Effective ways of encouraging customers to try new things

Effective ways of encouraging customers to try new things
Effective ways of encouraging customers to try new things

This post was most recently updated on January 26th, 2022

Whether you set up a new business or you expand the company online, it might turn out that your customers will require a bit of persuasion. Especially, if you are introducing a new product or service. Even the regular customers might be a little hesitant at first, so it’s important to encourage them properly. Find out, what are the effective methods and try to implement them into the business.

Promos and interesting offers

One of the best ways to attract new customers and encourage the regular ones is to offer them something attractive. The majority of businesses decide to give discounts and promos for their new and old products or services. Temporarily, of course. People get interested, excited, and willing to pay. Once they get satisfied with the product or service, they will buy it once more, even at the regular price. 

Encouraging people to try out something entirely new for them is yet another thing. A good method is to offer them services or products that are irresistible. However, even attracting those customers for which your offer is nothing new, can be challenging in terms of competition. The best method in such a situation is to stand out with the quality of service but also with an interesting offer. An example might be online casinos, gaining popularity in the last few years. A good way to attract new players is to offer them access to the fastest withdrawal casinos in comparison with the competition. Sites like Casinos.co.za attract people not only because they are safe, secure, and easy to navigate but also because players might choose from the best casinos that provide the best services available, which is a great and attractive offer for them. 

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Social media activity or e-mail marketing

Among the most effective methods of attracting and persuading potential customers is the use of social media. They give the possibility to reach a great number of people and not only from a standard target group. Additionally, a company that is active on social media seems more trustworthy and reliable because it puts effort into building a good relationship with the audience and positive perception of the brand in general. What’s more, young generations tend to base their purchasing decisions solely on posts they saw on Facebook or Instagram. Avoiding social media is a straightforward way to lose customers.

A different option that might be combined with social media activity is e-mail marketing. It’s also a good method for those more old-school businesses. E-mail marketing allows directing messages to the target audience only, and there is a greater chance that the message will not get lost in the feed of social media. This way, it’s easier to encourage and attract a potential customer.    

Customer service and care

Customer service matters, and it might be a useful tool in attracting new customers. People are way more likely to use a service or buy a product when they feel they are taken care of. It plays a vital role in introducing new products or services and persuading people to use them. When a customer feels safe and sure due to good-quality customer service and care, they are not scared to try out new things.   

Safety and security

When it comes to safety and security, every business online should not only take care of customer service but also of their website. It’s their main business card in the digital world, and it’s a place that can be either trustworthy or under the threat of hacker attacks. If you are offering some new product or service and your website does not even have the basic safety protocols like SSL or HTTPS, then you shouldn’t expect people to trust it. This issue is extremely important if you require the customers to set up accounts or register. You need to persuade them that a site is reliable first, and only then you can engage them in trying out a new offer.

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Every new thing in your online store or innovative service you offer needs time to interest, attract and engage customers. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t help it. The methods described above are certainly a good way to start.