchal Scan. If you are doing family planning and want to know about your pregnancy, visit a private healthcare center.

  1. Checks for Multiple Pregnancies

The early pregnancy scan will help determine whether your pregnancy is Ectopic or regular. Ectopic pregnancy is when the egg fertilizes in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. By carrying out the scan at 7 to 11 weeks, doctors can check for any danger during the pregnancy. 

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Even they will see if you have one baby, twins, or triplets. If there are chances of quadruplets, the mother’s diagnosis and medication start early. The Nuchal Scan or Early Pregnancy Scan will also let you know if it’s a high-risk or normal pregnancy.

  1. Normal Development of the Baby

With the help of the early pregnancy scan, you will learn about the age of the fetus and the due date and help you check out your baby’s organs. You can check out the baby’s body structure. It will help the Obstetrician check whether the baby is developing normally or has abnormalities. The early pregnancy scan also determines your baby’s position in the uterus. Maternal-fetal medicine is another way of testing the health of the baby’s structure and organs.

  1. Pregnancy Risk

A pregnancy cost can run in lakhs if it’s normal or the mother did not face any issue related to pain or bleeding during her pregnancy. This scan lets you check whether the pregnancy is feasible and rule out ectopic. It’s important to know when you are above 35 or had a similar problem in the previous pregnancy. You can see the medication and associated health danger if it’s an abnormal pregnancy. 

  1. Help Keep the Anxiety Away

Most women in their early weeks of pregnancy may feel anxious about their scan, how the fetus is growing, and much more. An early pregnancy scan can help mothers in sorting most of their problems. They can get the first scan pictures and videos that will help in knowing about the baby’s health. It will calm down the stress of the parents, and they can wait for the healthy arrival of their kids.

  1. Check for other Major Things
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The early pregnancy scan helps you know your baby’s position in the uterus. The idea is to keep the pregnancy healthy and overall good for the mother and the kid. It helps in knowing the baby’s growth, size, and well-being in the womb. Moreover, a healthy early pregnancy scan will help check your placenta’s location. The doctors will again check its position at 18 weeks during an ultrasound. You will be provided a list of supplements and medications to keep your placenta healthy. 

How to Prepare for an Early Pregnancy Scan

You do not need any special preparation for this scan. However, Sonographers may ask you to fill your bladder with liquid and not to use the washroom before the test. Also, wear two-piece clothes, so you don’t need to remove clothes during the scan. However, some diagnosis centers or hospitals may ask you to wear their gown. In addition, you can come up with one supporter to assist you. 

How is an Early Pregnancy Scan Performed?

There are two major ways doctors perform a healthy early pregnancy scan. 

  • Transvaginal Scan: Here, the probe is lubricated and inserted internally if the scan through your early stages does not provide a clear result. This scan provides clear results. This method is painless and quite safe for the mother and the baby. The Transvaginal scan helps remove any unforeseen issues or complications that can occur later on. 
  • Abdominal Scan: The Sonographer does the abdominal scan by rubbing the gel on your tummy. A hand-held device is rubbed onto your tummy to send sound waves through your womb to confirm the pregnancy. The device used is an ultrasonic transducer. The doctor will make you drink three to four glasses of water to get better screening results. Make sure that you do not visit the washroom at this point.
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Get the Professional Early Pregnancy Scan!

If you are an expectant mother, you may have many questions running into your head about the health of your baby. You can visit Infocus Diagnostics for the early pregnancy scan to make things comfortable for you and your family. It will help you know about your pregnancy’s status through this diagnostic center. 

Moreover, you can know whether you will have one kid, twins, or triplets. It will help you make the right and bright plan for the kid’s future.

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