Embrace the Best Halloween Look With These Killer Squid Games Costumes

Embrace the Best Halloween Look With These Killer Squid Games Costumes
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You must be one of 111 million squid game fans if you recognize this dialogue. Which game did you like the most? Whether it’s the tug of war, the glass tile game, or the marble game, the costumes of this show must’ve got your eye. While watching the show, you must have thought to wear this costume to your Halloween party. Well, finding the green, numbered tracksuit is easy, but if you are planning to become a soldier, scroll Amazon. You can buy the red jumpsuit from Amazon for just $31.99.

(Note: This post is not sponsored, but Amazon is the world’s biggest online store and is available in 100 countries)

Dress in any one of these two outfits and show your love for the game

Why choose a squid game Halloween costume?

Currently, one of the most popular and most watched shows on Netflix is squid games. Dolling up in squid game halloween costume will help you steal the limelight, but you must be scrupulous while wearing it.

Want to know why? Although it may not be a feast to your ears, let us increase your knowledge with a fact. In some countries, costume is banned. Make sure you don’t have to enter the gates of prison for simply wearing your favorite livery.

Since you are here, let us tell you how you can dress for the nine with different costumes for the show.

(Note: Many people believe that the show promotes violence, this is why this costume is banned in many regions. Before ensure that it is allowed in yours to avoid any trouble)

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Be One of The Contestants with a Green Tracksuit

“Life is like a game; there are many players. If you don’t play with them, they’ll play with you.”

Adolf Hitler’s great saying was quoted by player number 1, Oh Ill Nam.

Although this character might have changed your love for player no.1 but copying his look will not make you a selfish person. If you are planning to become one of the contestants, here is how you can dress up.

The hype of this show has made these costumes available on every online store. You can buy it from any trusted online store or sew it if you value frugality. Place a custom sticker patch with the contestant number. Make sure you keep your zipper up, or else you will have to buy the shirt with your contestant number. Style your outfit with white shoes, and you are all set to set the fire on the stage.

Embrace the Best Halloween Look With These Killer Squid Games Costumes 4

Be A Real-Life Doll

From the heading, the costume must have clicked in your mind. Yes, we are talking about the red light, green light girl here. Although the game was quite terrifying, the doll also became the center of attention for most of the viewers. No doubt, the way players got eliminated was heart-wrenching.

Well, we are not here to talk about the game but the costume of that doll. If you are a girl, how about copying the attire of this effigy? All you have to do is buy an orange frock and a yellow shirt to wear inside. Make ponytails on each side and wear long white socks with black shoes. For makeup, a little blush and red lipstick can make you look exactly like the game doll.

Embrace the Best Halloween Look With These Killer Squid Games Costumes 3

The Frontman Look

“You ruined the most important aspect of this place, equality.”

The dialogue quotes by the frontman can fit too many situations and places in the world. All of us were curious about who this mysterious person was until he revealed his face. For this Halloween, adopting the front man look can be a great idea. You can buy the squid game halloween front man costume from any online store. There is no need to buy the coat and pants because you must have one in black. Wear a long black coat with black dress pants. Make sure not to forget the mask and black gloves so that you can enter the party mysteriously.

Embrace the Best Halloween Look With These Killer Squid Games Costumes 3

Scare People With the Pink Soldier Look

“Stick with the strongest team. That’s the only way.”

Do you know who stated the quote?

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Yes, this was a piece of advice from the pink soldier to one of the players to win the game. If you haven’t watched the show, go watch it now! It is worth spending your time on (if you can endure violence)

You can also become one of the soldiers this Halloween by wearing a pink jumpsuit. The masks are available in three different shapes, so choose your favorite shape and wear the mask. Wear black shoes and a black belt over the jumpsuit for the final look.

Embrace the Best Halloween Look With These Killer Squid Games Costumes 1

Dress Like the Guest:

If you simply want to celebrate your Halloween, you can become one of the guests in the game show. All you have to do for this look is to wear a three-piece suit. Dress like you’re going to attend a meeting. Wearing a tie or no tie is totally up to you. Remember to place a handkerchief in your blazer pocket.

Now all you have to do is to wear a fancy animal head mask. The mask is available at different stores you don’t have to be worried about that.

Embrace the Best Halloween Look With These Killer Squid Games Costumes


Adopting squid game attire is easier than adopting money heist attire. All you have to do is to find the perfect size of the jumpsuit and a mask. You are now all prepared to attract the attention of your mates as you enter the party. Also, you can enter the party mysteriously if your friends don’t know you well enough to recognize your voice. Because if they don’t know your voice, there is little chance they will recognize you. Just be assured about the legal matters regarding this particular look, and you are ready to steal the limelight of the show.

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