Efficiency Meets Style: 5 Efficient Ways To Use A Mixer Grinder For Busy Lifestyles

Efficiency Meets Style: 5 Efficient Ways To Use A Mixer Grinder For Busy Lifestyles
Efficiency Meets Style: 5 Efficient Ways To Use A Mixer Grinder For Busy Lifestyles

Working in the kitchen is always easy with a mixer grinder. It is a compact kitchen appliance ready to help you with various tasks – reducing manual labor. You can mince, chop, grind blanche, and mix ingredients with a grinder.

Whether trying to amp up your meal prep or make some on-the-go smoothies, a mixer grinder is always there to help you prepare. Furthermore, the mixers in the grinder come with a standard warranty of a minimum of 2 years. That way, one product will last you for a long. Also, they are portable, and you can easily store them on a rack in a kitchen.

5 Efficient Ways To Use A Mixer Grinder For Busy Lifestyles

Overall, a grinder does make it easy to motor through your busy life. Wondering how? Fast-forwarding through the preparation part, which otherwise would have been quite tiresome over manual labor. Here are 5 efficient ways to help you properly use a grinder.

Make Chutneys & Dips in a few Seconds!

Whether you like some flavourful mint, coconut, or coriander chutney with your Indian snacks or have a taste for international dips and pita bread, a mixer grinder is an ultimate savior. Say goodbye to the traditional mortar and pestle and continue with speed.

Prepare Batter

When you crave some South Indian flavors instead of the daily bread & butter, rest your faith on the mixer grinder. It will help you with a smooth batter for your flavourful idli and dosa in no time. Even a busy schedule cannot stop you from enjoying a fulfilling meal.  

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Prepares Purees And Pastes All Together

When preparing a soulful Indian gravy or a flavourful international delicacy, adding purees made of tomato, onion, and ginger amplifies the taste. While it would have taken an hour or two to blanch the vegetables one by one and get a smooth puree out of them, a grinder minimizes the time into minutes.   

On The Go Smoothies

Are you trying your best to eat healthy? Well, a mixer grinder will help you with the right recipes. Get your favorite fruits from the supermarket, cut them into small pieces, scoop out a spoonful of protein powder, and mix in the grinder. Your smoothie bowl is ready within minutes.

Grinding Spices

Chutneys done! Batter done! And purees? Done as well. Coming to the essential part, the spices, a mixer grinder will rightfully help you with the same. With a grinder at home, you can create your flavors and amp up the overall taste of individual dishes. Whether Indian or international, your recipes will be a solid hit.  

Things To Consider When Buying A Mixer Grinder

With technology at its best, you can choose from various grinders in mixers. That way, whether you are planning to get a new one for the first time or this will be a second buy, here are certain points that you need to consider:

●      Choose Copper Motor 

When choosing a mixer grinder, it will always be the best decision to opt for 100% copper motors. Because the same will last a long without burning out easily, even after daily use. Also, select ~22,000 RPM and a 3-speed pulse function to assist you with seamless blending or grinding. 

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●      Stainless Steel Mixing Jars

Stainless steel mixing jars with locking lids are the best at work. The stainless steel material will never react with the foods and spices you put in the grinder. That way, you can always experience exclusive tastes and authentic delicacies.

Ensure your jar lids come with rubber rings and lid licks to eliminate all chances of leakage and enable a hands-free operation when using the grinder. Moreover, remember the stainless steel jars’ vacuum rubber feet and easy grip handles. 

●      Additional Facilities And On-Site Service Guarantee

Always proceed with a grinder that promises on-site service. The process should be easy, where you can have support engineers visit your home after raising a ticket for a service request with the company.

Moving on to the additional facilities that you must have in your grinder,

  • Flow breakers that will enable superior performance.
  • Grinders with overload protectors are the best, as that will ensure greater safety for your motor.

How To Take Care Of Your Mixer Grinder?

After using it daily, do you leave the mixer grinder plugged into the switchboard and turned on? Well, then, you are not taking the right care of the same and adding to the vulnerabilities of your grinder to not last long. Here is a comprehensive guide on making your grinder last through its warranty period and more without calling for service engineers anytime soon.

  • Make sure to clean the jars regularly after use and store them on the rack with the lid open and probably upside down. This will help you get rid of the food odor.
  • When you switch it on, increase the speed from low to medium and then high for optimum use. 
  • Avoid grinding or mixing extremely hot food into the grinder. It can harm your product.
  • Before you turn on the grinder, double-check the lid lock to avoid spillage of the ingredients inside.
  • Wipe off the grinder’s outer body and the cord using a damp cloth. This will help your tool retain its shine and new-like finish for a long.
  • Store the grinder machine away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place in your kitchen. For adequate safety, keep it out of children’s reach.
  • Avoid using the grinder with water, which makes you prone to electric shock.
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You can buy mixer grinder online or offline after thoroughly comparing different features and price options. Above all, prioritize your grinding choices and go for the ones that will help you with super fast outputs on busy days in the kitchen. Also, remember a mixer grinder is different from a juicer. So do be careful when buying one. Both of them will serve their best, but the purpose will differ.    

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