Eating on the Go: When a Slip and Fall at McDonald’s Leads to Injury

Eating on the Go: When a Slip and Fall at McDonald's Leads to Injury
Eating on the Go: When a Slip and Fall at McDonald's Leads to Injury
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Eating on the Go

If you or a loved one was injured at a Mcdonald’s restaurant, you might be eligible to pursue a claim for damages. This includes compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Spills can occur inside a fast food restaurant, especially when customers are in a rush to get their meals and drinks. Employees may drag mops across the floors to wipe up spilled beverages, creating slippery conditions that can cause injuries.

Slip and fall injuries.

Many slip and fall injuries happen to employees and customers alike at fast food restaurants like Mcdonald’s. These accidents can happen due to employee carelessness or even because of spilled soda, French fries, and other foods.

In these cases, a property owner, like a fast food restaurant, has a duty to provide a safe environment for the public. When the restaurant fails to meet this duty, and you are injured, you may be able to bring a claim against the restaurant.

This type of accident can result in several damages, including medical bills, lost time at work, and other losses. It is important to speak with a qualified Mcdonald’s injury attorney before filing a claim to determine the extent and severity of your injuries.

Head injuries

If you’ve suffered a head injury while dining at a McDonald’s, you could qualify for a personal injury claim against the restaurant. You might be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages related to your injuries.

When sustain a head injury can have lasting consequences on your life. It can affect your memory, ability to speak and hear, and other brain functions.

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The damage may be a result of a direct blow to the head, shaking of the head (like from whiplash), or sudden deceleration. Regardless of the cause, you should seek medical treatment after any head injury to determine what caused it.

Back injuries

Back injuries can be caused by a wide variety of factors. They include structural problems, such as fractures in the vertebrae or spinal cord; conditions like arthritis and sciatica; poor posture; and other health issues, such as kidney problems.

If your back pain is causing you to struggle with everyday life, it may be time to seek professional treatment. A therapist can evaluate your injury and prescribe treatments to help you recover.

The back is a complex structure made up of bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. If any of these structures are damaged, the resulting back injury could be painful and even disabling.

Traumatic brain injuries

A traumatic brain injury is an impact on the head that causes damage to the brain. It can occur from a blow, jolt, or object that goes through the skull.

Traumatic brain injuries can cause lasting effects, leading to permanent disability or death. They are also ubiquitous.

Nearly 157 incidents of traumatic brain injury happen daily in New York State, resulting in death or hospital treatment. Each year, TBIs result in more than 2,200 deaths, 17,000 hospitalizations, and almost 38,000 emergency department visits among New York State residents.

People who suffer a TBI often need to be treated in the hospital and then transferred to a rehabilitation center where they can receive physical, occupational, speech, and other kinds of therapy. Recovery is a long process and can take years for more severe injuries.

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Premises liability

If you are hurt at a restaurant like McDonald’s, it is important to know that the restaurant owner has a duty of care to make their property safe for their customers. They are required to take steps to clean and dry areas that pose a hazard, such as spilled drinks or overhanging debris.

If they fail to fulfill this duty, and you are injured, the restaurant owner may be liable for your damages.

Premises liability claims are typically complex and require a lot of evidence to prove the defendant’s negligence. They can be time-sensitive and must be filed within the statute of limitations in your state.

Find Justice with Our McDonald’s Injury Attorneys

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