Best Electric Bikes and Scooters in India

Electric Bikes and Scooters in India
Electric Bikes and Scooters in India
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The pollution level in India is increasing day by day. Electronic vehicles are eco-friendly, noise-free, and cost-efficient. So, electronic cars have a huge demand today, especially for two-wheelers in the EV industry. In recent years EV industry has been facing enormous growth.

So many vehicle brands have begun introducing electric bikes and scooters with decent features and quality. Most popular brands like Ather, Bajaj, and TVS, etc., provide buyers with a wide array of options.

If someone looking for affordable two-wheelers, it is high time to think about electric bikes and scooters. Here are some of the best electric bikes and scooters in India. It will help you to choose the best electric bikes and scooters in India. Please check the list below.

List of Best Electric Bikes and Scooters in India:

Sl.No.NameCharging time Ex showroom price
1Revolt RV4004.5 hours₹ 1,29,463
2Ultraviolette F771.5 hours₹ 3,00,000
3Joy e-bike E-Monstor5 – 5.5 hours ₹ 1,01,055
4Revolt RV3004 hours₹ 1,39,000
5Odysse Evoqis6 hours₹ 1, 64,000.
6Automobile Atum 1.03 – 4 hours₹ 50,000
7TVS IQube electric5 hours ₹ 1,15,000
8Ather 450x5 hours ₹ 1,39,000
9Bajaj Chetak5 hours ₹ 1,00,000
10Hero electric photon5 hours ₹ 71,440
List of Best Electric Bikes and Scooters in India

Revolt RV400


Revolt RV400 is one of the best electric bikes in India. Revolt RV400 has two variants such as standard and premium. It has a muscular centric design and has standard features like side stand sensor, combi brake system, motorcycle sound, etc. it has a carrying capacity of 150mkg and unique features including CBS combining braking system artificial engine notes, complete ICP instrument cluster, and 4G connectivity.

The bike can check travel history, battery health, range, and nearest swap station by pairing to the Revolt app or smartphones. It has a five years warranty for the motor and eight years for the battery. It takes 4.5 hours to full charge and claims a top speed of 85 Kmph. There are three exciting colours buyers can choose between red, black, and white. The company revolt has opened its online portal on June 18. This the one of the best electric bikes and scooters in India

Ultraviolette F77

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Ultraviolette F77 is a sports category electric bike launched in November by the Bangalore-based startup called Ultraviolette. It is one of the best electric bikes available in the EV market in India. It crafts its design inspiration from aviation space. It is comparatively expensive, but it provides a 150 km riding range on a single charge.

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It contains three batteries powered 42kWh, and the company claims that F77 can reach 100 km in 2.9 seconds with maximum speed. Ultraviolette F77 provides internet connectivity, Smartphone application, fully digital instrument cluster, ABS regulative braking, and more. It has three exciting colours such as shadow, lightning, and laser.This is the one of the best electric bikes and scooters in India

 Joy e-bike E-Monster

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Joy e-bike E-Monster is one of the best electric bikes in India. It is the most stylish electric bike offered by the joy e-bike. The design and styling of the Revolt RV400 are very similar to the Ducati Monster. It has a lithium-iron battery-powered 72V/39Ah and takes 5 to 5.5 hours to charge fully.

It is a mini bike riding on smaller wheels, claims range around 100km on a full charge. Revolt RV400 has two striving colours, black and red. Its features include a digital instrument cluster, front and rear side brake, and have hydraulic suspension that offers a better driving experience—revolt RV400 guarantees smooth driving to the riders. This Top 10 electric bikes and scooters in India

Revolt RV300

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Revolt RV300 is the entry-level model of the brand called Revolt. It is one of the best electric bikes in India and the most affordable one from Revolt. It is mainly focused on the commute system, which comes with a smaller electric motor. It has intelligent features like a side stand sensor, combi brake system, motorcycle sounds, etc. it has a range of 180 km on a single charge and three driving modes.

Charging time is 4 hours and has a top speed of 65 kmph. It assures the best safety and comfort to the riders. Revolt RV300 launched the pricing scheme called ‘my revolt plan’ for the customers. This is one of the electric bikes in India.

 Odysse Evoqis

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Odysse launched Odysse Evoqis electric bike in March 2020. It has three riding modes: drive, sports, reverse, and an additional method called parking mode. It has one variant called Evoqis STP, which comes at a rate of 1 64000. It takes about 6 hours to full charge and has a riding range of 14 km and a top speed of 80 kmph.

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It has a warranty of three years for the battery and one year for the bike. Its features include keyless operation, antitheft lock, focus riding models, and more. Revolt RV400 has two striving colors in the market, including fire red and lime green. This is one of the best electric bikes and scooters in India.

Automobili Autumn 1.0

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Automobile Autumn 1.0 is a simple designed electric bike launched in September 2020 by Automobile, a Hyderabad-based startup, and it is the first electric bike of this company. Automobile Autumn 1.0 is quite comfortable long driving on the highway and less comfortable on off roads. It contains lithium iron battery powered and has a riding range of 100 km on a full charge and a top speed of 25kmph. It takes 3-4 hours to charge fully

. The battery and motor come with two years of warranty. It comes in five different colours like red, black, white, blue and grey. Automobile Autumn 1.0 electric bike doesn’t need any registration or driving license for riders and is safer for all ages. Intelligent features include extra LED lights, adjustable handle ground clearance, boost space etc. It can be purchased through the company’s website. Automobile Autumn 1.0 is a low-speed vehicle perfect for everyday commute.This Bike comes under the top bikes in India

TVS IQube 

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TVS IQube is one of the leading electric scooters in India. This scooter is restricted to a top speed of 40kmph in eco modes and claims a top speed of 78kmph in sports mode. Loaded features include full LED lighting along with full-color TFT instrument cluster, connecting the display, and more.

We can track ride status, battery range, and geofencing through bright display and track incoming calls and messages notifications. It has an electric hub motor powered by a 44KW with three years /5,0000km warranty. 

Ather 450X

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Ather 450X is an electric bike manufactured in 2020 for the first time by Bangalore-based two-wheeler brand Ather Energy. Ather STD, Ather X plus, Ather X pro are the three variants of Ather Energy. Its body style is aerodynamic and quite comfortable for a long drive; it can go up to 75 km on a single charge.

The essential advantage of this scooter is that it doesn’t need gasoline. It has a charging time of 2 hours and 35 minutes. Its features include a Bluetooth-enabled touch screen, display, onboard navigation, digital document storage, 24×7 connectivity, reverse mode, rear mono-shock, disc brakes on both wheels, and more. Ather 450X is the best electric scooter currently available in India.

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Bajaj Chetak

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Bajaj Chetak is a motor scooter produced by the Bajaj auto company in 1972. It is the best and one of the expensive electric scooters available in India, with six exciting colours: white, pink, black, yellow, red, and blue. It has an electronically assisted braking system with a front disc and rear drum breaks. It has a top speed of 70kmph and takes 6 hours to 100% charge.

Bajaj offers free data for one year; customers can check charge status, location etc. This scooter is inspired by iconic chetak and has two variants called sophisticated and premium. Its features include reverse assist mode, regenerative braking, complex, intelligent battery management system (IBMS) to charge & discharge, and smartphone connectivity. 

Hero electric photon

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Hero electric photon is the electric scooter of hero electric, a leading brand in the electric two-wheeler market. It has two drive modes power and economy. Power mode allows the scooter to attain a top speed of 45kmph and economy cover up to 50 kmph.

Its features include a polycarbonate headlamp, front telescopic suspension, a front disc brake, and antitheft alarm, pass light, and more. It has a warranty of three years for both motor and battery. Hero electric photon has a variant called hero electric photonX that is now available in black, burgundy, and white. 

FAQ’s about the best electric Bikes and Scooters in India

What is an electric vehicle?

An electric vehicle is a vehicle that is partially or fully powered on electric power and has an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine.

Which are the best electric bikes in the world?


Which are the best electric bikes and scooters in India?

  • Revolt RV400
  • Ultraviolette F77
  • Joy e-bike E-Monster
  • Revolt RV300
  • Odysse Evoqis
  • Automobile Atum 1.0
  • TVS IQube electric
  • Ather 450x
  • Bajaj Chetak
  • Hero electric photon
  • Ola S1
  • Okinawa I praise

What is the most popular electric bike and scooter in India?

Revolt RV400 is the most popular electric bike, and TVS IQube electric is the most popular scooter in India.

What are the benefits of electric vehicles?

  • Low maintenance
  •  No emissions
  •  Reduced noise pollution
  • Safe to drive
  •  More convenient
  •  Cost-effective
  • Easy driving 

Are electric two-wheelers safe?

Yes. Electric two-wheelers are safe to ride. The sealed battery packs and waterproof bodies make them safe.

What are the key components of electric bikes and scooters?

Rechargeable battery, electric motors, controller (regulate the flow of power.

Which brands provide electric bikes and scooters in India?

TVs, Bajaj, Hero electronics, Arther energy, Okinawa, Revolt motors, Ampare, Automobile, Benling Inc, etc.


The electric vehicles industry is a highly demanding industry expanding with new technologies day by day. If someone is looking for an affordable two-wheeler, choosing an electric bike or scooter is the best option. According to our, these are India’s best electric bikes and scooters.

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